Inside Out 2 Review: I felt Pixar’s magic both inside and out

Inside Out 2 is filled with an exceptionally well-written story and characters, which are expertly presented with sharp-witted humor and a cascade of highly felt emotional sequences. While the youngsters will enjoy the visual feast, the movie is not their cup of tea. The video is made with adults and older kids in mind, thus it is incredibly relevant on many fronts and bursting with emotions. In a word, it delivers the usual cathartic experience that Pixar is renowned for, and it is one of the best sequels Pixar has ever made.

Ideal Expansion of Riley’s World

After wonderfully capturing Riley’s childhood, Pixar set out to explore his adolescence in the sequel, Inside Out 2. Everyone will feel how Pixar successfully preserved components from the prequel while cleverly stretching the story to new heights with brand-new emotions and probes into more creative parts of the mind.

As the first section delves into a big transformation in Riley’s life, we get a clear sense of the emotions at play in a variety of occurrences. In the sequel, the film focuses on the coming-of-age transition phase, with the emergence of new emotions, but inside a single occurrence. As a result, the movie falls somewhat short of its predecessor. Don’t get me wrong—this isn’t always a negative thing. The sequel is still well-written and wonderfully built on all levels, but it goes by so quickly that you wish it could stay longer.

Perfect additions to the already-adored ensemble.

Inside Out 2 exposes us to four new emotions that we all experience every day as we approach adolescence: anxiety, envy, humiliation, and ennui (boredom). These are thoughtful contributions that allow us to analyze how our emotions function in a relevant way. Not only that but with more emotions in play, the sequel ride becomes much more entertaining as you watch the power struggle between the older and feel emotions.

The star-studded ensemble, including Amy Poehler (joy), Maya Hawke (anxiety), Phyllis Smith (sadness), Ayo Edebiri (envy), Adèle Exarchopoulos (ennui), and others, nailed their parts, whether they were charming or uncomfortable. With their excellent voice-acting talents, the actors made the characters and their arcs feel emotive and meaningful by taking a subtle and compassionate approach to expressing emotions (which is highly important).


  • Amazing continuation of the story with new character additions.
  • Excellent voice acting performances.
  • Incredible narrative.
  • Excellent animation enhanced by a wonderful music.


  • In comparison to the prequel, there aren’t as many highly moving scenes
  • The whole story may feel a little short.

When I first saw Inside Out at the age of 15, I sobbed uncontrollably. It’s one of those flicks that made me feel the actual magic of Pixar movies. Since that day, I’ve been waiting for the next installment in this series. So seeing the sequel on the big screen tonight was a dream come true, and here’s my in-depth review of Inside Out 2.

State of the Art Animation Packed With Ebullient OST

Pixar Animation Studios’ animation quality is undeniably high. It is no secret that they have consistently raised Hollywood’s animation standards throughout time. They have once again shown why they are the greatest in the field with their craftsmanship in Inside Out 2.

Aside from their high animation quality, they are also distinguished by their beautifully produced designs throughout the movie. The creative idea of displaying belief systems, brainstorming, overthinking, sarcasm, and so on was the cover on the cake.

Michael Giacchino, who worked on the previous movies, returns with enthusiastic and emotional music that evokes every ‘feeling’. This masterfully serves as the film’s backbone, making it as poignant as its predecessor.

Pixar Strikes Again: The Verdict

Inside Out 2 is a thought-provoking and reassuring trip that reinforces its powerful message of “It is okay to not be okay” and emphasizes that “all the emotions we experience make us who we are.” We already know these lessons, yet we frequently forget them. The movie has a fantastically well-written plot conveyed elegantly, with sharp comedy sprinkled on top and profoundly powerful emotions flowing throughout.

It’s a fantastic movie in every way, although it may be overshadowed by the masterpiece prequel, particularly in terms of emotional connection. Nonetheless, it is certainly one of the greatest sequels Pixar has ever created, seamlessly providing the classic cathartic experience for which Pixar is famous. Furthermore, Pixar skillfully restores your trust in sequels in an age when the movie industry is saturated with cash-grabbing sequels.




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