Golf As A Digital Game For Mobiles In 2020

Golf As A Digital Game For Mobiles

Golf As A Digital Game For Mobiles

Golf is one of the most involving games to play: it’s not only a healthy game that doesn’t require excessive physical efforts while improving muscle elasticity, but it’s also a most preferred sport to play for people who belong to high-class social status.

From A Green Field To A Device Screen

In fact, golf players are the most important people, mostly wealthy people who can afford to spend much time playing golf or meeting friends at the golf club and to buy expensive golf equipment.

Actually, a complete golf equipment set includes several pieces:

  • Bats
  • Gloves
  • Outfit
  • Additional tools

Although golf is an excellent sport to play and a very funny game, which stimulates the player’s sense of challenge, you don’t see it on news sites like as much as you will see other sports. Today many people prefer to hop from the real-world green golf fields to their device screen.

Golf is, in fact, one of the most inspiring games to play via mobile or computer. For over 40 years, golf video games have been in the gaming market, gaining a large following among all golf players who want to enjoy a digital game to play when not on a golf green.

Most Popular Golf-Inspired Video Games

The best games that you can play from your mobile/computer that is inspired by golf include successful titles of all times, like:

  • Golf Championship (CanadaDroid)
  • Golf Trophy 2 (Play’N Go)
  • Flick Golf (full Fat)
  • King of the Course Gold (Electronic Arts)
  • Golf Star (Com2US)

Beyond these titles, there are also a few slot games from the casino market that are also golf-based. Slots are extremely flexible and versatile games that can be based on a variety of story plots, including elements and symbols that add more flavor to the gameplay.

Other Sports That Went Digital

Golf is far from the first sport to become popular in video game form. In fact, most sports have digital versions, even curling.

For soccer fans, there is the FIFA series, the PES series, the Football Manager series, and many more.

If what you crave is throwing some hoops, check out the NBA LIVE series.

Football, hockey, rugby, Formula 1 racing, NASCAR, all these and more have quite a few different video games based on them, good and bad.

Here are several sports mobile games you might want to try:

  • Final Kick
  • FIFA Soccer
  • Football Manager Mobile
  • Dude Perfect 2
  • Formula 1

Can it Really Compete With The Real Thing?

Can digital golf compete with the real thing? can it beat the feel and smell of the freshly cut grass? probably not, but it might offer the players some new ways to enjoy the sport.

Taking the physicality out of the game, the golfers are left with strategy and angle calculations, making it more likely for them to get a hole in one. It probably won’t ever become an eSport, though it has been tried before, because it’s not very interesting to watch. But there are several video games that have taken the idea of a golf video game and evolved it into something more.

Take the Mario Golf series for example, where Nintendo has managed to make a very fun RPG(Role Playing Game) around golf. Or Sid Meier’s SimGolf which puts you in the shoes of a golf course designer.

The Hot Shots Golf franchise is a Japanese golf video game series that started back in 97′ and isn’t as realistic as some of the other big golf video games, resulting in a more relaxed and casual experience.


Digital Golf may never be as interesting as real golf, Golf As A Digital Game For Mobiles but it is great that developers were able to make some successful games out of it. Maybe one day we will be able to enter different golf courses in virtual reality,

golfing in different creative environments. But until then, we’ll take what we can get.



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