Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps Could Make It Into The Competitive Pool?

Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps Could Make It Into The Competitive Pool?

Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps Could Make It Into The Competitive Pool?

The world of CS:GO is one of the best in the Esports community, filled with some of the
most hyper-competitive events and well-organized teams going. However, with more and
more interest in the game and more CS:GO on show than ever before, fatigue with the
current map pool has become a bigger and bigger complaint from the community.

Pros, pundits, and fans have all expressed a desire to see new maps introduced to the
competitive pool to help freshen things up, but which maps not currently in the pool could
be the next ones to break through into the next circuit?

Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps Could Make It Into The Competitive Pool?


Anubis was introduced to CS:GO back in March 2020, making it one of the game’s most
recent maps to be put in. A community created map, it sees the Terrorist forces land on the
bank of an ancient Egyptian-themed settlement. The map lets players climb through ruined
buildings and monuments and has a fantastic blend of the mystique and majesty of ancient
Egypt, with the exploration and adventuring of those classical Victorian expeditions.

As a map, Anubis is visually very similar to the likes of Mirage and Dust II with its sand and
orange glows but is actually designed more like Inferno with its jagged straights and hotly
contested corridors around the perimeter.

The only issue about Anubis is the two bombsites. Bombsite A is located inside a small ruin,
is far bigger than Bombsite B and is just so lopsided in terms of where players are likely to


The official game description for Mutiny reads:


Terrorists have hijacked a ship and found their way into the remains of an ancient tropical
the village and they have but one mission on their minds; retrieve as much treasure as possible
and destroy all evidence of their mutinous tirade.”

As the description says, Mutiny is a bomb defusal map set in a lush village located on the
edge of the sea. It sees Terrorist forces running out of a docked warship into the town, with
CTs rampaging through the buildings, caves, and coves to stop them.

It’s definitely one of the most original premises in CS:GO and sticks out well because of this.
The attention to detail is a lot of fun, with cannons lining the walls along the perimeter of
the map and some of the buildings having sniper holes exposed by cannonball blasts. The
overall look of the map resembles the new look of Cache, with the mossy green textures
and open fires borrowed from the former competitive map, and the overall layout is similar
to its beefy corridors and plethora of open spaces.


Cobblestone was actually a competitive map played at every level from FACEIT to Major
Championship finals and has been a feature in every Counter-Strike game so far. It proved
to be a real hit with CS:GO betting markets whenever it was picked during its run in the
competitive pool, with European sides such as Fnatic and LDLC really flexing themselves
during CS:GO’s formative years.

Set on the grounds of a medieval-themed castle, Cobblestone is a huge map in comparison
to the likes of Nuke and Dust II, but has plenty of spots that can throw a bit of chaos into
things and really make for a fun viewing experience.

Always a popular pick back in the day, Cobblestone features a unique visual style and really
different layout in comparison to the other maps currently available in the active-duty pool.
On top of that, seeing an old map coming back into the pool would bring with it a unique
series of differing strategies from the experienced pros who played the map the first time
around, and newer players who might not have had a taste of this castle back in the day.



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