Fortnite Error | Fix Fortnite Error Code 30005

Hello, we are here with another Fortnite query about how to fix Fortnite Error Code 30005. Recently, many users face this error while starting their Fortnite, and they cannot find how to fix this issue. So here we have mentioned a simple step by step method to fix this error.

Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game developed and released by Epic games in 2017. There are three game modes of this spectacular game, and they almost have the same gameplay and game engine, which is Unreal Engine. But the most played and popular is Battle Royale version in which a squad of 4 players will fight against the other players, and the team who last stands from a total of these 100 players will win.

Why Fortnite Error Code 30005 is Occurring?

Main reason behind this error code is some fault in your Fortnite Easy Anti-cheat files. So fixing up the Easy Anti-cheat file of your Fortnite battle royale game is a solution to your query of how to fix Fortnite Error Code 30005. If you know the exact path of the Fortnite Easy Anti-cheat folder in your PC, then navigate to this folder and uninstall and reinstall the Easy Anti-cheat setup. If you don’t know where these files are located in your drive, then follow the simple steps below to fix this error.

Steps to Fix Fortnite Error Code 30005

The foremost first step is to figure out the drive where you have installed the Fortnite Battle Royale. After this move on to the mentioned steps:

  •     Go to Epic Games install directory.
  •     Epic Games >> Fortnite >> Binaries >> Win64 >> EasyAntiCheat

Fortnite Error Code 30005

  •     Once you are in the EasyAntiCheat folder, look for EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and run this setup file.
  •     This may require Administration permission, so allow it.
  •     Now, the EasyAntiCheat service window will appear.
  •     Here in this window, select Fortnite from the drop-down menu and then click on Uninstall.

Fortnite Error Code 30005

  •     Once it is uninstalled, a new Install Easy Anti-Cheat option will appear, click on it to install.
  •     Now click on the Finish button.

Fortnite Error Code 30005

  •     Restart your Epics Game launcher and click on a launch to start Fortnite.

Fortnite Error Code 30005

Hurray!! Your Fortnite is now running fine with no more errors. But unfortunately, if this method does not work for you, we recommend you uninstall your Fortnite entirely and reinstall it again. And try the above procedure again. This will help in resolving the issue of Fortnite Error Code 30005.

Final Words:

I hope the above discussion may help you in making your game run without any error. Suppose you have any doubts OR queries about Fortnite Error Code 30005, please feel free to contact us through the comment section and our Facebook page. Thank you see you next time.

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