How to Fix Minecraft Keeps Crashing Windows 10- Solved GAMER’S GUIDE

How to Fix Minecraft Keeps Crashing Windows 10- Solved GAMER’S GUIDE

Minecraft is one of the anticipated games among gamers. It was released in 2011 and maybe a sandbox game that permits players to be creative and build their 3D world environment—also, this why it gained quick popularity and played by millions a day. But, the foremost Common Question Why is My Minecraft Crashing?

However, a bit like other Games, this is often not Free from issues, Bugs, and Errors. Anyhow, commonly, the games are released with Minor Bugs, Concerns, and Errors. Plus, many Minecraft players are encountering a crashing issue.

So, this is often a standard problem. Still, different gamers face the difficulty to varying stages like Minecraft crashing on startup, Minecraft launcher keeps crashing, Minecraft crashes when loading world, Minecraft crashing when Java or other module is updated.

Furthermore, you don’t get to panic as here during this article, and that I will describe the entire methods to repair Minecraft keep crashing issues. Although, before heading towards the fixes, learn why Minecraft crashes.

Why is My Minecraft Crashing?

However, commonly, the bugs within the Minecraft game are likely to cause the crashing issue. Though, despite this, there are other reasons also liable for the Minecraft keeps crashing issue.

Here inspect a number of them:

.Thanks to the mods
.Some bugs or errors within the game
.Game files corruption
.Thanks to missing/outdated graphics card or video drivers
.Outdated java framework
.Windows settings

Thus, these are a number of the common Errors liable for the Minecraft crashes in Windows 10 PC problem.

What does one do if Your The Minecraft Keeps Crashing?

So, there are the numbers of fixes that employment to repair Minecraft keeps crashing issue. These given solutions add all scenarios like Minecraft crashing on startup, Minecraft crashes when loading world, Minecraft launcher keeps crashing et al.

Solution 1: Restart your Computer

Well, Sometimes, an easy restart works to repair various issues. Hence, fix Minecraft crashing issue, close the sport, restart your system, and open the Minecraft to see if the difficulty is resolved.

Solution 2: Repair Corrupted System Files

As it’s said above the corrupted system files causes the Minecraft crash on startup issue. Now, here, it’s suggested to scan your system with the SFC scan or the DISM command.

Follow the steps to run it:

First, press Windows key + R > within the Run box > type CMD and launch promptly as admin
Now type given commands “SFC /scan now” and click on Enter.

Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Here, await the scanning process to finish (approx. 15 minutes)
.And then restart your PC/laptop.

.I hope this works to resolve the Minecraft crashes problem, but if not, then run the DISM command to repair corrupted system files.

Follow the steps to run DISM commands.

.Launch the prompt as admin
.Also, type the given commands one by one and hit enter after each
.Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
.Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
.Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Why is My Minecraft Crashing

Now, await the entire process to finish then restart your computer.

I hope to execute the given commands to repair this problem, but if not, then follow the subsequent solutions.

Solution 3: Update Minecraft

Now, Try updating the Minecraft as this worked for several users to repair Minecraft Crashing problem.

Anyhow, to update the Minecraft, attend Microsoft Store >check for updates. So, if you’ve got a Win32 version, then you’ll check for updates in-game.

Solution 4: Remove all MODS of Minecraft

Minecraft has many mods available, which will be wont to add new things to the sport. So, Such MODS are fun to fiddle but also can cause issues in some cases. It’s also found the MODS is that the one liable for the Minecraft crashing in Windows 10.

Nowe, it’s suggested to get rid of all MODS from Minecraft and check if the problems are resolved.

Solution 5: Update the Graphics Card Drivers

As stated above, the outdated or missing graphics driver causes the Minecraft crashing on startup and other crashing related issues in Windows 10.

So, it’s suggested to see the missing graphics card drivers and fix the Minecraft crashing in Windows 10.

Here, to update the graphics card drivers, you’ll attend the manufacturer’s website, locate the Search the newest updated drivers, and install it in your system.

Now, This process is time-taking and requires computer skills. Thus, it’s worth to update the graphics drivers automatically with the driving force Easy. So, this is often a complicated tool that updates the whole drivers automatically compatible together with your system and also fixes various issues associated with drivers.

Now, Get Driver Easy to update the drivers automatically.

It’s estimated that now the Minecraft crashes issues are resolved, but if encountering an equivalent problem, this is often the time to configure the sport settings.

Solution 6: Organize Correct Settings

Numerous gamers have reported that disabling the VBOs for the Minecraft works to resolve the sport crashing issue. Hence, here inspect the ways to show off VBOs for your Minecraft game.

This is disabled in two ways:

1: Disable VBOs in Minecraft Settings

.If you launch the sport, you’ll disable the VBOs within the Minecraft settings:

.Follow the steps to try to so:

.In your game, attend Settings.
.Then attend Video Settings.

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Plus, at rock bottom, you’ll see settings about VBOs from here close up VBOs.

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Here Last reboot the system & open the sport.

2: Disable VBOs in Minecraft file

.However, if you’re unable to launch the sport, then disable VBOs within the Minecraft options.txt file.

.Follow the steps to try to so:

.Now, Press Windows + R key and within the Run panel.
.Type %APPDATA%\.minecraft > click OK. And the .minecraft folder is opened.

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Here, in the .minecraft folder > attend the choices .txt file > click thereon to open options .txt

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Next change user to false

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.And save the file > restart your computer.

.And try to rerun the sport and check if the crashing issue is resolved or not.

Solution 7 – Assure Java is installed.

It’s found that Java is important to run the Minecraft and other apps and games on your PC/laptop. Though, if you h++aven’t installed Java, then this is often what causes the difficulty. Hence, check if Java is installed on your system or not.

Just in case if Java isn’t installed on your system, download it free from the official website..

Solution 8 – Update Java

Minecraft Keeps Crashing

In case if you had installed Java on your computer, then still there’s an opportunity something may get wrong. Whether you utilize an outdated version, then use the newest version of Java.

.So, you’ll receive a notification when the new update is prepared. So, you’ll also update Java manually. Though, it’s worth giving an attempt to check for the updates manually.

.Start, attend Search> type Configure Java> open Configure Java
.Now attend the Updates Tab.

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Then check for updates

.Though, if your Java is already updated, then and follow subsequent solutions to repair Minecraft keep crashing issues.

Solution 9 – Reset Winstock

It is also found the Weinstock settings are wrong then Minecraft is probably going to crash. Thus, during this case, you would like to reset the Weinstock.

 Minecraft Keeps Crashing

Follow the step to try to so:

.Now Very first press Windows key + X > start promptly as administrator.

.Why is My Minecraft Crashing

.Also, prompt opens, type the subsequent commands:
.netsh Winsock reset

.netsh int IP Reset

.Then close prompt > restart your PC.
.So, this fixes the problems for many users, but you’ve got to line it again if you employ static IP addresses.
.just in case if the above-given commands won’t work for you then running the below-given commands
.ipconfig /release
.ipconfig /flushdns
.ipconfig /renew

And then, restart the system and check if the Minecraft crashing issue is resolved or not.

Solution 10 – Update Game Patches

.Commonly, the Minecraft bugs are likely to cause the sport to crash and fix the bugs/ issues. Mojang is releasing the patches.

.Try installing the patches and keep the sport updated, I hope this fixes the bugs that cause the Minecraft crashing. Download the newest Minecraft patch.

.I hope this works to repair the Minecraft crashes issue, but if not, follow the last solution.

Solution 11: Reinstall Minecraft

.So, just in case if none of the above-given Fixes works for you, then you would like to reinstall the sport. Note: doing this might erase the User data, so confirm to copy save game files or copy user data from the game’s directory another location.

.Now uninstall the Minecraft with the third-party uninstaller tool to uninstall the sport entirely without leaving any traces or registry entries.

.Get Revo Uninstaller to annihilate the apps or programs.

.Here, reinstall the sport and check if the crashing issue is resolved or not.
.Run the sport Booster will assist you in repairing the low FPS & improving Minecraft’s gaming experience.

.So, It boosts the sport, and you’ll play a graceful and faster game.
.Optimizes your PC for more harmonious and responsive gameplay
.Get a higher FPS rate.

Final Words :

I hope after following the above quick and straightforward solutions, and you’ll fix Minecraft crashing issues.

Well these given solutions work for various Minecraft crash-related issues like Minecraft crashes on startup, Minecraft keeps crashing on launch, crashing when opening a world and other crashing related matters.

Assure to follow the given fixes carefully, and check which one works for you. just in case if none of the above-given works for you, then it’s worth scanning your system with PC Repair Tool, as sometimes thanks to PC related issues, users start facing game-related bugs, issues, and errors.

It’s estimated the article works for you to repair the Minecraft keeps crashing issue & other related problems.

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