How to Clean PS5 Games Safely

How to Clean PS5 Games Safely. Scratching your PS5 disk may ruin your game. But what if it gets dirty? When caring for your games, the best option is to avoid touching the shiny side of your disks at all costs. However, dust, fingerprints, and other debris can accumulate on the surface, preventing the console from properly reading the disk.

In this case, avoiding touching the video game disk is impossible. However, following the instructions below, you can safely clean any disk without scratching or damaging it.

What Happens if I Scratch My Game Disk?

The data for PS5 games are stored on the disk’s gleaming metallic surface. A thin plastic coating is then applied to protect it. If you scratch your disk and it gets to the layer where the data is stored, it is effectively scooped out and cannot be recovered. When this occurs, the game will no longer function properly.

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Even a minor scratch that doesn’t go deep enough to affect the data can damage your console. These types of scratches can cause your game to skip or freeze. Sometimes, you can repair a scratched CD with toothpaste or other household items. However, placing foreign substances on your disks is not always recommended because they can be abrasive and cause more harm than good.

How Do I Safely Clean My PS5 Games?

The best and safest way to clean your PS5 games is with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and water. Water is the only substance that should be used to clean your disks. Avoid solvents or abrasive cleaners, such as soap or window cleaners.


Once you have your soft cloth, dampen it with a little water. While holding the inside rim of the disk, make straight strokes with your cloth from the inside to the outside edge. Repeat this motion until the disk has been completely cleaned. Avoid rubbing your cloth in a circular motion, as this may scratch it.

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Once your disk has been cleaned, take a dry portion of the cloth and repeat the same motion to dry it. Before inserting your disk into your PS5, make sure it is completely dry by letting it sit for two minutes.

Make Sure Your PS5 Disks Are Clean and Scratch Free

Rubbing anything across the surface of a disk can be problematic. However, it is necessary in cases where the disk is so filthy that your console can no longer read it.

Your PS5 disks will be sparkling clean and ready to play again if you clean them in straight strokes with a soft cloth and only water.

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