Everything about CS2: New features and more

Counter-Strike, also known as CSGO, is a crazy popular game that was first launched in the market on November 1st, 2000. That is literally 23 years from now and interestingly enough, the game is as popular, if not more, nowadays. Counter Strike came up with CS2 this last September and all players have been talking about it.

But what is CS2 and how is it different? What new features does CS2 have compared to the old version? If you are also curious to answer these questions (and much more), keep reading!

Counter-Strike: The Classical Game

Counter Strike is a shooter game and that’s pretty much it. The game is quite simple which is why most players actually say to love it. The game was developed by Valve Corporation who are a US-based video game company.

Here’s a bit of history:

  1. Initially, the game was developed as a mod of another game called Half-Life, and its first developers were Minh Le and Jesse Cliffe.
  2. Then, Valve saw the potential of the game and invited Le and Cliffe to join Valve and develop the game that would be released to the market.
  3. They did so, and the rest is already known; the game turned out to be part of every gamer’s life, at least once.

The rise of the game was obvious and the success can be felt even today. Ongoing international tournaments give a chance people to be competitive and try their skills in professional gaming. It also opened another side niche for millions of gamers – betting. Making a bet on which team is going to win the game. As a result, there are multiple betting sites for Counter-Strike, such as this one cs2-betting where people make thousands and thousands of bets everyday making it industry worth billions.

CS2 – The New Version

There had been a lot of gossiping around the time when CS2 would be released. This happened mainly because its developers refused to give information about the new launch, even though its fans kept begging for it. The gamers were thrilled and absolutely excited for the new version, and it seems like Valve took that into consideration.

The wait ended and CS2 was released on the 27th of September 2023. Ever since, this version has been available for gamers to download on Steam, and it was reported that there were approximately 50 million active players for the month of October only after the release.

CS2 – The New Features

CS2 came out with new features for the game, just like is expected with every newly launched version of a game. Here are the new CS2 features:

1. Better Visualization

First of all, the whole game design is on another level, which means the maps look better than they used to but also the environment of the game is way more advanced now. That being said, the game is now more pleasing and appealing for the eye than it used to be because of this advanced visualization.

2. Responsive smokes

Next, the game has now incorporated responsive smokes. What does that mean exactly? Gamers who used the play CSGO know that the smoke of the grenades for example appeared, but it did not interact with the other objects. On the other hand, in the new CS2 the smoke now can even transfer through walls and react to bullets.

3. Gun skins options

In addition to that, there is a wide variety of gun skins in the new CS2. There are so many marketplaces and platforms where people are either trading or selling their skins to other gamers. This is especially a great option for those gamers who want to personalize their guns to something they like.

How to play CS2 like a pro?

Now, if you are a beginner in this game, this section is especially prepared for you. However, even if you are already familiar with the game, keep reading because you might also find something interesting.

Primarily, get familiar with the game and the rules if this is your first time playing. So, go ahead and explore the maps and in best case scenario if you learn them well, it is easier for you to play because you know what to expect where.

Then, start off by playing with bots first before playing with other gamers. As they say, practice makes perfect, so what better way to learn the game than playing with bots? This way you get to experience different situations in the game which will benefit you when you play with people because you know how to react.

Lastly, work on your movements. This might be the most important advice you can get from here because this game is all about how you move. Once you have mastered your movement, you are already in a great position to play against anyone and everyone.


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