How to fix Apex Legends Crashes on PC, PlayStation,Xbox

Apex legends crashing

Apex Legends crashing was the sentence that froze the action gamers’ brows just as the entire planet began to choke on the dangers of the small COVID-19 virus! Apex Legends, exclusively released in July 2019, smashed all top game records and soared to one of the top-rated action games, leading royal combat shooters apex crashing.

According to the data, Apex Crashing PC this intriguing five-season game has around 50 million active players. The ability to choose your character and command the other legends as your squad makes the combat even more exciting.

Apex Legends may be downloaded for free from this page. You may play the game on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC via Origin if you haven’t already apex legends crashing without error.

The apex legends crashes pc game’s characters are as strong as the game’s characters. However, during the game’s height, this rapidly increasing fan following game quickly saw minor problems apex legends crashes to desktop disturbing the excitement. Many gamers noticed the Apex Legends crashing fault and began congregating on Google search pages, seeking the necessary remedies. I’m another crazy Apex Legends fan, and I’m here to tell you about an otApex crash patch that allowed me to relax and enjoy the game like never before.

These eight strategies will assist apex game crash you in permanently resolving Apex Legends Crashes fix apex legends crash.

1. Simple solution for anything, even Apex Legends crashing the computer:

First and foremost, before diving into any specific solution for the Apex Legends crashing pc problem, I recommend that you restart your computer. This simple method works apex legends keeps crashing pc 2020 well a lot of the time! It fixes various issues by refreshing the operating system and eliminating corrupt temporary data.

2. Check the Apex Legends Home for system requirements:

Apex Legends’ main screen neatly frames a particular system requirement. Examine this paper to learn about the fundamental requirements. Maybe just thinking about it gives you a fix!

Repair Apex Legends Crashes

3. Disable Full-Screen Optimization on your PC and optimize the game’s resolution:

The majority of online games do not recommend playing in full-screen mode apex keeps crashing. Disable the full-screen optimization option by doing the following steps apex keeps crashing pc:

  • Start the game on your computer.
  • Locate the options icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Video.
  • Right-click the Display mode and choose Borderless Window from the dropdown menu.

Repair Apex Legends Crashes

  • Set the Resolution to 50 and enable Adaptive Resolution FPS Target.
  • Go to your computer and look for the Apex Legends installation files.
  • There is a games.exe file in there. Right-click on it to bring up a dropdown menu.
  • Choose properties
  • Locate the Compatibility tab and uncheck the box labeled Disable Full-Screen Optimization.

  • Apex Legends Crash has been resolved.
  • Changes should be applied and saved.
  • It is recommended that you restart your persnol computer.

That should resolve the Apex Legends PC crashing problem. If the Apex Legends crashing pc persisting persists, please go to the following remedy.

4. Graphics issues causing Apex Legends to freeze:

The problem why does my apex legends keep crashing can be attributed to the graphic drivers. It might be graphic issues with the quality. Let’s get this straight apex legends crashing on startup.

If your PC’s graphic drivers are outdated or require your attention in any way, your games may crash.
Follow the instructions below to upgrade your device’s graphic drivers apex keeps crashing.

Now, if you’ve ever overclocked your display or graphics card, you should stop. When we overclock the PC for more excellent performance, the games may crash after reaching, say, 90 percent CPU use. As a result, avoiding overclocking is a solution to the Apex Legends Crashing Pc.

5. Check the Apex Legends game file’s integrity:

Apex Legends repair might be as simple as locating a missing file in the game’s folder. Yes! We’ll never know if we missed specific files in the main folder by accident. So check it out by fixing your game files.

  • Follow me if you want to see your Apex Legends crash repaired!
  • Select Apex Legends from the library in the launcher.
  • To open the dropdown list, right-click on the Play button.
  • Select the Repair option to receive an Apex Legends crash cure right away!
  • Apex Legends Crash has been resolved.
  • Even if it doesn’t solve your passion for the game, it’s not the end of the alternatives.
    Try the following.

6. Increase Apex’s priority

Not running in priority mode will sometimes kill games! Try to resolve the crash issue by raising the priority of Apex Legends above usual and, for the time being, terminating any undesired running apps.

Read on to search out how you can make your game a more significant priority!

Start Apex Legends.

You may access the Task Manager by hitting ctrl + alt + del.

Select Details.

Locate Apex Legends and right-click it software to debug crossword. Set the Priority above usual in the dropdown list why is my apex legends crashing.

7. Take up the role of Administrator

Specific processes in the game keeps crashing apex legends may require higher rights than a user. As a result, try running the game as an administrator.

  • If you follow the instructions below, you will become an administrator.
  • By right-clicking on the game, select Open file location.
  • Right-click the.exe file in the folder and choose properties.
  • Crashing error in Apex Legends
  • Run as administrator will be a compatibility option in the selection list heroes of the storm freezing computer.
  • Choose it, make the necessary modifications, and then play the game sonic adventure 2 steam freezing.
  • I am confident that following these instructions will cause you to exclaim, “Apex Legends Crash Fixed!”

8. Reinstall Apex Legends and begin again.

If none of the next workarounds help you play the game without crashing, the only option is to reinstall the Apex Legends game entirely apex legends random crash.


So, I’ve given you the easiest ways rome 2 crashes before battle that every player may readily do to maintain the fun element illuminated. Here’s how your Apex Legends Crash alleviated all of your worries! Consider these options. I see you’re already working on it!

Resolve Apex Legends crashing and freezing issues on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Prepare to try a few possible remedies depending on your problem, and if you need more assistance, visit our Answers HQ forum why is apex legends crashing.


If you’re playing Apex Legends and your game continues crashing or freezing even though you know you satisfy the minimal requirements, you may need to perform some debugging.

When Apex Legends crashes on PC, a “apex crash.txt” file is created in your Documents folder heroes of the storm crashing computer. This is a short plain text file containing no personal or system data. It displays the active processes at the time of the crash and the dump file numbers.

This file apex random crashes can help us determine if the crash was caused by Apex Legends, a software conflict, or a hardware fault.

  1. Reinstall Apex Legends, Origin, or EA Desktop again.
  2. Complete a clean boot of your computer to eliminate any background processes interfering with your game.
  3. Complete any background apps that may be interfering with your game.
  4. Go to Origin, Game Library, and then find Apex Legends to repair the game files.
    Click the Settings button, then click Repair.
  5. It would help if you had update your graphics driver.
  6. Add exceptions to the Windows Defender Firewall.
  7. Go: (Control Panel\System and a Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed Apps)
  8. Add and check both options for Origin’s or EA Desktop’s Launcher application.
  9. In Task Manager, reduce the priority of Easy Anti-Cheat to low. (If this fixes the issue, you will want to complete this every time you launch the game.)
  10. Start Apex Legends.
  11. By pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE, you may access Task Manager.
  12. Navigate to the Details tab.
  13. Find the Easy Anti-Cheat software.
  14. Set the priority to low by right-clicking.
  15. Set a frame rate limit.
  16. Navigate to your Game Library.
  17. Select Game Properties, then Advanced Launch Options, from the right-click menu of Apex Legends.
  18. To the command-line parameters, add the following:
    +fps maximum 60
  19. If necessary, you can set it lower or higher than “60.”


Payday 2 crashing when joining friends game.

  1. Check that you have the most recent software update.
  2. Run a power cycle.
  3. Press and hold the PS4’s power button on the front (until the system beeps twice).
  4. After one minute, turn it back on.
  5. Launch the game.
  6. Unplug any all devices that are connected to the USB slot.
  7. Try reinstalling the game.
    If you’re using an external hard drive, try installing it on the internal to see if you get better results.
  8. Turn off Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text in the game’s settings by navigating the Audio tab.
  9. Restore the game’s license.
  10. Navigate guide to the Settings menu on your PlayStation.
  11. Click Account Management, then Restore Licenses.

Xbox One/X or Xbox One S

  • Check that you have the most new software update.
  • Run a power cycle.
  • Unplug any devices that are attached to the USB slot.
  • Try reinstalling the game.
  • If you’re utilizing an external hard drive, try installing it on the internal to see if you get better results.
  • Remove the MAC Address.
  • Click Settings on the Xbox dashboard, then All Settings.
  • Navigate to Network, then to Network Settings.
  • Click Advanced Settings, then Alternate MAC address.
  • Select Clear, then restart your Xbox.
  • I removed the locally stored data.
  • Select Apex Legends from My Games and Apps.
  • Start by pressing the Start button, then click Manage Game.
  • Click the Deleted Saved Data button assassin’s creed origins random crashes.

My game is still crashing or freezing.

  • Apex Legends may crash or freeze for a variety of reasons apex randomly crashing.
  • If the procedures above didn’t work, try our Answers HQ forum to find a solution or post your crash report.
  • Check the Apex Legends for new bugs and issues that might cause your game to crash scrabble cheat mobile main.


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