PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update version: PUBG 1.8 Patch Notes

Announcement of PUBG Mobile 1.8 version Update: PUBG 1.8 Update Patch Notes.

Pubg Mobile has published a new version 1.8 of the game, which contains a partnership between Jujutsu Kaisen and Spider-Man No Way Home. If you want to understand how to get the most recent version of the popular mobile game “Putin’ on the Hood,” keep reading PUBG 1.8 Patch Notes.

According to the patch notice for the newest version of Pubg Mobile, downloading your app between January 12 and January 19 will get you 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Backpack (3d) 1. (UTC 0).

Pubg mobile 1.8 patch notes the following time zones will receive the update PUBG 1.8 Patch Notes:

  • 5 p.m. in Bangladesh
  • 4:45 p.m. in Nepal
  • 11 a.m. in England
  • 4 p.m. in Pakistan
  • 6 a.m., United States (New York Time)
  • 4-5 PM in Russia
  • 6-7 PM in Indonesia
  • 10 p.m. in Japan

1. PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta version has a new sight function.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta Version

  • AC Core will be a brand-new sight for players.
  • Almost every rifle will have an integrated scope.
  • It is similar to the red dot vision.

2. New 8v8 TDM map in PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta version

The Pubg 1.8 update release date 1.8 version will include a whole new 8v8 TDM mode in which four separate teams will play against each other. There will be a most of 16 players at any given time on the map. It will be a new map with many new structures and obstacles.

3. There is no death in the water.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Beta Version

At the moment, if a player is knocked out in the water, they will be killed immediately. Players will be capable of swimming while being knocked unconscious, and they will also be able to be resurrected in the water, beginning with the 1.8 updates.

This will undoubtedly alter the current game meta.


  1. Resurrect by swimming in water
  2. Mode 8v8
  3. Unranked Classic Map in Aftermath Mode
  4. Spiderman Special Enemy Damage Indicator
  5. Spiderman Mode loot box
  6. C4 Mountain Bike Explosive
  7. 2.0 Vikendi
  8. New Sniper Gun Dirt Bike Emergency Pickup
  9. 3.0 Sanhok

It offers numerous options for extra fun, such as battle royale mode and TDM mode. Players are free to pick what they wish to play. Utilizes Unreal Engine 4’s full power to provide unique environments augmented by 3D sound to create a completely immersive experience on a mobile phone.

  • Android 5.1.1 or above with a stable internet connection
  • Memory must be at least 2 GB. 

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