13 Best Gaming Television Of 2022 Review Gaming TVS

The best gaming television are available in a range of sizes and designs Gaming TVS, but in 2022, we have access to a range of choices that is incredibly wide and varied. Each year’s beginning is an excellent opportunity to upgrade because the models from the previous release window “appear” a little bit older and might be eligible for even more alluring price reductions.

You’ll discover that all of our top-rated 4K gaming televisions (we aren’t quite there with 8K yet) are also great buys best tvs for gaming, movies and TV shows fans since your thumbs deserve a break. You can find TVs in our guide that fit a range of budgets and are suitable for your game collection. It depends on how many cutting-edge features you need and the size of your new gaming television, of course.

It takes more than just looking for the priciest models from reputable manufacturers to find the best gaming televisions. To provide you with a selection of feature-rich high-end panels and more affordable options that will still leave you drooling over gorgeous visuals while spending plenty of money to buy more games best 4k tvs for gaming, we have evaluated actual value for money and compared each TV to the competition.

1. LG QNED91


Gaming TVS LG QNED91

Thanks to a unique combination of Quantum Dot and Nanocell technology and a Mini-LED backlighting system with 900–1500 dimming zones, LG’s revolutionary QNED panels easily rival OLED. And the LG QNED91 flawlessly proves that in our testing. It can produce exceptional Brightness, contrast, and vibrancy in SDR and HDR modes because of its over 900 unique Mini-LED zones. With compatibility for Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, and HLG, we also discovered that the HDR performance is superb.

Behind the scenes, the Alpha 7 Gen 4 AI processor does an outstanding job of effectively controlling those Mini-LEDs. Even if WebOS is getting on in years, it still offers all the Smart TV functions and apps you require. Intelligent 4K upscaling and real-time image processing ensure a spectacular image at all times. It also has excellent gaming credentials, starting with two full HDMI 2.1 connectors that are ideal for 4K at 120Hz with a reaction time of just 13.7ms. VRR, ALLM, AMD FreeSync, and NVIDIA G-Sync are also onboard, giving you the tools you need for gorgeous and fluid gaming that runs without lag or screen tearing.

2. Samsung TU8000


Samsung TU8000


The Samsung TU8000 series is worth considering if you want a high-end 4K TV for gaming but don’t want to pay OLED or QLED prices. Samsung’s panels are incredible across the board, and these models have made significant advancements in viewing angles and the caliber of non-4K upscaling. The Real Game Enhancer feature, which reduces the panel’s response time to an incredibly low 6.8ms, is what we like about the TU8000 series models. This makes the board excellent for faster-paced shooters and games requiring quick reflexes and a stylish display when combined with Freesync. Just keep in mind that some features, like Real Game Enhancer, are not available on the 49″ version, so stick to 55″ or larger for this set.

3. Samsung Q70T

Samsung Q70T


The Samsung Q70T TV is a gorgeous-looking set with a sleek design that can quickly become a showcase for any room, making it an excellent option for a mid-range QLED TV.

The Q70T offers the same features as its more expensive Q90 QLED sister, including a virtually bezel-less screen with good HDR, an excellent spectrum of rich colors, and timed color pops for your favorite Disney Plus shows. The Q70T utilizes a new variable rate, HDR10+, and 4K at up to 120HZ. The 14ms input lag on this TV is ideal for console gamers, which can also fully utilize the HDR glow-up.

Additionally, the Q70T is fully equipped to meet your streaming requirements. The Q70T creates a customized watch list based on your app usage patterns. Additionally, it functions with all your intelligent home assistants, including Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. It’s undoubtedly among the more intelligent TVs now available.

4. Samsung TU7000


Samsung TU7000

It’s difficult, in our opinion, to argue against the logic behind purchasing the Samsung TU7000 because it has 4K at 60Hz that reads beautifully for gaming and watching movies, all the necessary smart apps, and an incredibly budget-friendly price. In terms of pure value, we consider it one of the best gaming TVs available.

The Samsung TU7000 boasts proper acoustics, good color quality, intense blacks due to a high contrast ratio, and a great little function called automatic console detection. As soon as your console powers on, the Samsung will immediately transition from movie to gaming mode.

Our tests showed outstanding picture quality, excellent contrast ratio, and impressive black uniformity. Although occasionally, some adjustments may be necessary. For example, Call of Duty: Warzone’s excessive Brightness required some adjusting on our part.





During our testing, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the LG C2, a feature-rich, premium 4K OLED with cutting-edge Brightness Boosting technology and a complete complement of gaming compatibility. It’s undoubtedly one of the top gaming TVs of 2022, but don’t assume it will completely replace the C1.

The Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, which is entirely new, powers the C2. This drives the set’s Brightness Boosting technology, which employs algorithms to improve HDR handling and boost the brightest regions of an image in real-time. As a result, the C1 model from last year has significantly improved. The overall image quality was exceptional, with excellent clarity, no banding, and incredible shadow detail.

The TV has a stylish new exterior that should please fashionistas. We adore LG’s cosmetic updates, including the nearly nonexistent bezel and the panel’s placement on a more traditional central pedestal, eliminating the need for expansive AV furniture.

6. LG OLED G1 series


LG OLED G1 series

Despite being supplanted by the G2 this year, LG’s LG G1 still has a quality screen. It is still unquestionably among the most incredible gaming TVs you can get. It is a stunning OLED-powered model that offers an almost ideal balance of elegant style with cutting-edge gaming features.

However, not everyone will appreciate its style because the G1 is made primarily for wall hanging and doesn’t come with feet or a pedestal unless you pay extra for it. You’re in for a treat if you can get through this.

The G1 is the first OLED that uses LG’s new Evo panel that we have seen. The G1 delivers the best HDR performance from LG that we’ve tested yet, keeping true to its promise to provide a brighter HDR experience. It produces a breathtaking picture with incredible detail and excellent motion handling when combined with the brand’s most recent 4th Gen Alpha 9 image processor and a variety of AI picture-enhancing features.

7. Sony X90J


Sony X90J

The X90J is the most significant improvement to Sony’s mid-range 4K HDR lineup that we have seen in a long time. The company has been hesitant to introduce the High Frame Rate HDMI technology that next-generation gamers have asked for. The X90J aims to correct that, and it demonstrates to us that it succeeds

The TV will automatically optimize visual characteristics for PlayStation 5 HDR and detect if the PS5 is playing video material or a game, which we thought was particularly remarkable. It has four HDMI ports, two of which support 4K 120 fps so that it will work with any new-generation console.

Testing reveals exceptional picture clarity, partly due to Sony’s new Cognitive XR Processor. Focusing on the image’s natural focal points, this image processing method differs from competitors and seeks to mimic how humans perceive items in the real world. The “focal point” in the image is located using artificial intelligence (AI), which divides the screen into zones. The image processing is then focused on specific areas of the picture. We’re still awaiting the promised firmware upgrade that will enable VRR, which is the only feature-based limitation (Variable Refresh Rate).

8. Samsung QNQ80T / QEQ80T


Samsung QNQ80T / QEQ80T

The Q80T is an incredible 4K TV for gaming since it can provide the trinity of superb image quality, 120Hz support, and straightforward, sheer value for the money.

This is a fantastic bundle when you add dynamic HDR, excellent color accuracy (with a full-array backlight upping the ante on both), and razor-sharp detail. It is worth checking at the Q80T range (and related models), as their costs will only get more appealing as Samsung replaces these formerly top-of-the-pyramid panels with the newest NeoQLED range.

For PC gamers, VRR, ALLM, and FreeSync compatibility are available in addition to 4K 120 fps support. We also adore its OST (Object Sound TrackIng) audio system, which adds a unique edge to the best gaming TV by positioning speakers at the top and bottom of the screen.

9. Sony A80J


Sony A80J


Do’nt be deceived by the fact that the A80J is one of Sony’s sleeper hits and falls into the second tier of their OLED range; in truth, the A80J is one of the best-value Sony game TVs now available, offering a superb balance of quality, functionality, and value for money.

The A80J is a top-tier Sony gaming TV that includes all the necessities. Two HDMI 2.1 connectors support ALLM and VRR for 4K 120Hz gaming out of the four total. The A80J’s 120Hz refresh rate and minimal (10ms) latency make for an excellent gaming experience and performance. The addition of VRR via a software update is good, but its execution isn’t relatively as seamless and fluid as that on LG or Samsung TVs. Additionally, there isn’t a specific Game mode interface to customize the TV’s game settings, in contrast to rivals. Minor complaints in the grand scheme of gaming TVs, as playing games on the screen is quite fun, but they should be brought up nonetheless.




The models from 2020 are unquestionably still worth a consideration if you’re seeking a gaming TV that will blow the budget past the 2021 versions. The LG CX OLED TVs are the best next-gen alternative because of their incredible 4K display that runs at a blisteringly fast 120Hz, so if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X, this is still a fantastic new-generation choice. Thanks to Nvidia G-Sync support, it’s also reasonably sweet for PC gaming.

With LG’s best-in-class TV, you can eliminate screen tearing from fast-paced 4K gaming like first-person shooters and racing games thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate. The black levels are also excellent, as you would expect with OLED technology, and LG has genuinely nailed this with a design that has the CX line’s pixels turned off for the darkest scenarios. Therefore, this gaming TV is for you if you’re sick of black situations simply appearing as very dark grey.

11. Samsung QN95A


Gaming Tvs Samsung QN95A

In our opinion, the Samsung QN90A is a superb option for anyone wishing to get the bestest gaming TV that 2021 has to offer. We discovered that the QN90A’s Mini-LED-powered 4K flagship boasts deep blacks, excellent quality, rich colors and contrasts, and perfect HDR management as it develops its unique QLED screen technology.

Simply put, we discovered that the image quality is excellent thanks to a cutting-edge AI-powered Neo Quantum 4K CPU. Additionally, an Intelligent Mode optimizes all sources, making it a screen that is comfortable to use regardless of what you watch or prefer.

The television has one of Samsung’s One Connect Boxes, which is an additional component to consider in the configuration but provides four HDMI 2.1 connections, so anyone with a multi-gaming device setup is undoubtedly well catered for. In addition to the traditional catch-up TV services, Tizen, Samsung’s unique TV platform, offers an intelligent connection and a choice of apps, including Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, and Now.

12. Hisense A6G


Gaming Tvs Hisense A6G

This new Hisense A6G TV wowed us as a superb entry-level 4K HDR screen and is available in five screen sizes, from minor to enormous. And since all but one of the sizes are under that price range, this is the one to choose if you’re trying to buy one of the finest gaming TVs for less than the $500/£500 threshold. This offers outstanding value.

The design is standard with a thin bezel and widely spaced feet, and you have three HDMI ports on the back for connectivity. We are in budgetary seas here, so 4K 120Hz support isn’t available, but these ports does support ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and eARC. Additionally, despite Hisense’s claims of an input latency of less than 20ms, we observed it during our testing in Game mode at a slower 48.2ms (1080/60).

13. LG OLED C1 series


Gaming Tvs LG OLED C1 series

One of the fantastic gaming TVs money can buy, the C1 is unquestionably the OLED screen every new-gen gamer will be yearning for right now. Period.

It takes gameplay almost as seriously as we do and provides an excellent testing experience immediately, thanks to its four 4K 120Hz-capable HDMI inputs and dedicated Game Optimizer control panel. We discovered a fantastic, premium visual quality that delivers games in the most beautiful way possible and relies more heavily on AI intelligence than we have observed before. This OLED is one to admire, with its rich colors, deep blacks, and almost three-dimensional levels of detail.

We also discovered that motion handling had been changed. There is also a Cinematic Movement option that uses sophisticated frame merging to make movies always look filmic. TruMotion Smooth is also available if you want a sleek, interpolated image. It’s effective. The HDR performance is likewise excellent. Dolby Vision, HDR10, HGiG, and HLG are all supported by the C1. However, HDR10+ is not, which is a little surprising.


What are the Best gaming Televisions screen sizes?

This is a good question with no easy answer. We’ll attempt to be objective: QLED or OLED screens are undoubtedly the finest for displaying games to our eyes.

Given the information on this page, it’s more challenging to pick an objective winner; you must also consider the price and what’s best for you. If you can witness TVs running pictures in a store, that will assist, but for image brilliance, look at QLED and OLED.

What is 4K TV gaming television?

Yes, certainly. Every console will look great on a 4K gaming Televisions. Even if we disregard the resolution, these gaming tvs have better image quality, colors, contrasts, and sharpness than their HD/1080p equivalent. 4K gaming Tvs are ideal for gaming, should be the first choice, and are becoming the standard.

OLED burn-in?

Both. OLED TVs can burn in, although it’s rare. ‘Proper’ burn-in is commonly misinterpreted as image retention that disappears after a few minutes. It’s rare enough not to worry about, but OLED panels should be alert.

If you wish to avoid OLED burn-in, consider QLED or QNED.

Best gaming Television size?

Size matters when buying the best gaming Tvs. Based on these factors, you may calculate room size, viewing distances, and TV size. Starting here will help you choose a TV that fits the room. It would be perfect if you didn’t go lower than 43 inches (anything below that is a gaming display) or more than 75 inches.

55-inch is the most popular size for gamers and games in general. Recently, this has become the ‘default’ or ‘standard.’ The optimal size for a gaming TV depends on its environment, room size, and personal preference. Even if you can fit a 65-inch or giant TV, your eyes will strain to see anything. It will make some games more immersive and beautiful, especially those with lovely backgrounds and universes.

LED or OLED gaming?

Comparing the top gaming televisions is tough. OLED screens often feature unique technology and picture quality. LG OLED C-series and G-series TVs are popular because of their visual quality, colors, and contrasts. Burn-in on OLED TVs scares people.

Without LEDs, Samsung’s QLED TVs and Sony’s most incredible gaming TVs wouldn’t exist.

QD-OLED televisions will deliver the best of both worlds in a single panel by 2022. This is an interesting prospect for the market for the best gaming televisions, and we will include it as we review such devices.


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