The 31 Best Freestreamslive Alternatives for 2024

Freestreamslive is a streaming service that provides users with access to live sports events, concerts, and news broadcasts.

The service was formerly quite popular because of its inexpensive cost and good content quality. In this post, we will offer 31 such dependable freestreamslive options that you may utilise to watch content from 2021 to 2024.

What Is It Free Stream Live?

Freestreamlive was a service that allowed users to stream and view a variety of events, including sports, concerts, and newscasts. The streaming was quite affordable, or even free in certain situations.

It specialized on live tv but also offered a large selection of on-demand content. Although the platform wasn’t ideal, it was very popular among millions of streaming lovers worldwide until its termination. In 2020, the firm was forced to close owing to financial issues. It has not kept up with evolving content patterns or the platform’s escalating maintenance expenses.

Another contributing aspect was its failure to monitor unlawful streaming, which resulted in a significant copyright infringement problem for the service providers, prompting them to shut down their website in August 2020.
Here are the top 31 alternatives to free live streaming in 2024.

The 31 Best Freestreamslive Alternatives for 2024

1. Crackstreams

Crackstreams is an online streaming service that focuses on US-specific sports leagues including the NBA and NFL. The website features content from all big matches and offers HD-quality broadcasts to viewers without requiring them to join up for a subscription plan or make any fees.

The platform also includes expert commentary sections that provide valuable insight into various athletic events, offering an additional element of interest to navigation throughout each stream.

2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is an online streaming service that offers content from a variety of sports genres, including football, cricket, and rugby.

It features over 600 channels across 50 nations with HD quality streams, giving it an excellent choice for Freestreamslive fans wishing to enjoy the newest sports action live. The website also helps its viewers by providing access to applications that allow them to customize their viewing experience.

3. RedStream

Redstream is a legal and dependable option for Freestreamslive fans wishing to watch live content from all major national and international leagues.

It offers a diverse range of sports, including basketball, American football, and soccer, as well as news, entertainment, and music content that can be accessed at any time and on any device. The website offers a diverse range of streams without commercials, pop-ups, or registration fees (30).

4. Cricfree

Cricfree is an online streaming service that broadcasts up to 5000 different sports events, including major cricket matches in Asia and football matches in Europe.

It offers HD quality streams with no costs or registration fees, making it an excellent platform for Freestreamslive fans wishing to enjoy their favourite sports broadcasts from across the world.

5. VIPLeague

VIPleague is a legal and free streaming service geared towards football, basketball, and tennis fans. It provides access to a variety of foreign games with content accessible in numerous languages such as Spanish, French, and German, ensuring that no fan misses out on a closely fought derby match just because they do not understand the local language. The website also offers a ‘live chat’ option that enables users to talk about their favourite matches with other fans from all around the world.

6. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is an American broadcast and cable sports television network that has existed since the 1960s. It provides live streaming for a variety of sporting events, including football, baseball, golf, and basketball.

The content is accessible on both mobile devices and the CBS Sports website. It also offers a wide range of unique content covering all aspects of sports news and advancements.

7. VidGo

Vidgo is a live-streaming platform that provides access to a variety of TV channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and ESPN.

Its key benefit over Freestreamslive was its ability to provide premium membership packages at a reasonable price, as well as its 7-day catchup function, which allowed you to view any event or programme from the previous week.

8. HesGoal

Hesgoal is one of the few streaming systems that is compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing users to watch their favourite events on mobile.

It provides content in all languages and needs no registration to access, making the user experience simpler than before. The website also has a live stream area that lists matches with start and finish dates.

9. BBC iPlayer

The British Broadcasting Corporation launched the BBC iPlayer, an online streaming platform that provides users with access to unique content such as dramas, comedies, documentaries, films, and more.

It also contains famous British television shows like as Casualty and Eastenders, which can be seen on any device via the website or standalone apps.

10. Formula1 TV

Formula1 TV is a streaming service designed exclusively for racing enthusiasts who want to watch professional F1 races and other relevant television content. It includes footage of qualifying and practice sessions, as well as promos and interviews with drivers and technicians.

The website also has news sections where fans can read up on track updates from several nations, making sure they do not miss any action or opinionated column articles about their favorite sport.

11. ESPN+

ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming service that offers access to live sports events, exclusive original applications, films, and studio shows on a single platform.

It broadcasts some of the world’s most prominent leagues, including the NFL, MLB, and NHL, as well as college football and much more international sporting activity, for die-hard fans searching for a variety of entertainment options with their subscriptions.

12. VIP Box

VIPBox is a website that offers live sports streaming, news, and other digital content. You can stream events from major national leagues such as the English Premier League or La Liga in Spain, as well as international tournaments like the Rugby World Cup, with VIPBox.

The website also features several top selections for each sport, making sure that fans do not miss any of their favorite sports activity.


Buffstreams provides live streaming of all sports content, as well as music festivals, award shows, and concerts across the world.

This makes Buffstreams an excellent alternative to Freestreamslive since it covers many elements of entertainment that its users would have missed out on without them. The website is incredibly user-friendly and accessible from numerous devices, making it an excellent place to locate your favorite streams.

14. Methstreams

Methstream is an online streaming service that offers a diverse variety of content, including sports, news, documentaries, and live music concerts.

It provides users with access to a diverse selection of content, including free broadcasts from major leagues such as the NBA and Premier League, which can be seen on a variety of devices and platforms.

15. VIP Row

VIPRow is yet another excellent alternative for Freestreamslive stream viewers who want to watch their favorite streams without worrying about data overages.

It offers a diverse range of sports, news, and entertainment content, so users will never miss out on any streaming activity. The website also provides their users with unique VIP events that quadruple the prizes and redirection they get when watching their favorite broadcasts online.

16. Markkystreams

Markkystreams is an online service that offers free access to live TV channels for football matches and other sporting events all around the world.

One of the best features of Markkystreams is the ability for users to choose their chosen language subtitles while watching vintage sports action with no lag in quality or sound.

17. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is a streaming service created in 2018 that offers over 800 channels devoted to live sporting events, news, and entertainment content.

It provides free mobile and desktop access, but users must first create an account before they can stream content online. The website also features a variety of streaming categories in many languages, allowing users to choose and enjoy any service at any time without interruption from ads or pauses.

18. StreamEast

Streameast is a live-streaming platform most recognized for its content catering to football, basketball, and tennis fans all around the world.

It also offers other popular sports such as Baseball, Handball, Ice Hockey, and Motor Sports, among many more, so no fan will miss any of their favorite sports.

What distinguishes Streameast as one of the best Free Stream alternatives and a top-tier free sports streaming service is its emphasis on international sports broadcasts, which often include in-depth analysis and commentary from seasoned commentators across the world stream live tv.

19. DAZN

DAZN is an online streaming service with an American league-specific content catalogue that includes all key team events such as NBA or NFL games, among others.

It also features a wonderful range of news content with users from all around the world sharing their thoughts on a variety of issues, which can be enlightening and educational.

The website also offers an outstanding music area where users can stream original soundtracks from films, television shows, and even musicals.

20. Laola 1

Laola1 is a worldwide platform that features content in a variety of genres, including sports, movie highlights, technology news, and home entertainment events.

It offers its users a selection of international sports coverage from all major leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2020, at affordable subscription costs for an improved viewing experience.

Laola1 also features specialized channels for live concert streaming in high definition, provided your internet connection enables it.

21. Boss Cast

Bosscast is an online streaming service that provides live sports, movies, tv shows, and more. It offers a broad range of content in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Japanese, to meet the demands of individuals from across the world.

The website also allows users to enjoy free access on any device without having to make a subscription.

Its key benefit over Freestreamslive was its ability to stream from worldwide platforms such as Fox Sports or NBCSN, enabling fans to access fantastic sports events or documentaries live from anywhere in the world without having to pay a costly subscription fee.

22. Ronaldo7

Ronaldo7 is an online streaming service devoted only to football fans throughout the world. It provides viewers with live streaming access to all major national and international leagues, including La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A matches, no matter where they are.

The website also offers free highlight packages and full analytics on each match that can be enjoyed at any time without a subscription charge or hidden expenses.

23. FITE

Fite is an online live-streaming service that focuses on combat sports including MMA, boxing, and wrestling.

This website provides users with access to pay-per-view events from all major UFC and Bellator bouts, which can be enjoyed globally using Fite’s proprietary player, which works well on most devices such as TVs, mobile phones, and web browsers. It also offers free trials to prospective users so they may get a feel for the software before committing to anything.

24. 6streams

6streams was a famous streaming service for sports and news events that ran till 2020. It offered a diverse choice of content in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, which could be viewed at any time with no subscription costs.

Unfortunately, the organization has ceased operations owing to financial difficulties, but it might still serve as an inspiration for Freestreamslive fans seeking for dependable alternatives that do not cost an arm and a leg.


Ustvgos is a streaming service that allows you to view more than 7500 channels from all over the world on one platform.

This website offers content in a variety of genres, including sports, news, films, and even religious programmes, all of which may be enjoyed on numerous devices, such as TVs, computers, or mobiles, without incurring additional subscription costs.

It also provides access to a variety of third-party applications, allowing users to customise their watching experience as needed.

26. First Row Sports

Firstrowsports is an online streaming platform that provides users with access to live sporting events, news broadcasts, and other digital content such as films and documentaries.

It features a variety of categories ranging from basketball to ice hockey, cycling, and fighting, ensuring that no fans miss out on their favorite streams.

The platform also does not need a subscription since it focuses mostly on free streaming choices that benefit all of its users worldwide.

27. FoxSports

Fox Sports is a world-spanning channel that focuses entirely on sports-related content, appealing to fans of various leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and college football.

It provides users with access to live events and apps that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and even PCs, ensuring that no fan misses out on any action.

Compared to Freestreamslive, Mlb66 offers free trials for viewers to test the platform before committing to a Fox Sports subscription.

28. MLB66

Mlb66 is an online streaming service that allows users to stream live broadcasts of all major league baseball games. For well-known sports events in the United States and other countries with IP address limitations, it offers a diverse selection of content.

This makes MLB66 an excellent option for Freestreamslive fans seeking for dependable alternatives since it has a lower latency rate than other streaming platforms, ensuring that no fan misses out on any action.

29. Sonyliv

SonyLiv is one of India’s most popular online video services, offering content spanning from sports to films and even leisure activities in regional languages.

It provides users with free access to live TV channels on a variety of devices, including mobile and web browsers.

The platform also features sections for news broadcasts and children’s apps, ensuring that every family member may enjoy viewing something that suits their tastes.

30. PirloTV

PirloTV is an online streaming service that provides access to over 500 channels via PCs, tablets, and mobiles at any time.

It can stream live sports, films, music videos, documentaries, and other apps in a variety of languages, including French and German, enabling viewers to enjoy their favorite streams without incurring any extra fees.

31. NHL66

NHL 66 is an online streaming service that provides content from the world-renowned National Hockey League games in both the United States and Canada.

It offers HD-quality broadcasts of every game with expert commentary, ensuring that no fan misses out on any of the action, even if they are not there in the arena.


Is Freestreamslive legal?

Freestreamslive has become obsolete in comparison to current generation streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and so on.

The firm that hosted Freestreamslive shut down in 2020 because to copyright restrictions and violations of intellectual property legislation nba stream live.

What is the Best VPN for Streaming Freestreams Live?

It all relies on your individual requirements and what you’re searching for in a virtual private network. However, many users find that viewing live video content works best using Nord VPN or AVG SecureVpn.

Both apps provide secure connections, allowing you to securely stream from Freestreamslive Alternatives without fear of harmful activities on your device.

Is FreestreamLive Safe?

Due to the recent closing of Freestreams Live for numerous legal reasons, stream movies from any of the alternatives recommended in this article using a reputable internet security solution such as Nord VPN or AVG SecureVpn.

This will assist to secure your device from harmful actions while you enjoy your favorite content stream live sports.

How Can I Safely Stream Freestreams Live?

When watching live video content over the internet, it’s always a good idea to utilise a safe third-party software solution like Nord VPN or AVG SecureVPN.

This will help keep your computer, tablet, and mobile devices safe from hackers and other dangerous behavior online stream live.


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