How Technology Enhances The Experience of Watching Sports?

How Technology Enhances The Experience of Watching Sports?

Technology is rapidly evolving, and with each passing day, we get to see some new
magical aspects of it in one form or the other. In the UK context, it is unarguably one of
the prominent tech hubs of the world. Many start-ups have arrived and made it big on a
global scale in only a few years, many of them are enjoying the Unicorn status.
Technology has a significant role to play in the sports as well, and over the years, it
made watching sports a seamless experience. Gone are those days when watching a
soccer match used to be an exhausting task with repeated disruptions and restricted
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How Technology Enhances The Experience of  Watching Sports?


Let’s see how technology has entirely transformed the way we watch sports:

We don’t usually observe the changes in our viewing experience, it could be first down
the line in soccer or the cricket score is displayed on the bottom of the screen.
These and some other similar facilities were unheard of up until a few years ago. It indeed
made our watching experience more rewarding. These days you even have a 360-
degrees viewing experience, all because of technological advancements.

  •  Information Sources

There are umpteen sources of information about your favorite team, favorite player
, or favorite sport. There are many portals online providing such information about
sports trivia, player statistics, achievements, analysis, and opinions. There are small
businesses also coming up offering live sports streaming free of cost.

  • Monitoring Performance

For not only viewers but also technology has become beneficial for players and coaches
as well. They can now watch the highlights, study other teams and players through the
match highlights and recordings. Coaches can analyse the performance of their players in
the last tournament from the recorded videos or watch opponents game to assess their
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  •  Fair Play

A basketball game is superfast with players swiftly running close to each other that it
makes it difficult to see whose foul it is. This goes for other sports as well as hockey,
football, cricket, etc. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to watch the replay to
make a fair decision. It eradicates the element of subjectivity and gives decision based
on the actual frame by frame review of the game.
For instance: Hawk-eye technology in cricket made it possible to give leg before wicket
decisions and stick meter technology made it possible to check whether the ball
touched the bat before going to the wicket-keeper or not.

  • Training & Nutrition

Sprinting and hitting the gym is the old age method in the fitness regime, athletes and
sports personalities are leveraging technological gadgets. These are fitness wearable
gadgets, for instance, quantifying your workout. The training recording devices, video
training, and meditation sessions are proving to be a blessing for sports enthusiasts.

  • Buying Tickets

Remember the days when you have to stand in long queues to get the ticket of the
legendary ashes cricket match at Lord’s? The worst part was you are not sure whether
you will get the passes or not despite waiting for hours in that queue. Well, technology
has made it possible to purchase tickets while sitting on your couch now. You can now
buy tickets for almost any sport online with just a few clicks and online payment. You
don’t need money now to buy the match tickets.

  • Stadium Facilities

Stadiums have entirely changed in the past few years with the advent of technology. We
now have smart venues, including gigantic HD trons. modern sound systems playing
music, electronic scoreboards, and your favorite lip-smacking snacks and beer being
served at your seat. All this adds to your watching experience while you are cheering for
your team. Even if you miss any moment, there are replays on the colossal LEDs.

  • Better Understanding of the Game

There are a whole lot of intricacies involved in sports today. New rules are being
introduced from time to time. Technology has made things easier by updating viewers
with the new regulations. A case in point here is of ESPN Axis about games highlights
and explaining the intricacies involved. All this makes it possible to be in touch with the
nitty-gritty of the game for an all-round experience.

  • Watch Anytime

Suppose you ever get nostalgic about a legendary Manchester United football match or
the much talked about Nadal vs Federer match. In that case, you can anytime access to
them and watch it on your personal device. If there was a match, you missed it because of
work. You can go anytime and watch it all over again. There are highlights and even
complete match recordings of several sports events available online for you to stream


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