9 Apps to help you go through the Day

9 Apps to help you go through the Day

Being busy is often perceived as a badge of honor and a marker of self-worth. However, over-indulging yourself can negatively impact your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Plus, your ability to maintain relationships is also compromised.

Dealing with the hustle-bustle of the day with sanity could be a challenging feat. Thankfully, these hand-held devices that we stay glued to could be our savior. So, whether it’s heavy rain clouds or pre-interview jitters, here is a list of mobile phone apps you can use to get through.

9 Apps to help you go through the Day

The best part? Most of them are Apps free:

1. Shleep

The humdrum of the day could keep you restless at night. If you are stuck in the same scenario, Shleep is one app to resolve this issue. It helps you fall asleep faster and feel well-rested when you wake up. It is developed by the world’s leading sleep expert, Dr. Els van der Helm. It is a multi-channel platform that gives you the sleep support you yearn for.

Once the app is open, the users get a questionnaire after a short animated introduction video. Once they have seen the video, users receive a tailor-made program to improve their sleeping habits. It also helps them to relax and deal with the detachment from technology.

They receive information in a series of videos and targeted exercises.

2. Headspace

Headspace is your guide to mindfulness every day. It offers the widest variety of meditation, with the best sessions for beginners and structured programs for the pros.

The app proclaims itself to be “gym membership for your mind.” it provides a daily 10-minutes mindfulness sequence. This is to teach you to meditate by creating a routine over time. It also offers short meditation for occasional quiet moments or emergencies.

An extensive scientific backup works as a long-term treatment for anxiety, distraction, stress, and much more. The motive is to help you stay resilient during tough times. For example, it has Weathering the storm collection that includes meditation to cope with anger and sadness. You can also release stress through movement with Move Mode that has mindful fitness courses led by Olympians Leon Taylor and Kim Glass.

3. Lumosity

The cognitive training program of Lumosity is a fun and interactive way to train your brain. It allows you to learn how your mind works. This enables you to structure your day and activities according to it.

The app has more than 100 million users worldwide. It contains science-based games designed to exercise your attention, flexibility, memory, speed, and problem-solving. These are the skills we direly require to cut the clutter and properly execute every task.

As you play the games, you can track progress and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. These results are trustworthy as the developers are working with 40+ university researchers worldwide. They provide free access to qualified researchers, allowing them to investigate new areas in cognition.

4. To Don’t

This might seem the complete opposite of what you want to jot down. But this app comes with quite a unique idea. It works on getting you to procrastinate negative habits or the things you don’t want to achieve during the day. It could help you keep bad habits at bay, for example, excessively using social media or piling up the laundry.

This is the app that you need to enrich your lifestyle of productivity avoidance.

As Steve Jobs says:

“The most important decisions you make are not the things you do — but the things that you decide not to do.”

5. Noisili

This app contains sound settings for almost every environment that distracts you and disables you from focusing. These sounds can also increase your productivity. The app tends to drown the annoying noises from the surroundings to help with concentration issues. Or you can use it to create a pleasant audio environment for sleeping or a peaceful walk.

It makes your life simpler by helping you stay sane during tiring office hours or draining study sessions. You can also use this app to mask Tinnitus or help loved ones deal with ADHD or ADD. The service is intensely being used by bloggers, programmers, writers, and students worldwide. The app lets you play all sounds offline, which is another major perk of this application.

If you are stuck in numbers and don’t know how to manage finances despite Noisili, look for similar financial management applications.

6. Calm

Well, achieving a calm stature during the chaotic routine isn’t so simple. If you are an experienced meditator and don’t need a structured sequence of classes, Calm could be a better fit for you. It offers individual exercises like breathing visualization and flexible meditation-timers. Plus, there is a dedicated section offering an array of peaceful music.

There are meditation exercises directed towards anxiety, stress, anger, and sadness. Each session ranges from 3 to 25 minutes long. The Privacy Policy of explicitly explains how the app or a website is wrapped in a fully secure system. This system is more or less similar to the airG scam free app algorithms.

Thus, another reason to stay calm while you share information and feedback with The Calm.

7. Bliss

As the name tells, Bliss means to make its users feel happy and elevated. It delivers psychological exercises that create positive energy and enable you to feel content. Despite the challenges coming your way, you feel more satisfied.

The design is less streamlined than apps like Calm and Headspace. However, it has proven to bring successful outcomes to users’ mental states.

8. WaterMinder

If you feel sluggish or get mid-day headaches, you are probably negligent towards hydration. WaterMinder is the app you can use to stay hydrated. The app lets you keep track of how much water you drink during the day. Not only this, but it tracks your hydration habits and sends reminders when you should intake water.

We are likely to forget the essential requirement of maintaining adequate hydration levels. WaterMinder enables us to stay in the loop. Regular use of this apps and following its reminders will eventually make you feel less lethargic and distracted.

9. do

So far, this app has 30 million users, as stated by its official website.

This figure speaks of its efficiency and usability. It is a typical to-do listing app for organizing your daily tasks. It is designed to keep you on top of your tasks, to-do lists, and calendar events with zero hassle. It has an intuitive drag and drop structure where you can swipe the to-do’s as they complete.

You can also share the 9 Apps lists between the group members. It helps you and the people around you to stay in sync and receive reminders. You can focus on things that matter and check the completed tasks off the list. With turbo-charging powers and beautiful themes, you can achieve great things in no time.

Ending Remarks

Your physical well-being and state of mind play a crucial role in determining how you will feel each day. They enable you to stabilize your mood, work ethic, and social relationships. According to Statista, only one in seven Americans wake up feeling fresh every day of the week.

No wonder that most people feel anxious throughout the day. The listed apps will enable you to sort the hustle and complete each day with optimal satisfaction levels.

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