Roblox: Adopt Me Pizza Shop Job Update Guide! in 2022

If you want to make money in Adopt Me!, you should go to town and obtain a job!

The Roblox Adopt Me! in Roblox arrived in September 2022. With this upgrade, you may now work a job to make money. If you’re looking for a job in Adopt Me!, we’ve got all the information you need.

This article will examine how you can acquire a job at one of the game’s two new locales. This material will be open to everybody; you will not need to learn to work! First, look at where you may find these two new job opportunities.

Split picture of Job Buildings with pizza shop and salon

You may work in two locations: the Pizza Shop and the Salon. These 2 buildings are placed next to each other on the left when you enter Adoption Island from the neighborhood.

Both buildings will have a stream of money streaming from the top, making them easy to find from afar. You may quickly travel to this place by teleporting to the Dealership from your inventory’s car page. Exit the Dealership, and the two buildings will be directly outside.

How to Find a job

To acquire a job, enter your chosen building and go to the mannequin that looks like you. The first mannequin in the Roblox: Adopt Me Job, Pizza Shop will be dressed as a waiter, while the second mannequin in the Salon will be dressed in an apron with hair-cutting equipment placed into the pocket.

When you get close to the mannequin, you’ll be able to click on them and accept the job. The amount of money you earn will also be presented; as shown in the image above, both jobs pay $15 per minute, which is a respectable rate. Your pet’s requirements will be deferred while you are working, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Overall, you may earn $50 each day from both jobs. This implies that if you earn $50 at the Salon, Roblox: Adopt Me Job you will be unable to go to the Pizza Shop and earn more. Fortunately, this is based on gaming days rather than real-life days. All you have to do to make more money is wait until the next day and start working again.

Working At The Salon player inspecting mannequin of salon manager


split image with the player getting a job

Working at the Salon is, on the whole, pretty uncomplicated. You may colour your pets and interact with other objects in the building once you’ve changed into your outfit. A little wheel will appear on the upper right-hand side of your screen, showing how much money you have made.

This will progressively rise; even if you stop to rest, you will still earn money. As a worker, you can enter a worker-only section via a door on the left side of the Salon. You’ll find another mannequin here. If no other players have applied for this job, you can interact to become the manager. Because this role is restricted, if there is currently a player serving as manager, you will get a notification stating that this position has been filled.

You will not earn any more money when you have earned $50, and you can quit!

Working In A Pizza Shop kitchen interior of a pizza shop


Roblox: Adopt Me Pizza Shop Job

Working at the Pizza Shop is more challenging than working at the Salon. You can work as a chef or a waiter at this restaurant. There is a rear worker-only area, similar to the Salon, where you can be the manager if no one else is working. Waiters and managers will be paid 15 cents every minute, while cooks will be paid 10 cents per pizza created.

You will need to make pizza orders as a chef and deliver these orders as a waiter. The Pizza Shop may become rather crowded, mainly when a Roblox pizza party occurs. Overall, if you work hard and try your hardest to make pizza and service clients, you will eventually make the daily $50.

Jobs with the Closing Time closed symbol. The Salon and Pizza Shop will close as it becomes dark. If this occurs while you work, you will continue to wear your work attire, but you will not be paid. While the building is closed, you may either wait until it reopens or go home and care for your pet.

Pay Bonuses player standing at a pizza shop with pay bonuses


Finally, there are salary bonuses. This is a unique item that only managers may use Roblox: Adopt Me Job. A blue book may be seen beside the manager mannequin at both job sites. As a manager, you can approach employees and offer them a ten-dollar incentive. This takes no money away from your own, and the book may be used every 30 seconds. Overall, this is a terrific method to assist other gamers in making money while still generating money yourself. 



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