Everything You Need To Know About Xbox’s New Controller Launch

Everything You Need To Know About Xbox’s New Controller Launch

There is a ton of hype surrounding the Xbox’s New Controller Launch Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and with good reason. Between higher performance and versatile designs, they are definitely something that you will want to consider for your video game arsenal.

With new consoles comes new Xbox controllers. So what do you need to know about Xbox’s new controller launch? What sets it apart and why do you need it? Check out our favorite features!

Everything You Need To Know About Xbox’s New

Similar Design

Everyone likes something they’re familiar with. Xbox did a good job of keeping this in mind with
the overall design of the new controllers. The shape and feel are the same, the same button
placement, with minimal changes and adjustments. You can confidently play, knowing that
everything you love about the current Xbox controller is still there. You’ll want to be sure to get
your Lizard Skins Xbox controller grips all set for your new controllers. This will help you to
make sure you’re maintaining a good hold on your controller.

Versatile Connectivity

One feature that we love about the new controller is that it functions with various Xbox models.
That’s right- if you’re just fine with your Xbox One and only looking to upgrade your controller,
this is the perfect option for you. The new controller will work with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X
and Xbox Series S, making it extremely versatile and interchangeable.

Charge and Play Simultaneously

Another major upgrade that makes these controllers worth the expense is the fact that you can
charge them and play at the same time. No more waiting for your controller to finish charging to
continue playing your game. All of the new controllers will feature a USB-C port that allows you
to simultaneously charge and play, while also featuring the classic battery pack system.
Whatever your preference for keeping your controllers charged and accessible, Xbox has
thought of it all.

Sharing Feature

One of the most noteworthy features available with the new Xbox controller is the sharing
feature. A small sharing button, found in the middle of the controller directly underneath the
power button, makes it easy to share your recordings and screenshots with friends and on

social media. This has majorly simplified the process of sharing your successes in your games,
so if this a priority for you, you’ll definitely want to consider one of these new controllers.

Pricing and Details

So what are we looking at? Currently, the new Xbox controllers are going for $59.99, and
they’re available for preorder only. All of the new Xbox systems and controllers are officially
dropping on November 10, 2020. Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a
new controller, and consider the potential that it has to take your gaming to the next level. Make
your decision soon, you don’t want to be stuck waiting too long!


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