5 PUBG Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner Every Time

Tencent Games established PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most popular and most played video game on the planet right presently. And it’s much easier to recognize why. The affordable battleground, console-level and also vivid graphics, personalized features, and also obviously, the complete satisfaction of a “Chicken Dinner,” make it the favorite of everyone. Obtaining that final win besides that fighting, hiding, and making it through, is indisputably the sweetest blessing.

However, How to Play PUBG Mobile Game to Get Chicken Dinner Every Time?


Don’t get me wrong. No one requires to tell you How to Play the PUBG Mobile Game. You recognize that rather well. But have you ensured a win every time you play? Do you always get Chicken Dinner in your plays? No, right?
See, that’s what we are right here to educate you on. These 5 PUBG Mobile’s innovative secrets, ideas, and tricks would certainly play in your support and provide you with an edge over other gamers.

1. Strive to Survive Till the End


Contrary to popular belief, PUBG Mobile video game is not all about killing and combating. Instead, it’s majorly concerning enduring. That indicates that concealing from possible hazards and unneeded battles would not make you a coward; however, it would make you an intelligent individual.

While it might appear prideful to stride across deadly open warzones, it’s smarter to hide away from snipers trying to hunt you below miles elsewhere. However, what is these PUBG Mobile tips and methods which can aid you to endure easily? Primarily, don’t also think about showing off outfits that are bright and too showy.

These clothes would make you stand out as well as, thus, you would undoubtedly be a conveniently visible target.
Attempt using clothing that is plain, dull, dark, and quickly ‘blend-able’ with the environments, just like camouflage. Also, the purpose of covering the skin personality as feasible to additionally lower your chances of being seen and struck.

Secondly, try not to be over-excited and don’t delve into the field of battle at the same time. Keep undetected till all the less skilled players are killed and several of the very best ones. Wait for the crowd to shorten.

And also lastly, choose the best hiding areas wherever you can. Shrubs are my favorite choice. There are others like walls, buildings, and so on. Just stay risk-free and stay concealed, and do not forget about the reducing circle.

2. Prefer Playing on an Emulator


Emulators are software applications or pieces of codes that permit the user to run an entire operating system on the other hosting operating system (usually the PC).

That means you can replicate your phones on your computers, making it much less complicated to play PUBG Mobile. The video game has officially taken control of the full room of our cellphones. So it’s always better to obtain a larger display to play the game.

The significant concern with having the game’s user interface on our phones is that the controls cover many of the displays. It means you can not completely appreciate the experience of the battlefield.

The designers of the game realized this and, therefore, launched an official PC emulator for the game, called Tencent Gaming Buddy. Currently, you would ask how this can be among PUBG Mobile’s innovative ideas as well as techniques that would ensure you a precise win?

It’s rather easy. The bigger the display, the much better the control you’ll have on your playing and the much better possibilities you’ll have of winning the video game quickly.

3. Close All the Doors Behind You


Be it when we were children, or when we are full-fledged grownups, our parents have always provided us to close the door once we start getting inside the space. And also, clearly, being the annoying kids that we are, we never do so.

When you are playing PUBG, don’t be like that. Closing doors can conserve your life many times. You would recognize that when a brand-new game begins, all doors to the buildings are closed. This suggests that the building hasn’t been robbed yet and still consists of every one of the materials.

Seeing that, almost all the players start raiding the buildings and leave all the doors open. This leaves them extra at risk of attacks. However, if you close all the doors to these buildings, you’ll have two advantages. Initially, you’ll be able to shield on your own from these unexpected strikes.

Second of all, various other players would believe that the structure has still not been raided and would barge inside with no prep work to fight. You can then surprise them and choose the kill. You can do it multiple times.

4. Teamwork Over Solo Games


The team which plays PUBG Mobile with each other stays together!
It is true everywhere on the planet. So why not in Pochinki?

Remaining in a squad or a team can be the difference between a heartbreaking defeat and a Chicken Dinner.
Even if you don’t have an individual team or a team of close friends who play this video game, you can still be a part of a team. The interactivity you’ll obtain will undoubtedly be the best tool for finding out and exercising, particularly when you are just starting.

Points like remaining in a group while brushing up the armed forces base, jumping off a high building, making your colleague susceptible to the ground to land on her/him, being restored quickly by sticking near them, are just a few advantages you’ll receive.

The significant downside players have while playing in a group is the absence of communication among all employees. This additional relays on a lack of synchronization in the video game. And also, you can think about what the end outcome is: NO CHICKEN DINNER.

So, attempt to prevent this, and connect as high as you can to obtain all the advantages of team-playing.
Again, avoid puffy or easily visible apparel. When you are in a team, preferably, attempt to encourage everybody to wear camouflage or something plain and also dark.

5. Manage Your Inventory


It’s a reality that stands right both in online, in addition to the fact, the extra luggage you lug with you, the more it would reduce you down.

Remember this: An additional hefty backpack is a negative knapsack.
That implies you need only to keep the stuff and also weapons with you that are necessary. Buy excellent armor (it’s the significant distinction between instant fatality and winning) and guns, and even quit carrying tons of low-cost and unneeded ammunition and paraphernalia.

As an example, you do not need to bring both DP-28 and AKM. Both of them have the same 7.62 mm bullets. It’s far better to lug guns that have various shells, like, AKM and M416. Always have an excellent mix of weapons, both great variety, as well as a low array.

If you’re puzzled regarding offering concern to equipment in your supply, always provide top priority to the security equipment, like helmets and bulletproof jackets. This is one of the most vital PUBG Mobile secrets while playing the game.

Health packages and power-ups like painkillers, bandages, emergency treatment packages, and energy drinks, should likewise be in the leading concern. Please don’t neglect meds. Continuously get and bring all sorts of medications you can get your hands on.

Final Words:

These were the five ideal PUBG Mobile suggestions and methods to obtain a win continually and a Chicken Dinner for yourself. Follow them to the T and never bother with shedding once more on the battlefield. If we missed out on any one of your favorite methods, allow us to recognize the comments below.

Tencent Games created PUBG Mobile is most certainly the most prominent, and most played a video game in the world right at this minute. Nobody requires to inform you exactly how to play the PUBG Mobile video game. In contrast to popular idea, PUBG Mobile video game is not all about killing and fighting.

That means you can imitate your phones on your computers, making it so much easier to play PUBG Mobile video game. It’s always better to obtain a more prominent display to play the video game.

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