The Best Closet Organizing Products That Will Keep It Neat Forever

The Best Closet Organizing Products That Will Keep It Neat Forever. Consider your closet a metaphor for your mind: it works best when ordered and decluttered. Most experts advise taking inventory of your wardrobe every season, cleaning out and discarding what you no longer wear, rotating in warm- or cold-weather apparel, and mending items that need a little TLC. When you do this, organizing the contents of your wardrobe becomes much easier.

The first step in organizing your closet is decluttering and arranging your clothes by color or season.

The key to creating a system that works for you is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. This is wonderful closet advice. You can view what you possess this way. Off-season items should be hidden away, either under bed storage boxes or specialized closet racks, while in-season pieces should be displayed. Not only is this a smart use of space, but it also maximizes your wardrobe and can stimulate creative outfit inspiration. Once that plum cardigan is no longer sandwiched between rows of coats, you can see how beautifully it goes with those jacquard pattern pants. Display your apparel as if it were hanging in a store, arranging items by kind (button-downs, shirts, pants, skirts), then color.

If you don’t have a large walk-in closet, you can grow your wardrobe into your bedroom or even living room if done in a stylish, non-scattered manner. For example, a beautiful bookcase or cabinet can contain purses and sculptural shoes (they are works of art—why not display them?). Finally, invest in the nuts and bolts of your system: well-made racks, durable and attractive hangers, and high-quality bins. After that, the results will be too pretty to keep tidy. Everything you need to organize and reset your wardrobe for the new year is right here.

The Best Closet Organizing Essentials

Wardrobe System With Hanging Bars And Shelves

Martha Stewart x California Closets The Everyday Closet System

$1153$1441Save $288 (20%)

This adaptable system is simple to set up and engineered to last. Three hanging rods with 90 inches of hanging space for shirts, skirts, coats, pants, and dresses, 11 shelves for folded garments and accessories, and three shoe organizers are included in the arrangement. The modular components attach to the wall at four spots, and hidden tracks allow you to modify shelf heights without drilling.

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Starter Kit You Can Build Onto

Dotted Line Grid Closet System Starter Kit


This popular closet system from the Dotted collection, Wayfair’s newly released home organization collection, comes with two shelves and five hanging rods. This basic set can easily be expanded with additional parts such as drawers and baskets.

Modular Shoe Storage

Premium Stacking Shoe Bins


Shoe storage can be quite unsightly. These glass receptacles are the perfect size for stacking and placing a pair of shoes on their side, which experts claim is the most space-efficient storage option.

Elevated Shoe Shelf

Dotted Line Grid 15 Pair Shoe Rack


These slanted shelves, which are wall-mounted, can hold 15 pairs of shoes and feature protectors to keep them in place. The top is scratch-resistant, and the shelves are movable for versatile storage.

Versatile Table For Makeup And Jewelry

Serena & Lily Driftway Console


A walk-in closet console table provides stylish makeup storage in the drawers and jewelry on the top surface. Add a stool and a mirror to complete the glam station.

Storage Island For Accessories And More

Three Posts Mickelsen Closet Storage Island


This double-sided unit, similar to a kitchen island, includes a quartz countertop and five drawers for storing jewelry, watches, belts, accessories, and whatever else you choose. There is an open storage compartment at the back with three shelves holding shoes or bags.

Ottoman For Lounging and Changing

Wovenbyrd Large Round Tufted Storage Ottoman

$176$220Save $44 (20%)

This inexpensive tufted ottoman is a luxurious addition to a spacious closet, providing space to sit or hold clothing for changing. The lid also provides additional storage space within.


Multi-Sized Inserts To Organize Your Drawers

Marie Kondo 8-Piece Calm Hikidashi Medium Organizer Boxes


This eight-piece organizer set from organizing genius Marie Kondo’s cooperation with The Container Store will bring orders back to your drawers. Roll up your t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, and other necessities, and tidy up.

Brass Covered Bins

Mdesign Clear Bins With Brass Lids (Set of 2)


You can only organize a closet with stackable bins to hold your sweaters, shirts, and other foldable items or accessories, keeping everything orderly. The brass lids on this set add to the overall aesthetic.

Minimalist Shelf Dividers

Dotted Line Jarod Moth Proof Shelf Divider (Set Of 2)

$13$20Save $7 (35%)

Dividers can help you keep your piles neat and separate whether you organize your shelves by item or color. This set features an open-wire design and a strong grip.

Foldable Hanger For Hanging Coats

Yamazaki Folding Door Hanger


The cult-favorite Japanese manufacturer Yamazaki designed this door hanger, which folds up or down and fits over a door or can be mounted to a wall, giving you a place to hang coats, suits, or larger items that take up too much space in a closet.

Telescoping Valet Rod

Dotted Line Grid Moth Proof Metal Valet Rod


You’re losing out if you still need to put a valet rod in your closet. It’s ideal for hanging outfits for the next day or steaming wrinkled items. Because this rod is telescoping, you can extend it as needed.

Stylish Peg Hooks For Hats And Bags


Sadie Wall Hooks


Peg hooks are helpful for more than simply doorways. They’re also fantastic for hats, bags, and belts, allowing your closets to hold more.

Mirror With Shelf And Hooks

Ella Mirror Multi-Hook Wall Shelf


In addition to being able to examine your reflection in a mirror, this tool also allows you to store your belongings in a convenient location.

Chic Storage Cabinet

Fern Storage Cabinet


It’s a pretty and functional clutter remedy. Behind the tempered glass doors, ash wood shelves and marble-topped drawers store sweaters, jeans, and other items, transforming this piece into a multipurpose wardrobe.

Corner Bookcase With Creative Possibilities

Fayette Corner Bookcase with Storage


Turn a dead end into a clever opportunity: This French, Art-Deco-inspired bookshelf features a sleek brass frame and white shelves for displaying shoes, purses, hats, and accessories in your closet or bedroom. The double-fluted doors open to reveal two adjustable shelves.

Closet On Wheels

Veronica Coat Rack

$1444$1699Save $255 (15%)


Most storage racks are inexpensive, flimsy, and best avoided. This one, though, features a hanging bar for dresses and three little fixed shelves for bags and shoes. Longer upper and lower shelves are ideal for storing boots, hats, and bins. The rolling wheels lock into place and swivel, allowing you to move this item around easily.

No-Crease Hangers

Marie Kondo Cloud White Serene Matte Metal Hangers Case Of 20



Spending money on good hangers is worthwhile. This matte-white design features a smooth, non-slip beechwood bar for draping pants and skirts and a curved profile to accommodate heavy clothing without causing creases or sharp shoulders.

Stylish Hamper

Riviera Tall Rolling Hamper



It would help if you had a place to throw your laundry at the end of the day. This exquisite rattan and woven hamper is a step above the usual utilitarian options and comes with useful wheels for easy transport to and from the laundry room.

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