8 Best Game Streaming Apps for Android (2024)

With game streaming apps for Android, streaming games or viewing game streams has become easy. The way content from games is shared differs significantly amongst these mobile apps.

If you love sharing your gaming experiences with others via live streams or short videos. One of the most effective methods to do so is to use an app that allows you to record and broadcast your gameplay live.

While there are several apps to stream games on Android, it might be difficult to decide which one to use. That is not anything you need be concerned about, as we have discussed the greatest options in this post. If you require game streaming apps for Android, you may find them below.

Also, if you have no intention of streaming your gameplay, you may watch your favorite streamers showcase their gaming moments. You may do this using a handful of the apps listed below.

8 Best Game Streaming Apps for Android

1. Streamlabs

Streamlabs allows you to broadcast your game play on any platform, making it one of the top options. It distinguishes out for its broad set of tools for game streamers.

In-app notifications and conversation moderation are among the features supported by the app, which improves the live streaming experience. All games operate with Streamlabs and may be shared on any platform.

In addition to extensive tools, Streamlabs provides free widgets. Some of the widgets include a chat box, event list, contribution ticket, and many more. Setting up streams on this app is simple; you’ll find it easy to use.

2. Nimo TV

Nimo TV is one of the few Android apps that serves as a portal to the world of gaming live streams. Whether you’re a player or wish to stream, this app assures a pleasant experience.

Nimo TV allows you to stream popular online shooting games and MMORPGs. The app’s layout is user-friendly and focused on community participation.

Furthermore, Nimo TV enables users to make money via their live streams. Users may also access features like live chats, donation buttons, and much more. It’s an app that makes sense for streaming games.

3. AZ Recorder

AZ Recorder is a popular screen recorder among Android users. It enables you to record videos with audio without a watermark. One of the notable features is its ability to record in excellent quality.

AZ Recorder supports gameplay recording, ensuring that your gaming memories be documented and shared with others. Furthermore, it has no game preferences since it works with all games.

In addition, AZ Recorder has a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, chop, combine, and add subtitles to videos. Here’s an app for mobile gamer content creators.

4. Rooter

Next on the list is Rooter, which has evolved into a worldwide platform for players to connect. Its interaction with various platforms allows you to stream your favorite games.

As an Android user, you may live stream your gameplay, interact with other streamers, and get rewards. Once you’ve signed up with Rooter, everything is simple and easy. In addition, the app has a user-friendly UI.

Rooter also features an income component in which users may earn incentives by viewing videos. In addition, both streamers and spectators may refer and win.

5. Twitch

Twitch is a widely popular name in the world of live streaming for any content, not just video games. From esports competitions to casual gaming sessions, the app streams support live streams of a variety of games.

Twitch also allows users to connect with like-minded players and find new content. Twitch makes it easy to start up streams.

Twitch viewers may now support their favorite streamers by subscribing and making contributions. It is a platform that facilitates relationships between game streamers and watchers.

6. Bigo Live

Another app on the list is Bigo Live, which serves as a social streaming center for content makers. You can effortlessly stream or watch your favorite games. For one-on-one chats, the app also features a chat room.

Bigo Live, as a social streaming platform, allows you to discover streams such as music, dance, and more. Users may make money via contributions from viewers, much as other apps do.

Bigo Live makes the world of social streaming less difficult. It eliminates the need for complicated software and a PC. This app makes everything easy, from going live to hosting vlogs.

7. Loco

As a watcher who never wants to miss the newest eSport tournaments, Loco is a must-have app. It provides Android users with a unique combination of competitive games and entertaining content across all screens.

One of the most notable features is that it offers live streams of esports tournaments, gaming events, and other programs. With Loco, you’ll never miss out on any major streams from your favorite players.

Furthermore, the app’s minimalism conveys a sense of high-quality creation. In addition, Loco features live chat, real-time interactivity, and contribution options. Finally, all games may be broadcast and watched without restrictions.

8., like AZ Recorder, has almost same functionality. For game content makers, this app allows you to record and share game experiences with your audience. has more features than other game recorders, which makes it recommendable. It is a lightweight app that allows you to record games at high definition and supports both internal and external audio.

The game recorder also includes an editor that allows you to add personal touches to your videos. Regardless of the game you’re playing, guarantees that you may record your gameplay seamlessly.

Get It Now Conclusion

These apps make it easy to stream games on Android. They eliminate the need to utilize a PC or other commercial software tool to share content. Whether you’re streaming or watching, the options above will help you select the right app.


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