Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

In this article, we have reviewed Coin Master Game. Like how you can play this Coin Master Game, Coin Master Game Events, Gold Cards, Benefits of Events, and how to get it, What are Pets, and what are their uses, Spins, Coins, etc. So let’s read a little bit about this coin master game.

What is Coin Master Game?

Coin Master is a beautiful online slot machine game, and the game is popular all over the world. You can play the game on your iOS, Android, Mobile phone, also Facebook.

Talking of the developer of this game, these games have been developed by Israeli studio Moon Active. And mainly this game is very famous in the UK and Germany. And also popular in many other big countries.

The game has been downloaded by higher than 100 million people from Google Play Store. Also, 3.5 million people rated the games higher than four stars. Think you have not downloaded this game. So quickly install this game on your device.

How To Play This Game

This game is very simple to play but a few tricks for those who are not familiar with slot machines. Usually, in these games, you have to build villages.

And to develop these villages, you have to make your village building by spinning the slot machine with a spin and attacking either raiding the opponents’ villages. And with the assistant of slides, you have to defend your village from attack and raid. So you can instantly enter new towns.

The Uses of Spin and Coin

Coin Master spins are utilized only to spin the slot machine. And by this spin, you can win coins and additional prizes by spinning the slot machine. You can take these spins and coins from engaging in Coin Master events, completing card sets, and several different places.

The coin master game is based on spins and coins just. Then you can’t play this game without spin. That’s why Coin Master provides you seven spins per hour. Also, you can collect up to 60 spins in a slot machine.

Suppose you need to see more spin. So you can see more spins with the help of the daily Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Link.


Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

How do you tackle someone other’s village? If you are new on Coin Master Game when indeed read this. You need 3 hammers in a single line in a slots machine to attack another village in this game.

After three hammers come, you can attack the village of enemies or friends. And by attacking his village, you can take coins.


Shield in Coin Master protects your village from the attack of enemies.

Sometimes there is a shield barrier while attacking another’s village. If that appears, you get a few coins if the shield doesn’t block you when you can get all these coins.


Popular Coin Master, you can collect a lot of coins with raiding another village. Also, you can move your game forward very fast.

You can get as numerous coins as the amount of raid shown up in the slots machine. Or you can see more coins by increasing your spin bet.

To see a raid in Coin Master, you have to take three pigs in a single line in the slots machine. And after that, you have to dig 3 holes out of 4 holes in another village by a shovel and extract the coin.

If you collect coins from all three, it will count as a complete raid. And you will receive all the coins. And if you only take coins from two holes, you have to be happy with those coins.

Note:- If your spin bet is more important during an attack or raid, that amount is multiplied by that spin bet. And then the increased amount is given to you. So the more extensive the bait, the more coins you can get.

Coin Master Events

There are so numerous events in Coin Master Game. You can reap several benefits by playing those events. And from all event comes a different challenger. By ending these Challengers, you can get rewards like Coins, Spins, Cards, Joker Card, Pets XP, etc.

The list of these events is given here. And these are viral events of the Coin Master Game that you can play.

  • Attack Madness
  • Reid Madness
  • Viking Quest
  • Tournament event
  • Set ballast
  • Card boom
  • Gold card trade

The whole of the earlier events are very popular in Coin Master Games, and people love to play these events.

Coins Master Cards

Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

Coin master cards play a huge role in these games. And there is a whole of three types of cards in the game. The first is a standard card, the second is a gold card, and the third is a Joker card. Also, you have to take these cards and complete the card set.

Popular Coin Master Game, you can complete the set of cards and get Spins and Pets XP. Each card set has 9 cards, and the largest of the regular cards and the rest are gold cards.

You have to get these cards to build the card set. And after making the card set, you can take the rewards from that card set.

Note:- You can only take one-time prizes of a set of cards.

How do you get Coin Master Cards?

Chests are given to get the cards in the Coin Master Games. We can get the card with opening this chest. And from this chest, you can buy Gold and Normal card from Coin Master.

To open this chest, you first have to purchase the chest through coins. And after making it ready, you can get the card from the chest. There are three kinds of chests inside this Coin Master Games, which you can purchase.

  1. Wooden chest
  2. Golden Chest
  3. Magical Chest

Of these three types of chests, you can get Gold and Normal cards for your card set. So go ahead and get chests.

Coin Master Pets

Coin Master Game Events, Cards, Spins, and Pets

Coin Master Games has three pets, and all pet is used differently. These pets give rewards according to their level. If you need to use a pet, you have to feed this pet first. And after you are available, you can use this pet.


The pet of the Coin Master digs out Coins of the fourth hole when the raid.


This tiger pet gives you more coins if you attack another people’s villages.


These pets defend your villages from attacks by competitors.

These are the characteristics of all of the above pets. You can get many rewards and prizes on using this specialty of Pat. These pets are utilized a lot in Coin Master, and these pets help complete several of Coin Master’s events. So don’t forget to use these pets.

I hope you enjoyed our article and also found some information through our center.


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