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Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide of 2021

 Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide of 2021

 Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide – Boss Locations and Extraction Points

In Escape from Tarkov, there’s a huge map that you need to master to win. There is a variety of maps in the game. These include the interchange, the factory, customs and woods, the shoreline and reserve, and the hideout.

For this guide, you will only go over maps from “Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide.” There are three items that you, the player, need to know about every Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide. The boss location, the scav sniper, and the extraction point. Our guide will give you all the information you need to know about the map.

We will start with the important part one, the extraction point, and then we will go step by step with every critical location on the Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide. Here is the best way to get out of tarkov woods.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide of 2021.

Want to know all the essential sectors of Escape from Tarkov Woods Map? Here are the ones you need to know.

Escape From Tarkov: Woods Extraction Point:

In ‘Escape From Tarkov’ “The Woods Extraction Point” is a crucial location.

  1. There are 16 different locations throughout the “Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide” where one can extract, all are located on the edges of the entire map.

 Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide - Boss Locations and Extraction Points

The final extract points are the same regardless of whether you are running north, south, east, or west of the target. Having guidance is essential if you are on this path. The entire map can be seen in the first picture below. Note: the first picture is extensive and may take some time to load.

  1. Feel free to memorize all of these Woods Map Extraction points because you will hear them again & again. This is an image that has been provided for you to view. When you are extracting, you have 16 points to choose from. You can select the nearest point.

 Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide - Boss Locations and Extraction Points

  1. The Woods map has four extraction points located in the North West region. There are places named Rauf Roadblock, Factory Gate, UN Roadblock, and Old Station. The crossings are all attached to the roads but are in spaces far from each other.

 Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide - Boss Locations and Extraction Points

  1. On the western edge of Woods, there is some additional extraction point. The e-cigarettes being studied are ZB-016, West Border, Cliff Descent, and South V-Ex. To find the extraction zones, you will need to check the map multiple times to locate the extraction points as they do not have any apparent landmarks (i.e. “signs” or “markers”) around.

  1. Travel along the central area toward the east side, and keep looking up. You will see a mountain pass. It is the East Gate. The recently opened South East and East regions of can become a tough place to survive because of its two different extraction points.

  1. The west side corresponds to the best zone to be in. It has five locations corresponding to one’s desire for extraction. Considering they are called Dead Mans Place, Outskirts Water, Outskirts, and Scav House, the boat plays a prominent role. If you are in this zone, there is less you need to worry about in extraction.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide Sniper And Locations


The sniper is located near the cliff descent, but the boss is located in the center area. Some people are stationed at the location of the boss. But once you kill the scientist, you also have to decide if you face the dilemma of South V-Ex extraction point or Cliff Descent. Both have a sniper ability problem.

This is very random, so you should never take these dates at face value. The land on the map includes vast expanses of grass and fields with abandoned houses around. If you want a more impulsive play style, you can unlock the SVDS 7.62×54 Sniper Rifle in loots. More impulsive play styles to discover include the L85A2, M47, M249, and the M60.

There is one more great way to learn more about the Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide, and that is through the MapGenie. The screenshots with the Woods Blue Map above is courtesy of Mapgenie.io. To look at some of the options on their website, go to the menu and find the “More” option. For example, you want to know what spawn location a player has a particular item at a specific location. Click on hide all to hide the map and then click on the options to toggle the view map pieces.




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