How To Prevent Your Computer System From Crashing

How To Prevent Your Computer System From Crashing

We can’t imagine our life without a computer, as from performing our official work to
entertainment it serves all the purpose. This amazing device when connected to the internet has
brought the entire world together under one roof. You can read/watch the current news, chat
with your friends, entertain yourself, purchase any item from any part of the world just from the
comfort of your home. And this is why in the modern time after food, clothes and shelter it has
become the fourth basic need.

But, no matter how helpful and reliable a computer has become, it is a fact which can’t be ruled
out that a computer is a machine. And unlike any other machine it can fail anytime if not taken
care of. Also, there is no particular instance when your computer crashes. For some daily users
it crashes in the middle of their work, for the gamers their PC crashes while gaming, and for
many their PC keeps crashing irrespective of the task they form.

If you have faced this issue (obviously you have, as this is the reason for you to be on this page
right now) then you can well understand the frustration it causes. However, the good thing is
that it can be fixed and you can prevent your computer from crashing by following some simple
steps given below. So without further ado let’s learn how to prevent your computer from

Reason for Crashing of Computer

Why does my computer keep crashing? Many users have this question and want to know the
answer for the same. So before we learn the preventive measures let’s look out for some of the
common reasons for the crashing of your computer.

A system crash can be categorized in different ways, BSOD (blue screen of death), continuously
rebooting of computer, automatic system shutdown while trying to open a particular program or
while performing a particular operation.

So here are common cause of a computer crash:

Excessive heating/Overheating of computer: Overheating is considered as one of the most
common causes for crashing of computer. Now although a proper cooling fan is placed inside
the computer however, if the fan is not working properly or there is some other problem with the
airflow then the hardware heats up and leads to system crash. Therefore, it is recommended to
clean the system fan from time to time as it may get clogged with dust particles.

Excessive load on computer: If lots of applications are running simultaneously on the
computer then the load on the processor and memory suddenly rises, and the processor starts generating heat. Although there is a fan to handle that heat, it is still a better idea to stop some
of the program and let your computer cool.

Faulty Hardware: An incompatible or faulty hardware is another cause due to which the PC
keeps crashing. You should always be aware of the fact that every hardware is built for a
specific model of computer, and using it on another computer may lead to compatibility issues
and finally the crashing of the computer.

Invaild Registries: Every operation performed on the computer, creates a registry entry on the
registry editor of the computer. However, with time some of the entries become obsolete and
get corrupted. This also many times became a cause for a PC crash. Therefore, it is always
recommended to optimize and defrag the windows registry from time to time.

Faulty or Obsolete Driver: A hardware is a piece of software that acts as an interface between
your hardware and computer. In other words, your computer can never communicate with any
of the hardware installed on your computer, if it doesn’t find a suitable or compatible driver for
the same. Also the hardware manufacturer keeps on releasing the updates for the driver to
increase their efficiency. Therefore, all the PC drivers should be updated from time to time.

A Buggy Software: Now coming to the end of the list of most powerful factors that causes PC
crash, is buggy or incompatible software. Although Windows 10, the latest version of Windows
operating system is smart enough to stop an incompatible software from sneaking and raises an
alarm before it can cause any harm to PC, however still software especially the malicious
makes their entry to the PC and starts causing problems on it. Therefore, to prevent any
malicious software from entering the PC it is highly recommended to use an updated antivirus or
antimalware program.

Readers, we hope that now you have the answers on why your Windows 10 keeps crashing.
However, the important part of how to prevent a PC crash is yet to come. So, without wasting a
fraction of a second, now let’s learn how to prevent your computer system from crashing.

How to Prevent your Computer System from Crashing?

If you need a one liner solution on how to prevent your Windows 10 PC from crashing, then it is
by proper maintenance and time to time system optimization. As this will keep your PC in good
health and will stop the random crashes.

However, we understand you wish to know the process in detail and so here are the tips that
you should follow regularly to prevent a computer crash.

● Avoid multiple applications running at the same time, as it overloads the system and
heats the attached hardware like processor, memory of hard drive. So start selecting the
programs that are not needed and close them. This will decrease the load & decrease
the overheating and obviously decrease the chances of crash.

● Upgrade your operating system whenever an update is available. These updates not
only provide the fix for the prevailing vulnerabilities but also provide the latest features
that make the performance of your system smooth. So if your Windows 10 keeps
crashing, then it can be an indication to install an update that is pending for installation.

● Use of an updated and trusted anti spyware tool to keep your system protected from all
the malware and malicious programs. To get a good anti malware or antivirus tool you
just need to do thorough research and then get a one that suits best to your
requirements. Also, we never recommend you to use a free antivirus tool as it never
gives complete protection to your computer.

● Defrag your hard drive regularly, as it removes all the fragments and helps in better
performance of the harddrive. And a better performing hard drive means a better
performing computer and obviously fewer system crashes.

How To Prevent Your Computer System From Crashing

To defrag your hard drive you can go with the inbuilt windows tools and in case you don’t
like the interface much then go with a third party disk optimizer that can defrag and
optimize your disk within a few minutes.

● Remove and delete the unneeded applications, files, old downloads and duplicates files
as they not only clog the system but also degrades the performance

● Keep your computer free from dust and pollution. Also if you are using a laptop then
instead of using it on a sofa or bed try to use it on a flat surface like a table top.

● Keep your browser free from browser history, cache and cookies.

How To Prevent Your Computer System From Crashing

● Update the drivers installed on your computer from time to time.

If these above steps are followed regularly without fail then you can get the maximum
performance from your system. However, to keep a check on all these preventive measures is a
tough ask for any users especially when every has scarcity of time. Therefore, we would like to
introduce an all rounder pc cleaner and optimizer program, named as Advanced System
Optimizer that can perform all these and many more other tasks automatically on your

Yes, Advanced System Optimizer is an all round optimization suite that scans your entire
system for errors that can cause degradation in the performance of the computer and lead to
system crashes. And once all the errors are scanned you can clean them with a mere click of
the button.

Let’s now look at some of the salient features of Advanced System Optimizer that makes it a
number tool for optimizing the performance of your system.

● Smart PC Care to tune up the computer with just a single click
● Disk Defrag and optimizer to optimize your hard disk for the optimal performance
● Startup Manager to improve PC speed, reduce the boot time.
● Driver updater to update all the outdated system drivers
● Registry Cleaner to fix all the invalid registry errors
● System Protector to remove all malware and spyware infections
● Undelete to recover accidently deleted data files.
● Privacy Protector to remove browser cache and cookies.
● Duplicate File Finder to delete duplicate files
● Secure Delete to securely delete the files so that they can’t be recovered by any means

All this and much more in a single program. You can get this amazing from here and give it a


So folks, this is all from our side. We hope that the tips shared in this article will help you to
resolve the problem of crashing your PC.


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