Which free-to-play games to try on the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is known for its extensive library of easy-to-play casual games. Many family-friendly multiplayer titles and multilayered strategy games coexist on Nintendo’s popular handheld console. And a handful of them are completely free on the Nintendo eShop. So, whether you’re on a budget or you’d rather save your money for an upcoming triple-A entry, let’s check some free-to-play Switch games worth your while.

Fall Guys

We start our list with one of the most thoroughly entertaining multiplayer games around. Fall Guys is pure fun wrapped in a platform battle royale format. This indie hit has you compete against up to 40 players in an array of minigames. Your mission is straightforward: outpace your rivals and be the last jellybean-like character standing. So, prepare to dodge hurdles, engage in tag games, and occasionally collaborate with fellow gamers in a string of team-based challenges.

A worldwide phenomenon when it first came out under the title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which took over Twitch in no time, this quirky game had a second wind when it embraced a free to play model on the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Its Switch port does incorporate micro-transactions, though. That said, the in-game currency is only relevant for cosmetics, emotes, and similar features.

Fallout Shelter

Originally designed for mobile platforms, Fallout Shelter was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Set within the expanded Fallout universe, this base-building game puts you at the helm of a state-of-the-art underground vault you must manage to keep your dwellers thriving and shield them from the dangers lurking above ground.

Assigning the right tasks to the right workers, training your dwellers’ skills, and providing them with cosy spaces and amenities help your community to prosper. Occasionally, you may even send the most adventurous dwellers out in the Wasteland on the surface to retrieve survival loot and weapons that may crush the perils that threaten your idyllic vault life. Long story short, this addictive blend of management simulation and construction gameplay is packing tons of content.

Rocket League

Even if football isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to give Rocket League a try. Whether you feel like challenging gravity to score an unstoppable goal or playing defence by crashing into rival vehicles, this over-the-top sports game puts you at the wheel of a blazing rocket-propelled car with one mission in mind: guiding an oversized ball into the opposing net.

Combining the chaos of a demolition derby with the strategic aspects of indoor football, Rocket League was a game-changer when it first dropped. This high-octane arcade-style title even influenced the wider gaming industry, in no small parts due to its esports success. And you can now take your shot for free on the Nintendo Switch. So, will you hit the pitch straight up to climb the competitive ranks or complete fun challenges first?



Which free-to-play games to try on the Nintendo Switch?

Tetris-99 is a battle royale take on the iconic puzzler developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov. While the game isn’t much different from the 1984 original in the gameplay department, this multiplayer version has you try to eliminate up to 98 fellow gamers. The sheer competitiveness of this Tetris experience with a twist is enough to keep you hooked – and sending garbage blocks to fill up your opponent’s screens feels incredibly satisfying. The only downside is that this puzzle game requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play for free. If you don’t have one, you may always turn to free-to-play mobile ports of this timeless classic.

More surprising, perhaps, you may even find Tetris-themed machine slots. Online casinos boast pokies like Red7’s Tetris Extreme or WMS’s Tetris Super Jackpots. And users can activate no deposit bonus codes to try them out at no cost. From free spins to fixed cash, such free credits allow players to test a website’s catalogue risk free. But some bonus codes are too lavish to be true, which is why prospective players can check out trustworthy websites to make the most informed decision. Handy guidelines also spell out how to convert this type of bonus into real money.

Recent video games have been pushing technological and visual boundaries like never before. These incredible technical performances often come at a price, so much so that even remakes now cost a pretty penny. But there are still enough options to scratch your gaming itch for free on the Nintendo Switch, from wacky sports games to competitive twists of an all-time classic.


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