Cast of Ahsoka Review: Disney+’s latest live-action series

In the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature movie from 2008, the character Ahsoka Tano made her debut with minimal fanfare. Her exploits continued in the animated Clone Wars series, which was viewed as a children’s show.

Dave Filoni, Ahsoka’s co-creator, had a vision that transformed everything. Cast of Ahsoka Disney+’s latest Star Wars live-action series, is a huge thing. One may consider it the conclusion of at least 15 years of storytelling.

Through his vision and collaboration with the other Clone Wars creators, the foundation set by George Lucas (Ahsoka’s other father) in the original Star Wars trilogy was strengthened significantly. By the end of its run in 2020, The Clone Wars had become the most significant element of Star Wars canon. It touched on everything, adding embellishments to the original and prequel trilogies while also introducing new themes and characters that would carry the series forward into the future — into the age we are presently living in.

No one was more essential or adored than Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka now leads a new event series that brings together so much Star Wars mythology. The prequels, original trilogy, animated series (plural), Disney+ shows, and 1990s novels are all featured here. That makes Ahsoka an intriguing series, but it may be difficult for people who haven’t followed the extended world since the first Bush administration. This is where the cast and character guide come in. In the slideshow above, you’ll discover a summary of every important Cast of Ahsoka character and actor in Ahsoka, as well as ideas for where to follow their exploits in between episodes of the new series. May the Force be with you.



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