Best 20 Web Games to Play Online in 2023

If you’re bored or have time to kill, perhaps at work or in class, playing a web game is the perfect way to entertain you. To help alleviate boredom, we’ve compiled a list of the best quick online web games to play while twiddling your thumbs.

These addicting games are minor and do not require any commitment or registration. While they’re so much fun you won’t want to stop, they’re light enough that you can move on from them at any time.

Here are the best web games to play online when bored.


QWOP is a legendary web game. The goal is simple: run 100 meters successfully. Except, doing that is anything but simple, as you have to control the thighs and calves of the runner manually.
It takes you a while to get off the starting line, but you’ll have a good time doing it.

2. Gridland

Greenland is a match-three game with a unique twist. There are two phases: day (where you match and gather resources to build your village) and night (where you check to fight off invading monsters.) Time only progresses when you move, so it encourages thoughtful planning. It’s extraordinarily clever but, more importantly, a ton of fun.

Quick Web Games

Cookie Clicker’s concept is so simple that you will fully grasp it once you start playing. The ultimate aim is to make as many cookies as possible. You do that by clicking a cookie. That’s all. You can then exchange the cookies for power-ups to automate tasks at the store, such as a reinforced cursor or a grandma.

4. Entanglement

Quick Web Games

Even if you don’t like puzzle games, Entanglement is the perfect game to play when you’re stressed. The goal is to make the longest path possible using randomly generated tiles that you turn and place. There is also some lovely relaxing background music.

5. Threes

It is a popular mobile game that has been turned into a web game. You slide numbered tiles on a four-by-four grid to combine them into multiples of three. The aim is to get the highest score possible by stacking and achieving rare tiles. Though it appears simple in concept, it’s delightfully challenging to keep games going for more than a few minutes until no moves remain.

6. Line Rider

It arrived in 2006 and became a sensation; it even ended up on the Nintendo DS and Wii. However, you do not need those consoles because you can play them directly in the browser. Create lines with your cursor that the little figure will then ride along. Draw as many loops, ramps, and insane jumps as you can.

7. The Wiki Game

Quick Web Games


Wikipedia is a goldmine of interesting information. The Wiki Game challenges you to navigate from one Wikipedia page to another using the page’s internal links, using the free online encyclopedia. It also times you based on how accessible the challenge is.

For example, getting from the beginning of The Pacific War to the end of the Sea is easy. Moving from Electric Chair to HTML, on the other hand, is more complex.

8. Pac-Man

Quick Web Games

Pac-Man is arguably one of the most well-known video games ever created. This arcade class is available to play for free in your browser. Control the yellow chomper, eat all the dots, and avoid the ghosts.

9. Quick, Draw!

A neural network can be trained using Quick, Draw! in addition to being a game. You are given the word and limited time to doodle it. Based on machine learning, the system attempts to guess what you’re drawing as you go. Your drawing is then used to help train the machine in the future.

10. Frogger

Quick Web Games

Frogger is a classy arcade game from the 1980s. There have been numerous sequels and clones, but the original still has a lot of charm. This web game is a recreation of the original. If you’ve never played Frogger, you need to correct that. The objective is to get your frog to the other side while avoiding traffic on the road and a dangerous river.

11. Color Pipes

Color Pipes has many levels to keep you entertained for a long time. In the game, you must connect colors by drawing lines between them. It would be best if you also had the entire board covered. The only problem is that if any of the lines cross, the move is invalid. Simple but addictive.

12. Wordle

It is a free daily word guessing game that challenges you to think of a five-letter word in six tries. As you guess, the color of the tiles changes to indicate how close you are to the correct word. A new word is available at midnight to keep you returning for more fun.

If you like this, you’ll love these free word game apps for mobile.

13. Helicopter

Quick Web Games

In Helicopter, you use your mouse to control a helicopter and avoid obstacles. Click to make the helicopter rise, and stop to make it fall. This is an endless game that speeds up and gets frantic. It will give you that addicting “just one more turn” feeling as you try to beat yourself because it tracks your highest score.

14. A Dark Room

Because it takes a unique approach to the genre, A Dark Room is one of the most notable clicker games. It incorporates role-playing and narrative elements that elevate the experience to a higher level. It begins slowly but perseveres.

15. Slime Volleyball

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Slime Volleyball is an old online game that has stood the test of time. You can play against the friend or a computer As you hit a ball back and forth across a net, you control a small blob or slime. The opponent scores a point if the ball touches the ground on your side. Volleyball continues to be the best sport in the Slime series, which has expanded into other sports.

16. Mackerelmedia Fish

Quick Web Games

Mackerelmedia Fish is for you if you enjoy the strange and wonderful. It’s an interactive experience that takes you through a fictitious retro web. The aim of the game? That’s one you’ll have to figure out for yourself. This game is hilarious and beautifully animated. The less you know about it before you go in, the better.

17. Sinuous

In Sinuous, you are your mouse cursor. Avoid the never-ending stream of red dots, touch the green dots for immunity, and see how long you can last. The game is highly replayable and excellent for five-minute bursts.

18. Books Tower

Books Tower aims to stack as many books as possible without tipping the Tower over. Each new book glides from left to right, and you must click when you want it to drop. Time those clicks perfectly to align the books; otherwise, everything will collapse.

19. The Jigsaw Puzzles

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It is one of the best websites for playing free puzzles. It has thousands of free online jigsaw puzzles ranging in difficulty from 50 to 150 pieces in categories such as animals and nature. It’s not as satisfying as completing a real puzzle, but it’s still a fun way to kill 15 minutes.


Quick Web Games

It is a fun and colorful online game in which you control a snake in a neon landscape, sliding into glowing orbs to increase your length. The challenge is that you are playing against others, some of whom are longer than you. They can encircle you and grow longer. Of course, smaller snakes can be treated similarly. See how big you can get.

Try These Games on Your Mobile Too

These are some of the best web games to play when you’re bored and want to pass the time.
You’ll find them so entertaining that you’ll want to play them repeatedly.

Many games to play when bored at work or in class are also available as dedicated apps on your mobile phone. A little fun is always just a few taps away.

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