Attack on Titan season 4: The Final Chapters

Attack on Titan season 4: The Final Chapters. Titan Assault The Final Chapters Special Two is set to be the final installment of the long-running anime series. So, sure, we will bid farewell to Eren – and the longest ‘final season’ in television history. We’ve finally here after 29 episodes spread over three years.

We’ll have the latest on Attack on Titan season 4’s break when we can expect the Final Season to return for its second special, new trailers, and more below.

After that, watch more of the best anime ever created since you’ll need something to fill the Titan-shaped hole in your heart after it’s all said and done. We even have Demon Slayer season 3 instructions for those still following another of anime’s biggest hits. There is the Demon Slayer season 3 release date and our guide on how to watch Demon Slayer for new and old fans.

When is Attack on Titan season 4 returning?

Attack on Titan

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The release date for Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2 has been set for Fall 2023. No further information has been given about the show’s final episode, which has been confirmed.

Anime‘s fall window normally begins in September and lasts until October. Therefore the Final Chapter will be released then.

Is Attack on Titan Final Chapters a movie?

Eren in Attack on Titan

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The Final Chapters have been divided into two longer portions, although they are not film.

The special one lasted an hour and was broadcast in March. The second Special will likely be as long as the first.

How many episodes of Attack on Titan are left?

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There is only one episode remaining of Attack on Titan. This is because it is rapidly running out of source material.

For comparison, the first part of Attack on Titan Final Season/season four took 16 episodes to adapt the manga’s 91st chapter to chapter 116. Part 2 of the Final Season spanned 12 episodes and covered chapters 117-130. Chapters 131-134 were revised for Final Chapters Special 1.

With only five manga chapters left to adapt, Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2 may be over an hour long to tell the story adequately.

Attack on Titan Final Chapters trailer

The short trailer published before Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special one teases Eren’s lowly beginnings, transformation into a gigantic Titan, and the cataclysmic Rumbling catastrophe. There’s a hint of a sun-kissed happy ending… but is it too late for our one-time hero to turn things around? There’s also a poster portraying the anime’s characters, including Eren and Mikasa, literally following in Eren’s footsteps as he executes his plan.

A poster for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

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In March, a second trailer showcasing more of Final Chapters Special one was released. There was also a brief teaser with no footage that circulated after the release of Special 1, stating that Attack on Titan would return in the fall.

Attack on Titan Final Chapters story: What happened in Special 1 and what to expect next

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Don’t worry; we’re not about to delve into the manga spoiler area. Let’s take a quick look back to show how we got here.

The long-running struggle between the island of Paradis and Marley is finally ending. The great issue surrounding the Final Chapters is who will triumph.

Eren has begun the Rumbling, a world-ending move in which the Titans confined within Paradis’ walls are used as his army. Eren is set on killing everyone outside of Paradis so that (in his perspective) his pals might enjoy free lives without the cycle of vengeance inevitably returning to the ‘devils’ of his home island.

The coalition of forces led by Paradis and Marley stands in Eren’s way. They include Eren’s’sister Mikasa, his former Survey Corps friends, and Marley’s remaining notable forces.

However, the fates of a few key actors were set in Special 1. After surviving his fall in the second part of Attack on Titan The Final Season, Floch destroyed the coalition’s plane, which was about to set off to find Eren. He dies, as does Hange, as the final sacrifice to give the group enough time to flee the approaching Rumbling.

While en route to Fort Salta, one of humanity’s last entrenched groups, the group is abruptly drawn into the Paths, where Eren’s disembodied voice tells them that talking is not an option and that he is giving them free will to choose what they do next.

Meanwhile, Falco and Gabi (who have left on a ship with Annie) reveal that Falco’s dreams, which he obtains through Zeke’s spinal fluid, allow him to see a vision of himself flying. Could this be the event that changed the course of the war?

Eventually, the group flies over Fort Salta and attacks Eren and what appears to be Zeke’s Beast Titan. As the Special comes to a close, Armin asks Eren whether he is free.

What comes next? Eren will almost certainly face a final fight with Mikasa and the rest of the coalition over the world’s fate. Although talking now appears out of the question, whether she can persuade him to give up his warpath may mean the world. Consider the following wildcards: Zeke, Falco, and Annie could all have a big say in how the Rumbling ends and what happens to Eren.

The year 2023 is shaping up to be a monster for anime. Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Demon Slayer Season 3 are both now available if you’re still playing catch-up, here’s how to watch Attack on Titan in order (though it might be too late to prevent spoilers if you’ve already read everything above)

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