8 Top Best USB Headset of 2022

If you want to buy USB headset, you probably want one you can use for gaming, work, or everyday life. We picked the usb headset Jabra Evolve 20 as a small, on-ear headset that’s great for business and desk work but might not be immersive enough for gaming. On the other hand, the usb headset Razer Kraken, logitech usb headset Ultimate is designed to go over the ears and has many features that gamers will like. Below is the list of the best USB headsets for all users usb headset with mic.

8 Best USB Headsets Of 2022

1. Jabra evolved 20 UC stereo wired headset.


8 Best USB Headsets of 2022 Jabra evolved 20 UC stereo wired headset.

When selecting best gaming headset USB headset for business, it is essential to balance quality, practicality, and cost. The Jabra Evolve 20 offers the best value for money without sacrificing quality. One of its most excellent features is that the Evolve 20 is ready to use right out of the box. Connect the USB connection logitech g432 gaming headset, and you may immediately begin video chatting with a USB controller usb headset adapter.

The plush foam cups are comfortable to wear and provide adequate isolation (though not as much as if you were using over-ear headphones). The in-line boom microphone has been designed exclusively for video chats, and the sleek black build looks and feels professional. There are no frills, such as active noise cancellation (ANC) or high-end speakers, here (the components that create sound). However, usb-c to headphone jack this is straightforward advice in general usb drive logitech g430 gaming headset.

2. Jabra Evolve2 85


8 Best USB Headsets of 2022 Jabra Evolve2 85

Jabra has a long and illustrious history in headphones and USB headset. While the company is best known for its Bluetooth and work headsets, its consumer-oriented Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are strong candidates for everyday usage. If you’re ready to spend more usb to hdmi adapter, the Jabra Evolve 2 85 is the brand’s premium product. It combines USB headsets capabilities with premium headphone characteristics of the highest caliber.

These may be your daily headphones, with ultra-plush over-ear cups, a great, flush-folding boom mic for crystal clear calls, nearly four hours of wireless battery life, and even customizable noise cancellation. The headset also comes with a USB dongle so that you can use it as a wireless USB headset, and there’s a handy indicator light that lets others know you’re on a call, so they don’t bother you. You won’t be disappointed if you have the money to spend on these USB headsets.

3. Audeze Mobius Premium 3D Gaming Headset


8 Best USB Headsets of 2022 Audeze Mobius Premium 3D Gaming Headset

The Mobius 3D Surround headphones were released in 2020 by Audeze to bring top-notch gaming capability to the planar magnetic headphone space. Planar Magnetic drivers are typically found in Audeze’s audiophile line and provide sensitive yet strong responses across the sound spectrum. This technology will be included in Audeze’s premium gamer headset, which will deliver ample range and oomph for gaming mixes.

A rich 3D surround sound experience is also approximated by built-in digital signal processing. When you combine this with the specific software that allows you to fine-tune your position mapping, you have a high-end gaming experience. The removable boom mic completes the package, enhancing online gaming and communication. The Mobius is a premium-priced headset, and its hefty design and absence of a hardshell case make it less suitable for travel. However, the feature set on offer here is fantastic.

4. Razer Kraken Ultimate


8 Best USB Headsets of 2022 Razer Kraken Ultimate

Regarding durable USB headset, the Kraken Ultimate is the best option for every gamer. The aluminum-steel structure is highly resistant to abrasion. The extra thick plush ear pads are ideal for individuals who play for long periods, and there’s built-in Chroma RGB lighting for added flair.

The boom mic is retractable, so it’s out of the way when you’re not using it, and the THX 7.1 surround sound adds a little extra fun to your gaming experience. The design is quite gamer-oriented and thick on the head, which may be an issue for people looking for something more inconspicuous. We recommend hunting around for a discount because the pricing can be slightly high. Overall, if you have the cash, it’s a no-brainer purchase.

5. Razer Kraken X USB Gaming Headset (RZ04-02960100-R3U1)


Razer Kraken X USB Gaming Headset (RZ04-02960100-R3U1)

The Razer Kraken line has a wide range of USB gaming headphones, and the Kraken X takes those options squarely into the budget-conscious sector while still providing excellent performance. The plush over-ear pads are comfy for lengthy sessions, and the lightweight aluminum frame is robust and comfortable.

There’s a flexible microphone with excellent sound quality and some decent 7.1 surround sound emulation. The sound is produced by 40mm speakers that have been fine-tuned to provide ample support at the bottom end of the spectrum. The green Razer emblem is prominently displayed on each ear cup, which may be appealing to some but distracting to others. Because of the low price, certain corners have been cut in terms of build quality, but nothing that will break all that quickly.

6. Avantree 8090T Multipoint Bluetooth Headphones



The Avantree Aria range of wired and wireless headphones may not have received much attention. Still, it’s a decent option if you’re on a budget yet don’t want to sacrifice functionality. The Aria 8090T is a USB headset with many accessories and wireless features.

Sure, you can use the accompanying USB adapter to send data the old-fashioned way, but Bluetooth connectivity includes support for Qualcomm’s high-quality aptX codecs. The Aria 8090T consists of a convenient charging stand and active noise cancellation. All of these capabilities come at a price that is not cheap, but the value is evident when you consider the added features.

7. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset


Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset

Including the Bose QuietComfort series on our list may come as a surprise. However, Bose noticed a few years ago that there was enough overlap between “ordinary” consumers who adore the QC Bluetooth headphones and gamers who desire Bose-quality sound for casual gaming headset. The QC 35 Gaming Edition is the ideal compromise.

Remove the USB desktop remote, leaving you with a conventional pair of Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. You’ll get a robust and comfy pair of gaming headphones with a built-in boom mic and a desktop touch control when you plug in the USB wire. Although the price is high, you can’t go wrong with the adaptability and Bose-level sound.

8. SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset


SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset

It’s easy to go crazy with excessively bright colors, more RGB (red, green, and blue) lighting effects than you probably need, and bulky, awkward designs when choosing gaming headphones. The SteelSeries Arctis 5 wins our design award because it strikes a good balance between a professional-looking vr headset, all-black design and a slick RGB ring outside for a burst of gamer flare.

Regarding construction quality, there are a few nice touches. The robust headband material and soft woven “ski goggle” fabric embellishments make the Arctis 5 exceptionally comfortable to wear. The RGB ring on each ear cup is adjustable and synchronizable with your RGB desk setup. And there is a detachable USB desktop controller for easy muting and chatting usb headset with microphone.

What to Look for When Buying a USB Headset

Although it may seem strange to discuss secondary connection possibilities in a USB headset roundup. These headsets can connect in various ways. Some have hard-wired USB cables that require a PC or computer to utilize. Others have detachable cords or wireless USB dongles that allow you to be wire-free. When you’re out shopping, keep these possibilities in mind.

The Main Use Case

A USB headset can signify quite different things to an office worker than a severe gamer. Choosing your primary use case for your headset will lead you down new paths in shopping, as well as different pricing points and designs.

Optional Extras

Many USB headsets come with added capabilities like Bluetooth or a USB dongle for wireless connectivity and sophisticated acoustic features (like active noise cancellation or emulated surround sound). Considering the features and benefits of your perfect headset can go a long way toward assisting you in making your purchase.


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