History and Features of the FIFA Series Simulator

There are many games that have become iconic both for their time and in general for the entire history of the development of the gaming industry. And in each genre, one can single out some kind of game that is known all over the world. In the sports simulation genre, this is FIFA.

Today, FIFA 23 is a rather difficult game for beginner gamers, but many people want to immerse themselves in this virtual sport. To help new players and professionals, there are special boosting companies that help players upgrade their accounts. In the case of FIFA, boosting companies provide fifa coins at a bargain price. Without coins, it will be extremely difficult for you to play at a high level and it will be almost impossible to assemble a dream team consisting of first-class football players.

First FIFA Version

The football computer game FIFA was developed by the Electronic Arts division of EA Canada in 1994. The first version was called FIFA International Soccer and was available both for personal computers and for some game consoles (among them several Sega versions and several others). The game was so liked by the players that it had record sales. By the way, FIFA games have always had high sales figures and they are among the top world bestsellers among games.

History and features of the FIFA series simulator

The game is a simulator of a full-fledged football match in which the player is given the opportunity:

  • to choose teams of national championships or national teams;
  • to determine the composition of the teams before the match;
  • to manage the selected team during the match;
  • to dribble across the virtual field without the ball;
  • to pump yourself up in the football player’s career mode;
  • to go through the process of virtual training and much more;
  • to buy special offline accounts of the game.

What is the value of version 2023?

The end of the franchise has already thrown many fans of the series, who are used to saving money to buy the next version, into confusion. Further football match simulators will be called EA Sports FC instead of the version that has already been established for more than 27 years. That is why the value of the final part of the most popular franchise is so great.

However, it should be noted that after the end of cooperation between EA and the International Football Federation, the gameplay of the new version will not differ from the gameplay of FIFA. But players will no longer be able to see in EA Sports FC all those world championships, as well as other games that were available in the virtual version during the cooperation of the two companies.

That is why fans of the version and football fans will be able to enjoy the latest classic version of 2023 and choose what to do: continue playing the old versions, or accept the new game.

Key Features and Options

The key features of the final series of the franchise are the following components:

  • The addition of women’s football club tournaments was not previously the case. Women’s football in the world of sports is actively developing and the creators of the game could not ignore this fact.
  • The appearance of a female football player on the cover of the publication (for the first time in the history of the series). This is a very significant event for many people who may not have even played this game before.
  • The presence of women in the composition of the teams.
  • Full cross-platform system support.
  • Improvement of HyperMotion technology to HyperMotion2. The graphics in FIFA 23 have become even better than they were – the players, their movements, the physics of the ball – it all looks even more realistic. You immerse yourself in the game and feel like a real football player. A significant improvement in the graphic component, adding elements of greater realism to it is one of the most important features for football fans.
  • A training center that has received a full-fledged upgrade.
  • Partial unification of Volta and Pro Clubs modes.
  • Updated goal-scoring celebrations.
  • Improving and refining the career mode.
  • Deeper refinement and rethinking of the Ultimate Team mode.
  • Adding four new players to the Ultimate Team (Park Ji-sun, Claudio Marchisio, Yaya Toure, and Ricardo Carvalho).
  • The opportunity to play for free in several new tournaments.
  • The game against artificial intelligence became more difficult.

If you run the game on very powerful hardware at the highest settings or on a console, you may not notice that the screen is not a real match, but its simulation. Graphics stepped a few steps forward and is admirable. Sometimes a screenshot from FIFA 23 can really be confused with a photo from a real match.

Electronic Arts has the absolute majority of International Football Association licenses, so the game has a huge number of championships and players, as well as football legends. The choice is truly huge, and assembling your squad and experimenting with it is a separate pleasure, for which many people play FIFA itself and FUT in particular.

History and features of the FIFA series simulator


The Fifa series from Electronic Arts, which delighted millions of users around the world, ceases to exist with its head held high and with a lot of improvements, updates, and rethinking of the mechanics of the game, technical features, and much more.

Everyone has already plunged into the unforgettable world of the most popular team sport. Also, each player will have a choice – whether to play a new version of the football simulator from an American developer, or prefer the old versions.

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