How Do I Use Cheats In Subnautica – Every Cheat Command

How Do I Use Cheats In Subnautica – Every Cheat Command

How Do I Use Cheats In Subnautica – Every Cheat Command

Do you desire to know how to use cheats in Subnautica? Here is a guide that will reveal
everything in detail on how to enable Subnauticas developer console to type
commands. Related to cheat codes, these commands can help you do a lot of things.
Like spawning any item instantly, teleporting from one place to another, turn on toggle
free camera, and many more. Subnautica is an open-world game with many journeys,
so why not try out some Subnautica cheats and have fun.

How do I turn on Developers Console On PS4?

PS4 press L1 + R1 + X to make up the input box and then follow the same method to go
all the way towards the developer options to enable it. The method for PS4 is very much
similar to Xbox. Once you can enable it and you can use different Subnautica Cheats
for Xbox One.

Not every commands commonly works on PC and Consoles. Few will work on PC,
while some will not support the console, so here you can try out all Subnautica cheat
listed below on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Recently updates have disabled cheats
support on the console; however, you can still try pressing the right combination to view
the command box. If you are capable of getting into that, then using the commands is
not tough.

How to Turn on Developers Console On PC?

Developer Console is a simple message box on the left of the screen. You can type in
various commands to instantly complete an activity in Subnautica. To let Subnautica's
developer console on PC, press F3. It will open a sub-menu on display and then press
F8 to activate the mouse cursor. Remove the tick from the Disable console selection.
Exit by press F3 & then press the tilde key ~ to start a grey box, the command
console. keep in mind, that every time you start the game, the Developers Console
disables it. You must press F3 and turn it on back to work out Subnautica Cheats.

How do I Turn on Developers Console On Xbox One?

The method to enable developers to console is separate on consoles. For On Xbox
One, press LB + A + RB to view the input box. Then, to remove the tick from disable
console options, press Menu and then press LB+RB. You will view a Start Menu on the
game, go down to the seventh option. The Developers options, allow it and you can use
different Subnautica Cheats For Xbox One.

Subnautica Cheats – For Most common cheat codes for PC, PS4, & Xbox One.

● No radiation – radiation
● Invincibility – nodamage
● Faster building – fastbuild

Unlimited oxygen – oxygen
● Free crafting or building – nocost
● Unlock all blueprints – allblueprints

Get Useful item for Free – madloot (Get glass, titanium, survival knife, computer chips, batteries, habitat builder and scanner)

● Switch to Day – day
Switch to Night – night
Load Last Save – gamereset
● Spawn Cyclops – sub cyclops
● Spawn Exosuit – spawn exosuit
Speed of Time – daynightspeed
Adjust movement speed – speed
● Spawn Seamoth – spawn seamoth 1
● Spawn specific item – item [name] [amount] ● Reload all assets, except terrain – entreset
Change a view distance – farplane [value]. Default is 1000.
● Toggle Fog – fog
Display FPS – fps
● Toggle free cam – freecam

Spawn a Particular Items: Enter tem (name) (amount) survival knife, Unlock habitat builder, scanner, and repair tool in Inventory – bobthebuilder

● Turn off Radiation – radiation
Destroy Aurora – explodeship
Restore Aurora – restoreship
Hatch eggs quickly – fasthatch
Reduce scanning time – fastscan
● End Sunbeam – precursorgunaim
Increase plant growth speed – fastgrow
Increase water underwater time – nitrogen
Reduce time for water filtering – filterfast
● Fix Aurora’s radiation leaks – fixleaks
Enable Aurora countdown timer – countdownship
Disable food and water requirements – nosurvival
● Turn Invisible, and no creatures can see you – invisible
● Starts Sunbeam story event – startsunbeamstoryevent
● Starts Sunbeam countdown – sunbeamcountdownstart
Infect yourself all creatures in a range – infect [range] Unlimited fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, etc. – nocost
Cure yourself all creatures within meter range – cure [range] ● Unlock all doors, except those that require laser cutter – unlockdoors
● Enable or Disable power usage of vehicles, tools, and seabases – noenergy
● Launch escape rocket without turning off quarantine enforcement platform

Subnautica Cheats to a Teleport, Escape, Spawn to a Safe Location?

Go to a location – goto [name] ● Teleport safely to base/vehicle – warpme
● Respawn to the nearest checkpoint – spawn
Jump a Few Meters Ahead – warp forward [meters] ● Teleport to a Specific co-ordinates – Warp [x] [y] [z] ● Teleport to Specific Biome – biome [biome name] ● Want to die & get respawn back in the lifespan use – kill
Return to lifepod – randomstart

All Biome names you can utilize for Teleportation:

Safe, kelp, grassy, grassy_cave, kelp_cave, mushroom, koosh, koosh_cave, jelly,
shroom, sparse, reef, grand reef, dunes, mountains, moutains_cave, bloodkelp,
underislands, smokers, deepgrand, inactivelavart, islands, tree, lostriver lavazone.
Use biome [name] to teleport to any location in the para instantly.

All Subnautica Cheats to Spawn Items for Fully Free

Following cheats codes will help you spawn items in Subnautica if you are running this
game on PS4. You can spawn many items for free by specifying their ability.

Spawn Cyclops – sub Cyclops
Spawn Aurora – sub aurora
Spawn Seaglide – sub seaglide
Unlock databank entry – ency [name] Unlock all Prawn Suit arms – exosuitarms
Unlock single blueprint – unlock [blueprint] Unlock all Seamoth modules – seamothupgrades
Unlock all Prawn Suit modules – exosuitupgrades
Delete everything from the inventory – clearinventory
Unlock resources to the craft items – resourcesfor [item] Unlock all the common vehicle modules for upgrades – vehicleupgrades
Add this items to inventory – item [item name] [amount].

For Example – item
copperwire 5
Spawn items like quartz, magnesium, copper ore, salt deposit, gold, four metal
salvage – spawnloot
Spawn items/creature in front – spawn [item] [number] . For Example – spawn seaglide

Final Thought:

You can experiment with the cheats on PC and consoles. The method for turning on
Subnautica for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is available in this guide.


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