Web Scraping: Considering The Precautions

Web scrapers can consider using residential proxies

It is worth mentioning that there is a plethora of data extraction techniques used in today’s competitive and data-driven market. Web scraping is a method used by brands and marketing firms to identify trends and enhance marketing strategies. Web scraping is an efficient solution for people looking to extract structured data in a mechanized way.

Web scraping is used for numerous reasons, but a few include news monitoring, price intelligence, market research, lead generation, and business development. The list goes on but typically, web scraping is used by businesses that wish to use publicly available data and organize it in a formal structure. Residential proxy is the preferred method to safely get things done.

Understanding how residential proxies work is also important. They simply mask your IP address and reroute it from a pool of registered IPs from a specific country. Your traffic is also divided among the IP pool, so that the website thinks that multiple devices are accessing the website instead of one. You can now easily deploy your web scraper and extract information from websites without any worry.

Why Do You Need A Proxy

From large entities to small businesses, everyone has their security concerns. You have to thoroughly look into the kind of proxy you will be using and what that proxy offers. High-level security is something you can’t compromise on because the whole point of using a proxy is to keep your identity and location safe on the internet. Spend quality time finding a proxy that offers desirable plans for all sorts of use.

Web scrapers can consider using residential proxies to conduct successful and secure web scraping. This proxy offers complete anonymity on the internet and the ability to appear on the web from anywhere in the world. Along with multiple locations, you can gain access to many websites blocked by the government in your country.

Necessary Web Scraping Precautions

Web scraping can be difficult as many websites prevent you from retaining data for personal use, which can be a bit of a hurdle. You can still get your work done, but you have to keep the precautions in your mind. Let’s look at some necessary steps you need to take before starting your web scraping process.

Find an efficient proxy provider

When you aim to scrape data for research and analysis your only goal is to get the best quality of data but you can’t start doing it without using a proxy that ensures full security. To save yourself from safety issues, get a suitable plan from a residential proxy and do your work stress-free. This proxy helps you conceal your identity over the internet and makes you appear from various geographic locations.

Gather all the information available before starting web scraping

Understanding the scale and structure of the website that you are planning to scrape is vital. You need to analyze some files before getting yourself into this process. The most important analysis is Robots.txt, Sitemap files, and the automation behind these files. In order to have a better understanding of the website, you aim to scrape, use BuiltWith. BuiltWith is a python library used to find out the technology behind a particular website.

Refrain from sending URLs to request simultaneously

You need to avoid sending too many requests on the website or sending URL requests simultaneously. A server timeout can occur on the website if your IP address is identified. Moreover, if you keep sending too many requests, your IP address can be blocked by the owner of the website. Proxies help bypass this and similar other anti-scraping systems.

Make the scraping slower

You have to treat your target website gently in this process, and for that, you can use a throttling function to decline the speed of crawling on the website. You have the power to adjust the crawling to a neutral speed so that it doesn’t go very fast. If you keep scraping at full throttle, you will get very poor results. Don’t go overboard with unlimited requests because that will just put this process at risk, so keep the consistent requests to a manageable level. Decelerating the speed of your web scraping process results in more efficient and smooth outcomes for your data scraping exercise.

Check the quality of data

Your aim is not only to get unlimited data through web scraping, but you also want to have quality data so that you can put it to use. You will have to filter a lot of data since you may get hold of data that is unorganized or of no use. The final quality depends a lot on the proxy you use since getting the right data often depends on how you access a target website.


Web scraping is a technique used to extract data from the internet and give it an organized and structured form. There are many privacy and legal concerns attached to web scraping that most businesses that employ this tactic are well-aware of. Web scraping can help you analyze market trends and get a competitive advantage over others, but you still need to be cautious in this field. Proxies are the best solution to all your safety concerns that may arise when scraping data. This is because proxies will provide safe access to data you need to scrape by concealing your identity and location on the internet.


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