5 Games that are next to stress-killers

5 Games that are next to stress-killers

5 Games that are next to stress-killers

Ever popped bubble wrap just for fun. It is such a stress buster, isn’t it? Plus, it is super fun too. It is almost impossible to resist yourself from popping once or twice when the wrap is in front of you. Well, thanks to the internet and digital media, you have various avenues to release the stress that gives you the same exhilaration as a bubble wrap.

Yes, we are talking about video games. Video games have a notorious reputation. Gamers are often stereotyped as anti-social loners, who are always glued to their screens. However, that is not the case anymore. Online gaming has evolved into full-time sports, and professional gamers have the potential to earn quite a bit.

Apart from the monetary benefits, gaming has some intangible benefits to offer as well. Gaming sharpens problem-solving skills, improves creativity, and on top of it all, it is the best stress killer. Games put a person’s mind on autopilot, an alternative to meditation. They are also responsible for elevating happiness because the excitement of winning a game leads to the release of endorphins.

The question, however, is, do all games have the potential to kill stress? Well, that’s not true. We all remember the infamous Flappy Birds that suddenly rose to popularity only to be shut down. The game creator, Dong Nguyen, himself, started to hate the game because people started bashing him for ruining their lives.
At the end of the day, you just want to blow off some steam and not increase your stress hormones. So to help you make the right choice, we have made a list of games that can help you relax and have some fun.

5 Games that are next to stress-killers

1⦁ Candy Crush

We really don’t need to mention this insanely popular game, but in case it has slipped out of your mind, here is a reminder. People went crazy when Candy Crush was launched, and surprisingly, it is still one of the most enjoyable games. In fact, people have spent $200 million since the game was launched, and the franchise earned $1 billion in 2020. That is an insane amount of money for a game as simple as Candy Crush.
The secret of Candy Crush’s success lies in its simplicity. It has been designed in such a way that it makes you feel relaxed. The early levels are pretty easy to play, and you immediately get three stars, which makes you think that you are pretty good at it. And when you are onboard, the Free lunches kick, elevating your excitement levels.

2⦁ Prune

Prune is one of the most relaxing games you will ever come across. This game has won the Apple Game of the Year award and also Time Magazine Game of the Year 2015.
You will immediately fall in love with it if you are a nature lover as it is like your digital plant. With a mere tap of a finger you can design and shape your own trees; you can grow them, let them flourish in sunlight, and keep them safe from the hostile environment.

As Entertainment Weekly puts it, the game is “Wildly creative, totally addictive, and oddly soothing.” You will fall head over heels with its minimalistic user interface and the soothing music in the background. You don’t have to master any talent or be alert with this game; it is more of a bewitching experience that puts all of your worries at peace.

3⦁ Bubble Wrap

Whoever thought of a virtual Bubble Wrap, deserves an award. Imagine popping those bubbles endlessly without the fear of them running out. This game is ideal for getting rid of any negative and destructive emotions.
Just with a tap of your finger, you can explore all these bubbles and have the time of your life. No longer waiting in queues or long commutes have to be boring; you can get this game on your phone and have fun.

4⦁ Snowball fight

Ever had a snowball fight with your buddies? Do you desperately wait for winter so you can have some amazing time with your friends? Well, now you can have these entertaining fights virtually regardless of the season.
Just make a ball and throw them at others and reload whenever you run out. This amazing game by Unlimited Gamez Mo is a true stress buster. It will rest all your fears and anxiety and let you escape the harshness of reality for a while.

5⦁ Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is a tile-matching game that has been specifically designed for PlayStation 4. The game is critically acclaimed and has also managed to bag the Game of the Year award by many publications. Gaming is considered one of the best ways of beating stress in the 21st century, and Tetris helps you achieve that very effectively. The game comes with a soothing interface and music that really calms your nerves.

According to Science Daily, playing Tetris can be quite beneficial for your brain as it leads to a thicket cortex and improves brain efficiency. So not only do you have fun and release stress, but you also sharpen your brain.

Let go of your worries

In this fast-paced life, when everything is changing so rapidly, and competition is tough, it is easy to get stressed about everything and anything. However, stress does not spell good news as it comes with a host of problems. It doesn’t only negatively impact your health, but it causes long-term problems, and hence you need to effectively manage it. And there is no better way than gaming.

Gamers would understand why we are so enthusiastically linking gaming with stress relief; they know what it feels like to escape reality and enjoy small wins. If you do not fall into the category of a gamer, then you should consider this avenue to blow off some steam.

You can easily download the games mentioned above on your cellphone and start relaxing your mind whenever you get a chance. Remember though, the key here is balance. We don’t want you to get addicted.

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