10 Car Games to play while in Quarantine

10 Car Games to play while in Quarantine

10 Car Games to play while in Quarantine

The recent COVID-19 pandemic caused quite an uproar into our daily lifestyle. Most of which forced people to Quarantine themselves for their health and safety. Right from hampering work to switching all meetings online, the global pandemic did its number on the human race. People are left with their own devices, quite literally. While most people picked up new things to learn, others binged films and food they missed and went for rekindling family relations within the family.

For gamers, this may seem like the best time to play and try out new games they have missed and for newbies, this may be the only time they get to play games that are new to them. So in favour of learning new hobbies during the pandemic, the following car games are listed down just for you. Plus, you can Go to website to check out some of the games mentioned below. Most of them can be played or installed through websites.

10 Car Games to play while in Quarantine

1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

This game has a long history with kids born in the early 2000s if they were fond of car games back then. The respective car game development company released the sequel in 2002, so the entire gameplay premise is that the user can either choose the role of being a road drifter or a law-abiding cop. Each role entertains the user with its own storyline. There is a single and multiplayer setting. This may sound like an old video game but try your hand with its fun and difficult controls. NFS has been more like a poster child to all racing games, because of its popularity during the 2000s its audience reach still is familiar with the game. People who want to revisit their old gaming days during quarantine can tag along. It’s best played with a good, flexible controller and noise-canceling headphones to better get into the zone.

2. Euro Truck Simulator

If you want to play a chill driving car game, then the euro truck simulator is worth the play. You take the role of a simple truck driver on their way to dusty county roads. There is a wide variety of custom designs made for users to choose and pick their original truck with additional licensed trucks and the main positive point of this game is that the driving physics are well thought out as it resembles how a truck would be in the real world. The difficulty level can be adjusted in the settings but the difficulty does not grow gradually making it less challenging and more relaxing in nature. There are levels where players need to avoid or pass trucks without causing any dents and damages. Unlike other simulators with crude graphics and unrealistic levels, this is not a sophisticated game. People who want to pass time and relax can try this game during the quarantine, similar truck simulators can be installed on your mobile devices.

3. Rocket League

Although this one is referred to as the odd one out from all the other car games, it is just as entertaining and challenging to play. To put it plainly, the user controls their car in a football stadium with the aim to score the ball into the net. Of course, the only challenge besides its control and stability is that you get to play against other cars at the same time. The ball is bigger than the average ball used in football and every time you score you get a dramatic explosion of victory.

It can be played alone or with your friends, which makes the game twice as crazy. This game stands out because of its wildly composed gameplay, which makes it more fun than the average car game. It strikes as a challenge to learn new rules of driving and passing balls. While most of the time the car remains airborne, players are left to plan a quick and effective way of scoring goals while other players attempt to block and tackle. During the lockdown, this game can be a fun way of dealing with time.

4. F1 2019

This is the official game based on the 2019 F1 and F2 championship, which is an interesting case. Not everyone can be a formula 1 racer so introducing this game to gamers provides a curtain peek as to how an f1 racer does their job. The mechanics of the gameplay is based on the real car, with tyre strategies, hybrid boosts, and level technicalities. However, it is not as tough as it sounds. The car games are relatively easy to play but with the staggering role of A.I in each level makes it much of a challenge. There have been prequels playing the same function as the current. This game allows the player to feel the rush of adrenaline and hype while racing against intelligent A.I rivals, using good headphones while playing the game can further max out the entire experience.

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

What makes this sequel stand apart from the previous is its off-road handling mechanism. This game can be played single or double. However, the difficulty settings in this game cannot be modified or changed. It instead increases with each passing level, so the user must keep the steady pace of their wins in order to reach the final destination. If you are a player who has played the previous game then try the sequel too as there are added features different from the first game. The game produces great realistic car sounds and graphics, playing the game with a controller is less of chalk than playing with a keyboard

6.   Mario Kart 8

We all recognize that name anywhere, the Italian plumber set out on a journey to save the damsel in desires, Princess Peach from evil King Bowser. That’s how the usual narrative goes, in this version we see the characters from the classic Mario game competing against each other in an obstacle race. This is a go-kart-style game where the circuits are challenging and the characters appealing. This is highly recommended to players who are already a fan of the Mario franchise. Nowadays there are more than 3 sequels and prequels of Mario Kart thus, expressing the growing popularity of the franchise as a whole. A few of the sequels also offer online multi-playing so that players can play with their friends without too much social contact. The levels are fun as it progresses and the graphics are pleasant to play on.

7.   Cars 3

This is similar to the game mentioned before. Cars 3 is based on the animation film Cars, it is an arcade racing game. The game is recommended for family game time and users who are fans of the Cars franchise. The controls take a while to get used to as they are slightly different from how a regular car works. The game follows a narrative of fun and adventure with Lightning McQueen and the other characters in Cars. Games like these bring back the wonder we had as a kid, the cars movie was televised for a while even shorts were published. Releasing a game surrounding the entire franchise improved the demand of the brand itself. Playing games that look kid-friendly but has their own challenges comes with its own jam-packed experience.

8.   Forza Horizon 4

This sequel ends up being different as it’s widely played by players who are into racing car games, or just cars in general. The game is set in an open world where players are free to explore or ride their way towards the sunset. Furthermore, the game has an impressive list of cars to which users can check out the performance, engine, control, and overall feel of the cars all up to the screen obviously. Additionally, there’s a weather system included in the gameplay which makes the experience just as enjoyable as actually going out. The physics mechanism driving is not as realistic as one thinks, so players can experiment with various stunts without facing actual damages to their virtual car. Even here, the difficulty can be adjusted in the setting

9. The Crew 2

So this sequel is another game worth playing, to check out the open-world racing experience included. Players can explore various cities and towns to check out as many details as possible. Even though it is an open-world racing game, there usually are differences between the quality of other open-world games. This majorly depends on the method used to create the elements of the environment. The cars here can be customized to the maximum effort, which is a positive point as players enjoy this feature. Sequels are usually released if the developers want to improve their brand or to continue a cliffhanger in the previous game. Either way, if the sequel fails to gain the appeal of the target customers then it pronounces as a loss for the development company however, if demand is reached that means users continue to look out for the next game to be released. The Crew 2 is popular due to its open-world setting and is an especially suitable game to try out during quarantine.

10. F- Zero

The last racing game mentioned is F- zero, people who heard about this game know that it is a Japanese made game. There are perks figured in the game, the overall ambiance of the game is futuristic and surreal in a way. Users who are interested in going into a different world during the pandemic must definitely try this one out. Its tracks and courses are smartly placed in order to structure the sheer volume of tracks developed in the gameplay. The difficulty levels of this game can be adjusted according to the player’s skill level; additional sub-levels are mentioned too.


There are many car game development companies trying to create new ways of experiencing driving games, from making cars to driving them in races. To view more games like the ones mentioned above, go to the websites of companies working on new projects. These companies promote driving awareness and safety measures during a drive, sometimes it tends to end up with gamers trying stunts in real-time. The companies making these games that keep driving education and fun simultaneously does a good job.

5 Ways Game development Companies are

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence a.k.a A.I is an innovative tool to generate, enhance and formulate user
experience. This technology is widely used in games and electronics these days. We’ve all
played games right when we were kids to teenagers, even as adults one cannot resist the urge
to pick up that controller and go on a hermit’s adventure with your pet rat. Sure, the mediums
through which people can now play games in the comfort of their homes are a lot. There is no
distinct change in the reason why we play games, simply to de-stress or have fun with friends.
Although throughout the decade the quality of gaming has significantly improved, as did the
genres, strategies, graphics, controls, and plot lines. The area of the user interface passed a few
marks from hand consoled to VIrtual Reality (VR). The next generation most likely inclined
towards the lines of inculcating A.I in video games.

The gaming industry has made a few milestones through the use of A.I in their field of
experience. Right from the technicalities to the overall experience of gaming.

Its Role in NPC Behavior

In the world of game development, any developer would say that NPCs are the backbone to a
much deeper understanding of the story and environment of the game. NPCs or Non- Player
Characters act as a gatekeeper to challenges, hidden backstories, and even puzzles for users
to highly interact with the overall context of the plot. To deliver this action successfully, NPCs
should exhibit certain gestures or behaviors. A.I play a crucial part in controlling the degree of
character in NPCs these days.

There is a method in car games where A.Is try to solve a task from point A to Point B, this is called
Pathfinding. Usually, there is more than one AI for an NPC, depending on the development and
complexity of the game obstacles and its characters. One of the famous examples comes from
the bosses and even monsters fought by Kratos in the God Of War series. The NPCs in this
game have more than one move while attacking and defending, so there is more than one AI
catering to the reactions. Successful implementation of A.I in a player’s gameplay experience is
fruitful not only for the user but also for the game development company.

A.I used in Generating Content

Before A.I game developers would have to individually craft elements present within the
environment of the player, this was not only time-consuming but also a difficult task. As game
development company aim to create aesthetically robust environments and detail-oriented
environments in their games, the role of A.I further deepen. Through a method called
Procedural Generation, the A.I can generate mass content based on digital codes, math, and
commands given by game developers. The outcome is tremendously satisfactory as there are
non-uniform elements created to mimic reality. Take the example of the most talked-about
games in 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, and Subnautica where the entire surrounding of the player is
beautifully displayed with real-world relations, this kind of game allow the user to fully invest
their attention to the gaming experience.

Procedural generation is a fairly new method using A.I to create not only surrounding elements
but also the likelihood of making an entire game out of it. Players usually pay more attention to
the environment and ambiance of the game rather than the plot, this includes weapons or
resources they need, buildings, and structures. The small things amount to make the most
difference in the end, as players continue to look forward to the better-defined quality of games this
pushes game development companies to further use A.I into their work.

Enhancing Individual Gameplay Experience

Similar to making personalized Nike shoe game developers continue to make personalized
games matching only a section of the population of gamers.

This is done so that the player’s experience is more than satisfactory. This method is partially achieved through audience segmentation

Audience segmentation means dividing the general user population into individual categories
based on recent demographic and behaviour data. So where does A.I come in this narrative?

● With the use of A.I it is now possible to create individual user Personalization
● As it learns user behaviour and notes their distinct playing choices
● It then tailors the gameplay experience according to the skill level a user has it
modifies the game difficulty level.
● Keeping the user entertained and motivated to win the game.

When it comes to individual Personalization, the overall experience often results in more than
average satisfaction. This is especially useful for users who adapt faster to difficult levels and
enemies, creating a long-term relationship between the game and the user.

Benefits of Using A.I in Playtests

Playtesting is an important part of game development as it helps identify issues in the
gameplay. Basically, taking mock tests and receiving feedback from human playtesters to
evaluate how ‘fun’ the game actually is or can be.

Now, with the entry of A.I in playtests, the task of identifying the issues or obstructions between
a. A fun experience and a bad one are easier and take less time to resolve an evaluation. Let us
take a look at the game The Real Football, h they used Artificial Contender (AC) which is a form
of A.I. It is a middleware capable of providing data on behaviour of game agents. In the game,
famous athletes and football players were made to playtest and with the use of AC, their moves
were copied to fit the roles of the characters. AC agents could dribble, shoot, pass, perform
tricks similar to how professionals did.

Immense Data Collection on Players

The data collected from car games, mainly based on user behaviour. This is advantageous as A.I
recognizes patterns of action performed by players and if needed, makes changes to the
gameplay to provide optimal performance. So, it is a way of constantly updating the gameplay to
suit the needs of the user gaming experience. For developers, having a huge reservoir of data from
their target customers is a big con because this allows them to make and design content that’s
sure to satisfy their customers. So, establishing a wide source of database and keeping records
stored benefits the company for a long time. This way the customer’s demand will not decline

but keep increasing due to personalized gameplays. But the company should continue
presenting new content which is used to challenge the players in a different way. Invoking this
in different mediums and platforms proves to be positive for the industry to boom economically.

The bottom line is that…

The future of car games, moreover the whole gaming experience takes a bright turn when it comes
to A.I. There may be disadvantages to using A.I in the coming days but there will be rectification
made to limit the losses. The game development companies have curbed their line of business
by investing in A.I it greatly saves time and money. And its an overall good investment

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