A Detailed Guide on Ludo Gameplay

Even in today’s futuristic world, millions of people still love indulging in board games, both in offline and online formats. The game’s features and gameplay are two main reasons why the classic board game is still relevant among millions of people. This article will cover ludo and its gameplay in detail and list some important things to keep in mind when indulging in ludo matches. Let us get started:

What is Ludo?

According to Britannica, ludo or pachisi is a classic strategy-based board game in which two to four players play, either on a physical ludo game board or online, using an online ludo game. Pachisi, ludo’s first predecessor, is said to be around thousands of years old, i.e., it is believed to have originated in 3300 BC.

How to Play Ludo:

As mentioned earlier, there are two primary ways of indulging in ludo – in the old, orthodox offline way and the modern-day virtual medium. Here is a brief look at how enthusiasts can indulge in both:

  • Offline Ludo – The offline mode of playing ludo is the classic way of enjoying the game. To play ludo offline, players need to have a physical game board along with the required number of playing pieces. Besides this, players also need to have physical dice to roll numbers or turns.
  • Online Ludo – This way of indulging in ludo is the modern method that is preferred over the conventional offline method, thanks to the benefits it offers. To play ludo online, all interested individuals require is a solid online ludo game on their smartphones and a stable Internet connection for a seamless experience.

All About Ludo’s Gameplay:

Unlike most other popular board games that are played without making strategies, like snakes and ladders, ludo requires players to come up with effective tactics and strategies to win matches. Moreover, every player in a ludo game has a definitive objective they have to achieve. Here is a detailed look at the objective of players in ludo matches, the gameplay, and the movement rules:

Objective – The main objective of every player, whether they are playing an offline or online ludo game, is to ensure each of their four tokens reaches their respective bases first before the tokens of their opponents do. To achieve this, players need to move every playing piece once around the playing board in a clockwise direction and lead them to their home triangle or base to emerge victorious in matches.

Movement of Playing Pieces – The most significant element in ludo games are the tokens or playing pieces that players need to move as per the die’s roll. To begin moving any of their tokens, every player needs to first take them out of the house by rolling a six. If any player has managed to take all of their playing pieces out of the house by rolling sixes, they can utilise every one of their turns on their preferred token and move them.

Here is a detailed look at how the classic board game is played:

  • In the case of offline ludo matches, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players place a physical ludo board in between themselves and sit around it. Each player is assigned a side and a house of a specific color containing four playing pieces or tokens.
  • To start the game, players need to decide which participant gets the first turn. To do so, everyone rolls the die once, and the individual who obtains the highest number starts the match.
  • The first player rolls the die in an attempt to roll a six and take out the first token from their respective house. If they obtain a six, they get another turn. Once the first player is done with their turn, it passes on to the player seated on their left-hand side.
  • This continues in the clockwise direction, i.e., every player in the match gets to take turns to roll numbers and move their playing pieces so that it successfully reaches their respective base before the tokens of other players do.

Important Things Players Should Keep In Mind When Playing Ludo:

There are specific important things that every player, whether they are playing online or offline, should keep in mind to enhance their chances of performing better and winning matches. Here are some of them:

  • Besides constantly trying to move their playing pieces ahead on the ludo board, players should also actively try to eliminate their opponents’ tokens. To do so, players must chase their opponents’ tokens and land on them by rolling the required number to eliminate them.
  • Players can enhance the safety of their playing pieces by stacking them on top of one another, i.e., placing them on the same square. Doing so prevents opponents’ tokens from eliminating them. This is applicable in most types of ludo matches.
  • Rolling a six can be the turning point for players in any ludo match. It is a powerful number that benefits players in many ways. For starters, after obtaining a six, players can utilize it to take one of the playing pieces out of the box. Besides this, after rolling a six, players get another turn, thereby enhancing their turn’s overall value.

One of the main reasons why tons of people around the globe love indulging in ludo even today is because the game has top-notch gameplay features suitable for people of all ages. Individuals wishing to begin playing ludo can refer to the aforementioned sections for a seamless journey.

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