The difference between Cisco certification and Huawei certification

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for technically certified professionals in the IT industry. This demand has brought alive the global technical certification market, resulting in extremely fierce competition in the IT certification market at home and abroad.

In the field of IT vocational certification training, the most authoritative certification at home and abroad is Cisco certification[<a href=””> ♡ more here ♡</a>], with the highest global recognition, Cisco certification level: CCNA (primary) CCNP (intermediate) CCIE (expert). With the increasing recognition of the state-owned brand Huawei in the international market in recent years, Huawei and its old rival Cisco certification have begun to compete strongly in the Central Plains. Huawei has launched a network product certification training system: Huawei Certified Network Engineer (HCNE), Huawei Certified Senior Network Engineer (HCSE), Huawei Certified Network Expert (HCIE).

The discussion on Cisco certification and Huawei certification is mainly from the following aspects, which only represent personal views and positions.

1. Market share of Huawei and Cisco

Whether the certification launched by any manufacturer can be recognized is the most fundamental basis based on market share. If you do not consider the domestic and overseas global IT professional certification market, Cisco certification is still the most successful and widely recognized certification. This is based on the market share of Cisco equipment in the global networking equipment market and the fact that Cisco certification has been around for 20 years. However, in recent years, a large part of Huawei’s growth has come from overseas markets. At the same time, Huawei has also accelerated the goals and pace of global strategic layout. Therefore, in the future, I believe that Huawei’s global market will continue to accelerate.

2. Pass rates of Cisco and Huawei certification

The certification levels of Huawei and Cisco have different directions and levels. Here, Huawei HCIE and Cisco CCIE are used for comparison.

In 2014, within one year, more than 400 people passed the HCIE test in Huawei HCIE with a pass rate of less than 50%. Cisco first launched CCIE certification in China in 1998, and it took 5 years for it to reach 500 people passing through each year in China. At the same time, the exam formats of Huawei and Cisco are slightly different. Huawei should have set the overall design goal of HCIE after considering the negative problems faced by CCIE: “Really take the test to the expert level!”

Based on this goal, HCIE’s overall framework conception, examination process, final scoring and other key designs are more complicated than CCIE. Based on this, the interview process was introduced. Based on this, the number of people who passed HCIE was lower than the number of people who passed CCIE.

 3.The future and value of HCIE and CCIE certificates

From the analysis and comparison of candidates’ employment situation, CCIE currently has a very large number of candidates. Because of the large number of examination methods and the number of candidates, the level of candidates may be uneven, so there is some negative information outside., which is understandable. The theory has a certain height, so candidates generally express a lot of pressure in the process of corporate technical interviews. Therefore, the CCIE salary of recent college graduates in China is currently maintained at an annual salary of about 60,000, while the HCIE maintains an annual salary of about 100,000. However, it will take time to prove whether HCIE can maintain this high income.

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