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TECHGAME allows visitors to write a guest post for us and promote their marketing campaign. Link building is one of the excellent potent ways to help you expand your brand and get more visibility. Suppose you are a specialist in online gambling and everything related to it when you are at the best place. Don’t wait to contact us if you have any questions. All topics that concern online casinos, sports betting, daily fantasy sports, poker, blackjack, bingo, or any other game are welcome to enhance our library. How to apply? First, carefully read our terms & conditions and then fill in the form under. Write for us and submit appealing content that gives valuable information about the online gambling industry. The proceeds will satisfy you!

What do you know if you write for us?

If you want to write for us, your article will get 1-2 do-follow permanent backlinks. The minimum good content you should submit is 800 words. Of course, if you consider writing also, that’s even more satisfying. Make sure your article is unique, informative, and well-written. Keep in mind that we don’t accept advertisements or sponsored labels. Before publishing your content, you need to proceed with the PayPal/ Payoneer/ Bank wire payment. After 1-2 business days, we will post your work.

How does it work?


1. Please make sure you know our listing terms before you decide to write for us.

2. Contact us using the form below:


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    • Casino
    • Sports Betting
    • Gambling
    • Poker
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    • Various Others – Hosting, CFD Trading, Software, etc.

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    Write for us: Guidelines for Submit Your Guest Post on Casino, Gambling, Sports Betting, and iGaming industry subjects.

    What subjects should I choose?

    Online gambling is a massive area of knowledge and subjects. If you need to write for us, you can select pretty much any topic of interest related to:

    • Casino
    • Online Casino
    • Gambling
    • Sports Betting
    • Poker
    • Bingo
    • Baccarat
    • Roulette
    • Gambling in a particular market: Example: Japan, United States, United Kingdom, etc.
    • Crypto Casinos
    • CFD and Binary trading
    • anything gambling related

    What Articles Do we NOT Accept?

    We do not allow articles and links to drug-related businesses or adult websites.

    Advantages of your contribution?

    1. Promote your site on the web and increase your site value and SEO score.
    2. Promote your business on a yet different familiar website

    Quality Requirements for Guest Posts:

    To impress our audience, your stuff should be unique and one of a kind. Please, don’t duplicate content – we don’t allow it. Before your work is published, we will check the quality of the content on different tools.

    Your article should be at least 800 to 2000 words to succeed, but we would be even more comfortable with more protracted and more contentious posts. Pay notice to the submitted images – copyright-free infringement is strictly forbidden. Create a clear and neat structure in your article – we suggest including h1, h2, h3. The links on the page must be valid and relevant to the article. Author links are allowed. Аѕ уоur соntеnt wіll bе оf good quаlіtу, іt wоuld bе great thаt уоu right lіnk tо іt frоm уоur оwn webѕіtеѕ.

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