Archie Griffin: is a football legend at Ohio State

Football has its share of legends, but few have left as lasting an imprint as Archie Griffin. Griffin’s journey from the streets of Columbus to become the heart and soul of Ohio State’s football legacy is one of passion, extraordinary talent, and pure tenacity.

Dive into the history of this football icon, learning about his record-breaking accomplishments, unrivalled passion to the sport, and the legacy that continues to inspire many sportsmen today.

A Glimpse inside the Journey of a Football Phenomenon

Archie Griffin’s journey started as a senior fullback at Eastmoor High School in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Archie Griffin also stormed the pitch his senior year, rushing for a respectable 1,787 yards and scoring over 170 points in only 11 games.

That same year, he was instrumental in Eastmoor’s remarkable Columbus City League triumph. The championship game versus Linden-McKinley High School was especially memorable, with Griffin rushing for an incredible 267 yards on 31 attempts.

The Ohio State University Takes the Bigger Stage

Magic occurs when raw ability meets the appropriate chance. When Archie Griffin went onto the pitch at Ohio State University, the sacred grounds saw such magic. Discover how made an everlasting impact on the Buckeyes, building a legacy that remains unrivalled, as we journey through his undergraduate years.

A Four-Year Run of Success

Griffin’s ability was recognized and acknowledged when he left Eastmoor. The Buckeyes of Ohio State University embraced him with wide arms, giving him the starting tailback position for four years. Archie Griffin was instrumental in bringing Ohio State to a 40-5-1 record from 1972 through 1975. During these golden years, the Buckeyes won four Big Ten championships, with Griffin at the heart of each success.

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Many people are defined by their size, but not Archie. Archie Griffin was an exception in a sport where physicality frequently defines success. This part dives into the tenacity of a player who, despite his little height, stood tall amid giants.

A Lion’s Mighty Heart

Archie Griffin never allowed his physical stature define him, despite being at 5-9 and weighing 180 pounds, characteristics considered small in the world of collegiate football. He demonstrated that pure drive, hard effort, and natural talent could bring down giants. His proficiency on the pitch was a testament to the saying ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the pitch, but the size of the dog in the fight’.

Breakthrough Achievements

Archie Griffin wasn’t simply participating in each game; he was creating history. Prepare to be inspired by his unwavering pursuit of perfection as we go through his most famous achievements.

The Freshman Effect

Archie Griffin stunned the football world in just his second game of his freshman year. Running for a then-school record of 239 yards, he signalled the beginning of a string of record-breaking accomplishments. By the conclusion of his first year, he had amassed an incredible 867 yards.

A Numbers Legacy

Numbers frequently tell a story, and in Griffin’s case, they tell a brilliant story. Explore a statistics voyage that highlights Archie’s incredible career.

Climbing to New Heights

Griffin’s sophomore year saw him record 1,577 yards, continuing his upward trend. By his junior year, he had a career-high 1,620 yards and 12 touchdowns. This outstanding score earned him his first Heisman Trophy, making him the fourth Buckeye to do so.

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A Second Victory

Being recognized as the best is the summit of every athlete’s career, and accomplished this not once, but twice. Immerse yourself in the story of his senior year, a time of unparalleled achievement.

Senior Year Achievement

His senior year was nothing short of amazing. Archie Griffin gained 1,357 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground. He led Ohio State to an unrivalled 11-0 record, a No. 1 ranking, and another Big Ten championship. His outstanding play throughout the year won him a second Heisman Trophy.

The NCAA Journal

Griffin’s playground expanded beyond Ohio State into the larger NCAA arena. Begin your journey via his collegiate experiences outside of OSU.

An Unbeatable Track Record

Griffin’s run throughout his time with the NCAA, excluding bowl games, is nothing short of legendary. He carried for 5,177 yards on 845 attempts. He is ranked sixth all-time in NCAA career ball carriers. He also established a record that has yet to be broken by running for 100 yards or more in 31 straight regular-season games.

Awards and Recognition


Every legend is honoured, and Archie Griffin is no exception. Investigate Griffin’s accolades from his successful career.

Beyond the Heisman Trophy

Griffin’s trophy case is a testament to his football brilliance. Archie Griffin also has two Silver Footballs, which are presented yearly by the Chicago Tribune to the Big Ten’s MVP. He has also been recognized twice as National Player of the Year by United Press International and the Walter Camp Foundation.

Aside from College Football

Life after college football is difficult for many, but Griffin’s post-OSU story is just as inspirational as his time on the pitch.

Following OSU

Archie Griffin did not put up his boots after graduation. The Cincinnati Bengals quickly selected him in the first round of the draught. Archie Griffin returned to Columbus after eight successful years in professional football, where he served Ohio State with the same passion off the field, committing nearly a decade as President and CEO of the OSU Alumni Association.

An Everlasting Tribute

Every icon deserves to be remembered, and the football world made certain that Archie Griffin’s achievements were not forgotten. Griffin’s accomplishments to Ohio State and the game of football in general have not gone forgotten. On October 30, 1999, his No. 45 jersey was retired in a meaningful gesture during the Ohio State vs. Penn State game. In 1986, he was honoured into the National Football Foundation and the College Hall of Fame, further solidifying his legacy.

Griffin’s journey is an inspiration to many, from his early days in Columbus to his long legacy at Ohio State and beyond. His story is a testament to the power of enthusiasm, hard effort, and pure skill.

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