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Quizlet is a multi-national American corporation that develops and builds solutions for studying and learning. Quizlet was founded in October 2005 by Andrew Sutherland and went public in January 2007. Its main products include digital flashcards, matching games, practice electronic tests, and live quizzes.

Quizlet’s website says that as of April 2021, it has over 350 million user-generated flashcard sets, 3 billion cumulative study sessions, and more than 50 million active users.

Login: https / Updates in live Time

Quizlet creates easy-to-use learning tools that allow you to study anything. Begin learning now with free flashcards, games, and learning tools.

To participate in a Quizlet Live game.

1. Navigate to the Quizlet Live homepage https // live.

2. Type in the join code.

The individual who starts the game must share the code with you.

3. Click the Join game button.

4. Type in your name.

5. Click Let’s Go.

When everyone has arrived, the game leader can begin the game Tips. If you’re playing Quizlet Live in teams mode, you might want to sit alongside your teammates so you can collaborate.

Using a keyword to search your study sets

To find the exact material you want, you may search for keywords inside your study sets.

To find your study sets by keyword, use the search bar at the top of the page.

1. Access your account.

2. Go to the top of the website and click on Your library.

3. Choose your study sets.

4. Select either Recent sets you’ve viewed or sets you’ve created to search.

5. In the Type to filter section, enter the term you’re looking for.

All sets including the term or phrase you’ve typed display below the search box Studying on Quizlet Study sets

A study set is a collection of terms and definitions and questions and answers. Words, images, and audio can all be included in study sets. You may upgrade at any time to have access to even more unique features, such as diagram sets!

Search for study sets online or create your own to share with your students, classmates, and friends. Quizlet is also an excellent resource for teachers searching for novel ways to engage their pupils. Quizlet’s website, iOS app, and Android app are all available for study.

Sets of diagrams

Diagram sets include a picture, map, or diagram that may be labeled with terms and definitions. Find more about how to create a diagram set. Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Teacher subscribers can access diagram sets.

Modes of study Mode of flashcards

Review terms and definitions and questions and answers in the same manner that you would with traditional flashcards.

Mode of instruction

Respond to more complex questions. This study mode generates a customized study sequence based on your knowledge of the subject matter and assists you in mastering what you need to know.

Quizlet Plus users may utilize Learn mode to obtain support from the Quizlet Learning Assistant with personalized study pathways, track their progress, and use smart grading to focus on concepts rather than rote memorization.

Find more about how the Quizlet Learning Assistant may help you study.

Mode of writing

Answer questions by writing them down. If you overlook a question, you can focus on it afterward.

Spellcasting mode

Listen to terms and definitions, then type what you hear. This mode is ideal for studying a new language or perfecting spelling in your language.

Mode of testing

By quizzing yourself with various questions kinds, you may see how you might perform on an exam.


Match terms and definitions as soon as you can against the time.


To prevent asteroids from colliding with your planet, type your answers rapidly. As you progress through the stages, the asteroids become quicker. This game is only accessible on the internet for now.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live, our classroom game, may be used by teachers to push pupils. Teams of players work together to accurately match terms and definitions. Quizlet Live may be played in either mode or individual mode.

Match Playing Match to play

1. Access your account.

2. Take out a set.

3. Choose Match.

4. Click the Start game button.

5. Drag each term to the definition that corresponds to it.

6. Match all pairs to complete the game and see your score!

Options and settings

Check your ranking about others by heading to a specific page, selecting the (More menu), and selecting Scores.


• Match shows six pairs every game, so if you’re studying a larger set, you’ll need to play numerous games to get through everything.

• Be cautious—each wrong match adds one second to your time! 

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