NYT Connections Today: June 12, 2024 Hints and Answers

NYT Connections Today puzzle game in which players must identify “connections” between different words and arrange them into groups of four. The game provides players 16 random words divided into categories they are unfamiliar with. Players only get four chances to acquire the proper response, making the whole event even more thrilling! To assist you, we decided to break down all of the categories and answers to the Connections puzzle for June 12!

What is “Connections”?

The New York Times’ ‘Connections’ is a puzzle game that is now gaining popularity on social media. People use platforms such as X (previously Twitter) to fix issues and share successes and mistakes. Wyna Liu, NYT’s assistant puzzle editor, oversees the game. Connections randomly assigns 16 words to players, which must be divided into categories they are unfamiliar with.

What Are Today’s Connection Hints?

Let’s start with some small hints about today’s Connections topics. Check these out to see if you can guess any.

  • Blue Category: Measuring things goes a long way!
  • Purple Category: Some words just need animals.
  • Yellow Category: New York New York!
  • Green Category: Do you like rhyming words?

We wish we could go into further depth, but these hints are the best we can provide. We also don’t believe you need another clue today. If you still can’t discover them, read on for further assistance with today’s Connections.
These are the categories for today’s Connections Puzzle.

Need more assistance with today’s NYT Connections puzzle? Here are today’s categories:

  • Purple: Begin with animals
  • Yellow: Places in New York City

Here are the hints and answers for today’s New York Times Strands.

We hope you can guess the words in each category now. However, if you are still unable and need more assistance, continue reading.

Here are the answers to today’s Connections Game (June 12).

Are you still stuck on the Connections puzzle? In that scenario, the answers for today’s Connections are:

  • ENDING IN UNITS OF MEASUREMENTS: Hedwig And The Angry Inch, My Left Foot, The Green Mile
  • Longest Yard BEGINNING WITH ANIMALS: Beetlejuice, Dogma, Foxy Brown, Octopussy
  • Places in New York City: Chinatown, Dumbo, Manhattan, and Wall Street
  • RHYMING TITLES: Be Kind Rewind, E.T, Fright Night, Kill Bill

The Connections game for June 12 was not excessively challenging, but it did dabble in some strange categories. We hope the preceding answers helped you solve the Connections puzzle for June 12.

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