The Best Bar Carts for Style, Function, and Glamour

The best bar carts are available in various forms and styles, and they are a must-have for anyone who likes to perfect their cocktail-making abilities without leaving the house. While storing your goods in a closet or pantry is feasible, having a dedicated bar cart makes your setup more stylish, organized, and available for any time happy hour strikes. The Williams Sonoma Industrial Rolling Bar Cart is our top pick, a stylish yet functional alternative with a removable tray for added functionality. Still, other options are on our list to fit every mixologist’s style and demands.


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The Williams Sonoma Industrial Rolling Bar Cart is chic yet functional, with a roomy three-tiered shelving system with dedicated slots for wine bottles and wine or martini glasses.

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But before shopping for the best bar cart, remember a few things. To begin, decide whether you want a portable cart to roll from room to room or a stationary piece of furniture that you will keep in your eating area. Ensure your bar cart has enough space to hold bottles, glasses, and other accessories, such as cocktail napkins, bottle openers, shakers, jiggers, and muddlers. “The whole point of a bar cart is to show off the endless possibilities of incredible cocktails you can make for yourself or your guests.” To begin with, simplicity is essential. “A cluttered bar cart is an eyesore, Ryan Wainwright, National Brand Ambassador at Bombay Sapphire Gin. And if you typically stick to wine, make sure your bar cart has a space or slots to safely store stemware. Lastly, bar carts can be prone to spills, so consider the material you choose and be mindful of how easy or challenging it is to clean.

We investigated top-rated selections to assist you in determining the best bar carts available, paying particular attention to the balance of form and usefulness. Here are 10 of the best bar carts for every style, budget, or size of bar collection.

Best Bar Cart Overall

A Versatile Cart That Matches Multiple Decor Styles


Williams Sonoma Industrial Rolling Bar Cart with Removable Serving Tray
Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Industrial Rolling Bar Cart With Removable Serving Tray


Material: Wood and steel | Dimensions: 24.4 x 15.75 x 34.65 inches

This simple cart from Williams Sonoma may match many different decor types, and bar carts should be versatile and sleek. The streamlined design is chic yet functional thanks to a roomy three-tiered shelving system that can accommodate both tall liquor bottles and wrought iron slots for safely storing wine bottles and wine or martini glasses.

The cart has four wheels for increased portability and can be locked in place when not in use. The lips on both the top and bottom tier ensure nothing rolls off, keeping bottles, glassware, and accessories in place while the cart is moving. The top tier is removable and can be used as a serving tray for further usefulness.

Finally, the wood and steel design makes cleaning easy: wipe down any spills or splatter with a damp towel.

Best Rattan Bar Cart

An Ergonomically Designed Bar Cart That’s Timeless And Elegant

Bar Carts
West Elm

West Elm Rattan Bar Cart


Material: Rattan | Dimensions: 34 x 18x 32 inches

Bar carts are as much a decorative feature as they are a piece of functional storage, and this rattan cart has a distinct style that makes it an appealing addition to any dining room or living room. The cart is made of 100% rattan and is sturdy and durable, with broad looped handles that are easy to manage. When not in use, the four wheels lock into place, simultaneously making it portable and stable.

Another essential component in bar carts? “You need things to have defined grooves to fit in so that nothing moves around on the top or bottom racks as it rolls,” Wainwright adds. This rack has six slots that securely hold bottles upright, eliminating the possibility of tipping over and spilling or shattering. The top and bottom racks are large enough to hold many bottles, accessories, and glasses, and the rattan is a natural material that is easy to clean with soap and water. Remember that this cart lacks a drawer for storing accessories and a specific wine or martini glass holder.

Best Outdoor Bar Cart

A Smartly Designed Cart That’s Perfect For Your Next Backyard Party


Permasteel Patio Cooler

$227$274Save $47 (17%)

Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 37.5 x 20.25 x 33.5 inches

When filling an outdoor bar cart, Wainwright thinks ensuring it’s genuinely designed for outdoor use is critical. “I can’t tell you how many warped, rusted, cracking bar carts I have seen in my life,” he continues. The Permasteel 80-quart Patio Cooler is made of powder-coated steel, making it long-lasting and resistant to wind, rain, and sun. It has four wheels, making it easy to transport about your patio or yard, and they effortlessly lock in place for increased stability. In addition to durability, Wainwright emphasizes that every outdoor bar cart must have a solution for keeping drinks cold, reducing the number of trips you need to make back and forth to your refrigerator. He argues that a big unsightly ice bucket on top of your elegantly designed bar cart or a bar cart that leaks water every time it moves is the last thing you want. This option includes an insulated cooler that can hold up to 110 cans, keeping you stocked all day.

In addition, it has a sturdy bottom rack for keeping additional cases of beer or liquor. The outside includes a built-in bottle opener with a cap catcher for added practicality. Though this cart is fantastic for casual picnics, remember there is little space to prepare complex cocktails. There is no drawer to keep accessories organized and dry, and the surface is a hinged door that opens to the cooler.

Best Splurge Bar Cart

A Complete Mobile Bar For Mixing Professional-Quality Cocktails

Bar Carts
Williams Sonoma

Dometic MoBar 550S Outdoor Mobile Bar Cart


Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 49.25 x 24.5 x 38.5

Consider the Domestic MoBar 550s for a complete bar setup that any professional bartender would envy. This serious gimmick is more than just a bar cart—it is a fully-equipped mobile bar designed for use at home. Unlike most ordinary alternatives, this cart includes a full wine refrigerator that can hold up to 39 bottles and LED lighting makes it easy to view inside without opening the door. It has a barware cabinet to keep supplies organized and a retractable speed rail for easy access to spirits. A roomy top shelf features an insulated ice bucket and a workbench with a serving tray and oak prep board.

Electric controls allow for precise temperature regulation—you can choose a temperature ranging from 36 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This implies that this bar can hold both ice-cold vodka and flawlessly cooled pinot noir at the same time. The large workstation has a prep board for quickly cutting citrus and other cocktail garnishes, and the steel serving tray has handles for added convenience.

Despite its size and bulk, this device is supported by four wheels, two of which lock to keep it securely in place.

Best Modern Bar Cart

A Gilded Piece That Adds A Touch Of Glamour

Metropolitan Mirrored Glass Top Metal Bar Cart by iNSPIRE Q Bold

$306$374Save $68 (18%)

Material: Glass and steel| Dimensions: 40 x 16 x 37.4

This modern piece is chic and streamlined, with space for eight stemmed wine glasses and four bottles of wine. It has four tiers that help keep bottles, glassware, and accessories neatly organized. The simple yet elegant glass and aluminum construction allows it to blend in with various design styles and color palettes.

The four levels have a mirrored-glass finish that makes it easy to wipe down when necessary. Use a basic glass cleaner or moist towel to wipe down any spills, dust, or splatter. This cart has four lockable wheels and a built-in handle that may be used as a towel holder.

Best Round Bar Cart

A Petite And Portable Choice For Small Spaces

Bar Carts
Sur La Table

Willow Three-Tiered Bar Cart


Material: Iron and tempered glass | Dimensions: 29.6 x 16.5 x 29.8

Round bar carts are fantastic for smaller areas because they’re an easy way to save floor space. This wheeled cart has been thoughtfully designed to optimize storage space. Three tiers provide ample surface area for storing bottles and glasses. At the same time, a towel rack allows you to hang wipe cloths and lock-in wheels for convenience, and the top and bottom tiers include lips to prevent bottles and glassware from tipping over the edges. Choose between two classic colors: gunmetal gray and gold, which can readily integrate with many decor styles and color palettes.

Best Budget Bar Cart

A Sturdy, Sleek And Affordable Option


Everly Quinn Malke Bar Cart

$195$215Save $20 (9%)

Material: Tempered glass and metal | Dimensions: 34.65 x 15.75 x 36.61

Many bar carts can be expensive but don’t have to be. When shopping for a low-cost solution, make sure it’s functional and stylish, with plenty of storage space for bottles and glassware. This Everly Quinn selection has many layers, racks, and slots to hold various equipment stylishly and streamlined. It includes a built-in wine rack that can hold six bottles vertically and a separate shelf that can hold four bottles safely on their side.

This inexpensive cart can hold up to eight pieces of stemware and bottles. The tempered glass construction is sleek and simple, easy to clean with a moist cloth. The cart is supported by four casters that can be rotated 360 degrees and locked when not used. This is a simple cart that is functional and efficient, so it makes an inexpensive addition to any kitchen, dining room, or living room.

How to Style A Bart Cart Like A Pro?

According to Wainwright, the best way to style a bar cart like a pro is to keep it streamlined and organized. “Styling a professional bar cart returns to simplicity,” he explains. “The best bar carts are the most focused, which means that not every bottle you bought should live on this cart.” A high-quality cart should be focused, functional, and well-curated, leaving you with a few bottles that can do much.

How Do You Style A Bar Cart Without Alcohol?

Because bar carts are so versatile, they’re easy to style even without booze. “When hosting a gathering, it’s critical to ensure everyone has a good time and feels included,” adds Wainwright. Add ornamental glassware in various shapes, sizes, and colors to style a bar cart without alcohol. Next, combine a few bottles of your favorite nonalcoholic spirits with soft drinks such as tonic water, club soda, or flavored bitters. “Fortunately, there are so many nonalcoholic spirits available, and the best part is that they have evolved so much that I frequently incorporate them in my alcoholic recipes,” adds Wainwright. “It is such a game changer when you can accommodate everyone and include everyone.”

What Do You Put On An Outdoor Bar Cart?

“If not done correctly, outdoor bar carts can fail miserably,” Wainwright warns. “First and foremost, ensure the cart is designed to be used outdoors.” “Make sure not to buy just any bar cart—outdoor bar carts are a completely different beast,” he says. “To avoid constantly running back to the kitchen fridge, an outdoor bar cart should have space for ice and a chiller or refrigerator.” You’ll also need locations to store fresh citrus and garnishes like mint. “Make sure to visualize the moments you want to create outside and use that to find the bar cart that is right for you,” Wainwright said.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Bar Cart

Consider style, durability, versatility, and portability when shopping for a bar cart. Because a bar cart is a piece of furniture, it should match your décor style and taste. However, it should also be functional, so examine your demands before purchasing one. A bar cart should have enough space to store bottles, glassware, accessories, and tools. Think about whether you want a mobile cart or a stationary cart. If you want something more portable, ensure it has a handlebar and wheels that lock when not in use.

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