Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

Harvest Moon is one of the excellent farming games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game has got good reviews from worldwide gamers. If you need to play more games like Harvest Moon, you have to go through this post and read it until the finish.

Over, there’s no doubt in declaring that Harvest Moon is a great farming game. It simulates a farmer’s life and features a role-playing mode to plant crops, raise livestock, or even fish for food. Everything about Harvest Moon is incredible. The agricultural simulation game is considered to be the best in the market.

Most of us have played the game a lot of times, so you must be tired of playing it every single day. The good news is there are different games like Harvest Moon, which can give you the same enthusiasm and engagement.

Check out the top 10 best Harvest Moon Alternatives every gamer needs to play.

Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

1. Voodoo Garden


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Voodoo Garden is considered one of the top best Harvest Moon Alternatives for apparent reasons. You can grow all the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you will later use to produce even more magical items in this game.

During the gameplay, you also want to chase and catch the animals from the swamp. Those animals will help you to grow more useful and powerful magical items. You can create pets, animals, also, which can be alongside you whole the time. These pets are available to give you more magic powers and gold for voodoo supplies.

As you go on in the game, many more plants, animals, and families have to be unlocked, upgraded, and bought. You are free to do everything to get your garden to seem pretty and enchanting.

2. Rune Factory 4


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Rune Factory 4 is a role-playing game wherever players can craft their shoes to weapons everything they want for their farming.

The game is entirely related to Harvest Moon, but the dungeon concept is new in the game. You can crawl into these dark underground areas. You can go further in the game with creating different statistics to generate new farming equipment. The more you craft and farm, the more upgrades you will get. It is quite simple.

With lots of cool features and new gameplay, Rune Factory four is the best top game to play and enjoy.

3. Wayward


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Wayward is an addictive game for these who are seeing for the best games like Harvest Moon. This game is also a farming game. It is a survival game where? You will want to craft items and collect resources.

The unique information about this game is there are no set rules, and you don’t get to take any class. You don’t get to clear levels. Everything depends on how you play this game. Wayward is an excellent combination of Minecraft, Don’t Starve, Ultima Online, and a little bit of Harvest Moon.

There are over 300 other items for you to craft and interact with, which adds a lot of gameplay time.

4. Stardew Valley


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Stardew Valley gives a modern gaming platform which is inspired so much by Harvest Moon. In the game, you have farming tools, crops to plant, animals to take care of, and townsfolk to become friends and potentially even marry.

What makes Stardew Valley stands out of different best farming games? It is the number about tools, customization options, and side activities that you have access to. You can create gardens, beautiful flowers, and pathways, and grab a sword to explore mines filled with dangerous monsters, plus a lot more.

In the game, you can begin your new life by turning an overgrown field into a blooming farm with doing the activities such as clearing crops, raising livestock, planting them, and earning money to keep your farm.

5. Yonder-The Cloud Catcher Chronicles


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon In 2020

Yonder-The Cloud Catcher Chronicles does an open-world thrilling game by stunning HD graphics of the island. In this game, each player has to perfectly blend the two games’ concepts (Breath of the wild and Harvest Moon), easing the open-world adventure and reproducing farming.

This landscape in the world of Gemea is as extensive and rich as paradise. Snow-capped summits, tropical beaches, green plains, and also. They are made of the best images, making you stand watching instead of harming them.

The beautiful storyline is what makes the game outstanding. The game map is vast and has many unique things to explore with some mysteries to resolve.

6. Moonlighter


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

Moonlighter is another excellent Alternative to Harvest Moon. During this game, you will play the role of Will- an adventurous shopkeeper who attends to his services in the shop throughout the day, and at night, he transforms into a hero.

While in this village, you will run the shop, set the prices, recruit assistants, manage gold reserves, and upgrade your shop.

The more real Will earns, the better weapons. He goes to get the stuff more next time.

7. Funky Barn


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

Other one of the best farming games like Harvest Moon is Funky Barn. The game is an excellent blend of Simulation, building management, and Farming elements. 

To achieve these goals, you’ll have to build the farm doing all the latest technologies. Funky Barn lets you enjoy three stress levels.

You also have to build new animals or even build new machines to help you. Taking care of your animals will involve feeding them and providing appropriate barns for them. You will want to plants trees to keep the animals happy, not to leave your farm.

8. Miramagia


Best 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon in 2020

Miramagia lets you keep from four classes of characters at the start. These character classes add Mages, Sorcerers, Shamans, and Druids. Farming plus special arcane magic creates a new gameplay style that you may have never experienced before everywhere.

This game provides you to take pleasure in three gameplay varieties- one allows you to enjoy Farming. One will allow you to pet numerous breeds of Dragons, and the different helps you use your magical powers to develop crops. Grow your farm by learning cool magic tricks.

9. Hay Day


Hay Day is the best mobile farming game where you will not start by new farming, but by an old land handled so far with your uncle and now taken over with the player from taking care of his farm on behalf of him.

This player started working on it, and gradually, he started growing wheat and the other crops. Plus, you can also build your town and invite others to visit your town.

The game is focused at managing inventory, selling your stuff via trucks, boats, and shops.

10. Animal Crossing: New Leaf


There is a counsellor or a small town president where the tourists are rarely coming in this game. Animal Crossing New Leaf tries to turn a little town into a beautiful paradise to bring all the tourists.

Plus, there’s a powerful tool with which you can create or build new landmarks, buildings, museums, bridges, public centers, and other adequate luxury infrastructures, which adds value for that town. 

The game gives beautiful graphics and enables you to accomplish your whole town as you want to make it attractive.

Final Words

These are amazing of the most popular games, like Harvest Moon, which you will love to play. Which farming games related to Harvest Moon did you like the most? Do let us know with leaving a comment in the box here.


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