8 Best Keyboard Wrist Rest for gamers

Keyboard wrist rest are unnoticed, ignored accessories, but suitable cushion and support from a wrist rest can help you avoid wrist pain and other issues stemming from many hours at the keyboard.

You can get an idea from the name Keyboard wrist rests, and what job they can perform. Some keyboard wrist rests can be suitable for one user but not for another. You might prefer wrist rest with supportive memory foam over a softer gel. We have seen people feeling good with a low-profile design but not with a taller, cushier build keyboard wrist rests.

The 8 Best Keyboard Wrist Rest

Here are our top selections for the best keyboard wrist rests to accommodate different requirements and tastes.

1. Gimars Memory Foam Set

Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Gimars Memory Foam Set


It’s not a big surprise that the ergonomic keyboard wrist rest from Gimars is a popular option because it offers a mouse pad with wrist rest solid combination of quality and value. It is tall enough to keep your hands at a natural, comfortable degree of elevation and long enough to pair well with any full-sized keyboard or laptop keyboard wrist rest.

When you lift your hands away, the memory foam material gradually returns to its former shape, offering your wrists plenty of comfort and support. A rough anti-slip gel layer on the bottom keeps the wrist rest from moving around on your desk. Additional security is provided by small circular stickers that are included.

The device has a matching mouse wrist rest, which raises its value. Using a mouse on your computer is another useful tool made of the same soft, breathable cloth Keyboard Wrist Rest.

2. Yolanda Keyboard Wrist Rests

Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Yolanda Keyboard Wrist Rests

The Yolanda wrist rest set offers a lot of accessories for your money if you’re trying to update your home or office setup but have a tight budget. You also receive a tiny rest for your mouse and a mouse pad to shield your work surface from scratches, in addition to the keyboard wrist rest.

Quality isn’t significantly compromised by the keyboard wrist rest either. Its lightweight memory foam construction feels comfortable on the wrists and aids in keeping them in the right place as you type. The non-slip rubber on the set’s base prevents them from moving while in use, and all three of the components lie level without curling.

While durability difficulties may arise after a given time, most people will benefit from extensive use at little expense wrist rest for keyboard.

3. Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rests

Best Keyboard Wrist Rest Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rests


The Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest stands out from the crowd of plain, unobtrusive keyboard wrist rests. It is made of two sleek, curving parts, one of which is black and the other in your choice of blue, red, or grey. It stands out even more thanks to the gel material’s internal sheen wrist rest for mouse.

Practically speaking, the split design creates a ventilation channel along the center of the device, which helps keep your hands cool and dry while you type. Most significantly, the gel pillow material offers great wrist support and keeps its shape better than memory foam substitutes, which may flatten over time when used as a wrist rest. It’s also simpler to clean because the surface is plastic, which is quicker to wipe off than fabric coverings.

4. AQUUES WavePads 

AQUUES WavePads 


Almost any keyboard wrist rest will function by placing it in front of the laptop. The WavePads, however, were created by AQUUES Solutions exclusively for laptops. They are composed of two high-density memory foam squares that fit on either side of the trackpad and offer support and comfort where your wrists fall while you type on a laptop keyboard mouse wrist rest.

The WavePads’ non-stick base helps to keep them in place (though you might experience some slipping). These wrist rests don’t use adhesives, so they won’t leave any residue on your laptop. They are simple to move about or pick up to take with you, and you can use the chic metal clip that is included to carry them neatly while traveling. The WavePads are excellent wrist rests for an external keyboard or mouse, not only laptops, thanks to their portability and versatility.

5. JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist Rests


The understated but functional keyboard wrist rest by JEDIA works well in most environments. It is constructed of premium memory foam and coated in a slick chinlon (a type of nylon) fabric. It offers comfort and support that tends toward firmness. This wrist rest is suitable for tiny workspaces with limited space because it is also slimmer and roughly half the height of the standard product on the market.

Additional features include rows of “massage holes” around the top and an anti-slip silicone base that reduces slippage. This design allows air to flow underneath your wrists and hands, which enhances ventilation.

For full-length keyboards, the JEDIA wrist rest are available in a big sizes. Additionally, a shorter length is available that works well with tenkeyless keyboards without a dedicated number pad. A tiny wrist rest for a mouse is included with both models.

6. HyperX Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist Rests


User demands for PC gaming are high, and comfort and ergonomics might be just as crucial when playing games on the keyboard as when typing. HyperX Wrist Rest The gaming-specific keyboard wrist rest is available from the HyperX brand, which is well-known for its accessories.

A cooling gel is also infused into the soft memory foam padding to prevent your hands from overheating while you play. Its endurance is increased with fray-resistant stitching around the edges, and the bottom’s non-slip rubber keeps it firmly planted on your desk.

Additionally, the HyperX wrist rest has a more basic appearance and fair pricing, unlike gaming-specific gear that frequently has striking aesthetics and high sticker prices. With all of these characteristics, it becomes more than simply a product for gamers and becomes a reliable all-around option for use at work or home.

7. 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards

3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards


The Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards by 3M is a wrist rest constructed of gel material, often softer and cooler than memory foam wrist rests. Compared to much other gel, wrist rests, its gel has a somewhat harder feel, striking a balance between softness and support. It soon returns to its previous shape when you take your hands off of it, but it doesn’t withstand direct pressure from your elbows very well.

It also strikes a wonderful balance between absorbent fabric and sticky plastic in its cover material. The surface is satiny, smooth, and simple to clean. Another area where the 3M wrist rest excels is in sizing. Its 19-inch length makes it compatible with almost any keyboard, and its low profile and thin breadth make it simple to fit even on small desk areas.

8. Glorious Gaming Wooden Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist Rests


The majority of contemporary keyboards are membrane keyboards with flat keys that offer little in the way of motion or tactile feedback. Instead, those who want to type with physical keys that are more responsive and “clicky” can choose a mechanical keyboard for sprained wrist. The wooden wrist rest from Glorious Gaming might excel in this situation because of the unique typing experience it provides.

Despite not being as soft as foam or gel and not suitable for everyone, the white ash wood material offers the ergonomic posture and comfort that wrist rests give, particularly for mechanical keyboards. Rubber pads keep the surface from slipping, and a protective covering keeps the top smooth and sweat-resistant.

The hardwood rests from Glorious Gaming come in a range of lengths and are made to suit full-size keyboards, smaller tenkeyless ones (without a number pad), and even more compact sizes. Even a size designed for mouse use is available.

The Qualities of Keyboard Wrist Rests


Depending on your preferences, the material of the wrist rest affects how cozy it feels, how much support it offers, and how it aligns your wrists. Soft memory foam padding covered in fabric is a common feature of many goods. Others utilize a smooth surface, like plastic, with a colder, squishier gel composition inside. Wrist rests made of hardwood or with leather surfaces are more uncommon. The key is frequently to try a product and see how it works for you.

Size and Form

The size and style of a wrist rest are crucial from a functional standpoint since they should direct your body into a specific position. Your hands might be just the proper height for your keyboard if the wrist rest is flatter, but you might need a taller one to keep your wrists raised. If you use a small keyboard or a tenkeyless one without a full number pad, you might choose a wrist rest that is shorter and more closely resembles that size wrist bones. The majority of keyboard wrist also rests function for laptops. However, others are made expressly as a pair of square pads that you can lay on your laptop’s surface.


It may be difficult to predict how long a wrist rest will last you or how durable it will be, but in general, higher-quality construction and materials cost more. Gel pillows can pierce foam, and foam can flatten or deform. In addition to having coverings with reinforced stitching, some outside surfaces are easier to keep and clean than others. Although comfortable, wooden wrist rests are as robust as they come.


Is a wrist rest for a keyboard required?

Even though anyone may use a keyboard without one, wrist rests provide several comfort and health advantages, especially for those who type or play video games on computers for extended periods. In addition to the repetitive motions, holding your hands too high or too low can cause weariness, wrist strain, and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

How can I clean the wrist rest on my keyboard?

Although most wrist rests have surfaces or coatings that are simple to clean, they can collect dirt, oils, and other stains. The easiest gel pads to remove with a damp cloth or sponge are smooth exteriors made of plastic or comparable material. Foam wrist rests frequently include fabric covers, which may need to be vacuumed or cleaned with mild detergent depending on how dirty or stained they are. Washing machines and dishwashers should be avoided because they frequently cause product damage.

Which wrist rest for my keyboard should I use, gel or foam?

It depends on your preferences. The more popular wrist rests are made of memory foam, which provides soft padding that adapts to the curvature of your wrist but may eventually become more flattened. Gel wrist rests soft, rapidly return to their original shape, and keep your hands cool. However, some users dislike the plastic surfaces they often come with and pointed things risk puncturing the gel. Alternative materials like leather and wood are available if these popular varieties don’t suit your needs.


The Gimars Memory Foam Set (see on Amazon) delivers a lot of quality and ergonomics at a good price, even if many types of keyboard wrist rests might suit different preferences. To go along with the support and comfort it offers, the Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest (see at Amazon) comes in a stunning two-tone design if you like a gel material.


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