10 Best Funny My Apps and Games for Android

Best Funny My Apps and Games for Android: People see the Internet as a vast source of enjoyment for all kinds of new technologies. However, with typefaces that are all over the place, it is difficult for users to find the funny bits. So, apps and games make funny material depending on what people desire and what’s popular. They make you feel less bored and trapped in a routine, and they may even make you laugh, which is good for your health. While some employ real or made-up pictures for fun, several of these funny apps and games for Android contain animations that make the caricatures come to life.

10 Best Funny My Apps and Games for Android

Each day, hundreds of new apps and games are added to the Google Play Store. Some are at the top of the list because they have the best ratings, while others are far ahead because they have been downloaded the most times. I haven’t gotten a chance to review the top 10 funny apps and games for Android smartphones yet.

1. BuzzFeed: news, tasty, and quizzes.

Buzzfeed offers a lot of funny content, but it also includes important news about a variety of topics that people are keen to know about. This app has everything from political jokes to YouTube videos, viral photos from movies, glamorous photos of celebrities, and details on their personal life my apps and games.

This app has the majority of the nice and funny content you might desire. They seem to have placed this Android app in a position where it may compete with other enjoyable Funny my Apps and Games.

Important Features:

  • It contains a lot of various things to do, like news, shopping, quizzes, funny videos, and articles that are currently trending.
  • “Explore” displays a vertical list of possibilities, including animals, communities, buzz, entertainment, music, technology, style, and more.
  • When you choose to shop, you will be sent to your favorite companies’ online shops, where you may purchase your things securely.
  • Send emails, Facebook messages, Pinterest pins, and tweets including any news or news-related items, like pictures and videos.
  • You can stay up to date by saving your favorite posts and syncing them to other devices that can do the same.
  • Trending news will display the most current news of the day, including any stories that have gone viral. There, you may like and comment.

2. Easy Xkcd My Apps and Games

The majority of funny Android apps mislead users into utilizing micro transactions at any cost, which makes users fall in love. Easy xkcd, on the other hand, is one of the funny Android apps that is free. Simply download the game and spend a lot of time with its hilarious and insanely funny material. The fun thing is that the characters and funny pictures that accompany with it will show up if you open a comic by its transliteration, title, or number.

Important Features:

  • There are a lot of hefty alternatives to choose from, like Snap, 50ccs, Speed and Danger, bread, World War 3+, and many more.
  • There is a “What If” option at the top that will give you a tale on a certain subject with amusing pictures.
  • Snack bars, a floating action button, a colorful status bar, animations, and a night mode are some of the app’s real possibilities.
  • Choose, bookmark, and save the articles that you like. You may also conceal them until you’re ready to read them.
  • When you’re offline, the card option neatly organizes all of your comics.
  • If you choose the “What If” option, you’ll be sent to some of the top study papers by well-known scholars, which may teach you a lot about art.

3. Imgur: Discover funny GIFs, memes, and viral videos.

Imgur, a site for hosting images, works nicely with Reddit, thus the two sites may benefit from one other. To easily make use of the picture link, Reddit users may utilize the Imgur app. The GUI is fun to look at, and the layout of each GIF makes it quite attractive.

It, like Reddit, offers a fantastic collection of GIFs, funny videos, memes, vines, one-liners, LOL photos, amazing scientific facts, puns, art, and comics that users can easily utilize to pass the time.

Important Features:

  • Every minute, Imgur provides you fresh memes and funny remarks that have swept over social media.
  • Because it combines your community with the Reddit community, this app lets you share anything with this large audience.
  • This app’s platform is so powerful that posting a picture of a corgi butt will spread like wildfire.
  • This app is appealing since it has a lot of games, movies, comics, art, board games, Pokémon, and other things.
  • Imgur teaches you everything about cats, like how each ear has 32 muscles and how funny and lovely their pictures are.
  • Imgur also contains all kinds of funny videos and photos, including audio GIFs, as a meme app or GIF finder.

4. TikTok: Make Your Day

TikTok is among the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. In a short period of time, it has been downloaded over 1 billion times. It has proved that this app cannot be stopped due to what it can achieve, despite the fact that many tech professionals and common users have voiced negative things about it. This app lets people shoot videos and then add effects and music to make them more fun and intriguing. Most funny video memes are made using this app.

Important Features:

  • TikTok can easily determine what you like and put it in your customized video stream. This includes dance, dubbing, singing, and acting.
  • You may get motivated by viewing millions of motivational videos made by artists of all kinds to show off their talents.
  • When a playlist is added to a TikTok video, it makes it stronger. To make a playlist, choose from pop, rock, hip-hop, rock, and so on.
  • Use a lot of fun face filters, 100+ emoji stickers, and beauty effects to wow your friends and get them to follow you.
  • You may use the built-in camera to snap pictures or videos. The application includes tools for trimming, customizing, and cropping videos.
  • In order to keep people delighted, live stream filters are often updated and made as user-friendly and well-thought-out as possible.

5. YouCam Fun: Live Selfie Filters and Photo Sharing.

YouCam Fun is one of the funny Android apps, particularly for gorgeous females looking to make their photos stand out even more. With this app, your phone’s camera will transform into a large photo booth with additional features and amazing effects.

There are several face effects that may add glitter and charm to your greatest postures. Live photo filters and moving selfie stickers will make your costume even more outrageous. You can also personalize your existing photos from the gallery.

Important Features:

  • Using an augmented reality (AR) filter, you may easily make yourself appear like a princess with a flower crown or a comic book character like Cinderella.
  • Add stickers to your live videos and share them with your friends. Use text in a video to make jokes.
  • Choose from features like Frames, Backgrounds, Light Leakage, Scratch and Grunge, etc. to make your photos appear better and more fashionable.
  • Using the YouCam Fun app, you can take the most realistic and beautiful selfies, making your face appear even better.
  • You may capture videos as long as your smartphone has 1GB of RAM and works with Android 5.0.
  • A vast collection of haircuts, animal faces, costumes, and other things allow you to change the appearance of your face.

6. MomentCam Design and Stickers

There are numerous fun online apps for Android that your avatar may use to share on social media, but they are difficult to access and utilize on the go. MomentCam will address this issue and give you the flexibility to show how you feel by creating an avatar on these apps.

You may make one-of-a-kind presents and share drawings and emoticons with your friends using your Android mobile. If you wish to utilize additional features, you can purchase them online, although most are free.

Important Features:

  • To make an avatar, choose the best photos, choose between comics and emoticons, select a backdrop from a large selection, and change them.
  • These new features allow you to make your own backgrounds if you purchased the pro edition.
  • You may share your drawings and emojis with the MomentCam community and receive awards and prizes for participating in various activities.
  • A lot of various hair, glasses, caps, a beard, a mustache, and eyebrows may be used to make your favorite avatar.
  • Choose from the most popular mood emoticons, like Sick, 4+ avatars, Baby, Love, Birthday, Angry, Football, and many more my apps and games.

7. Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App

All users are interested in deep fake technologies. Funny apps that can also be used to edit photos are among the most well-liked for Android smartphones. A Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App is a place where you can have fun and edit photos. This A1 app lets you put your picture on top of a lot of GIFs and memes, which is why it works. It simply takes a few seconds to change your picture, but it will show everyone that you are renowned.

Important Features:

  • The free version can rapidly change your photos to any kind of GIF.
  • You may snap selfies, choose GIFs, and make new versions of them to appear like a celebrity or someone you like.
  • Face filters make it easy to find yourself in the funniest customized GIFs or memes by inserting your cut-out face in them.
  • You may view videos of Justin Bieber, Shakira, or any other beloved movie celebrity by syncing your face.
  • You may make funny videos or memes and share them on various social media sites to become the most popular in the Reface community.

8. Voice Changer

Text-to-speech and translation apps for Android may be familiar to you, but they have nothing to do with funny content. Voice Charger, on the other hand, is one of those entertaining Android apps that will make you laugh so hard you’ll fall out of your chair. You may either record your voice immediately or utilize the one that is already there. Then you may use the effects to make it sound funny and shocking.

Important Features:

  • You may record your voice in a variety of ways, such as monster, ghost, alien, robot, child, and more.
  • You may add diversity to your voice by viewing video advertisements or paying for ad-free mode.
  • Suppose you have a sore throat or a cold. Simply write the text, and it will be read out automatically.
  • To make huge audio files smaller while maintaining the same speed, choose “Low Latency Mode”.
  • Use the Piano mode to view a grand piano and alter your voice in the same manner.
  • Create a sound-based image and post it on Facebook and other social media platforms. You may also make it ring on your phone.

9. 9GAG: Funny GIFs, Photos, Recent Memes, and Viral Videos.

People hand-picked the jokes, GIFs, memes, vines, cosplay, parodies, lol photos, videos, and more in the 9GAG collection. This app outperforms the majority of new apps available online. Despite the fact that Facebook and other social media sites allow you choose from a lot of GIFs, it would be difficult to find the correct GIFs for the right content without 9GAG’s timely collection of these memes. This app offers categories like animals, anime, cars, comics, and webcomics, as well as not safe for work (NSFW), WTF, and so on Funny my Apps and Games.

Important Features:

  • With a standard internet connection, this app will function quicker and without latency, eliminating the need to scroll.
  • Just like the majority of funny Android apps, 9GAG lets you share your most recent posts via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and IGTV.
  • If you notice a post that you believe your friends should be aware of, upvote it and leave a comment.
  • This app lets you save your favorite posts so you can access them with a single swipe and features a dark mode.
  • Get country memes, conceal things before your parents see them, and save as many postings as you wish.
  • The PRO and PRO+ editions of 9GAG do not show advertisements, feature a darker-than-dark mode for the comfort of your eyes, and provide HD downloads after the fact.

10. Daily Dad Jokes: A Collection of Puns and Sappy Jokes, an App

Because American parents are so good at puns, the name of this Daily Dad Jokes app makes it seem like it’s not for the sensitive. This app has all of the corny jokes that younger people may not consider cheesy. Its easy-to-use design and extensive selection of jokes will make you laugh till your stomach aches. You’ll see half of the sentence, and when you tap the screen, you’ll see the Funny my Apps and Games joke.

Important Features:

  • Using it is easy. If you swipe left, a new joke will appear, while a swipe right will reveal an old joke.
  • If you can’t figure out how a sentence should conclude, choose “auto-completion.”
  • You may save not just your favorite jokes, but also create your own for your friends to enjoy.
  • You may see your favorite jokes in the basic palette mode or one of 18 other color palettes.
  • The premium version, which costs the same as a cup of coffee, among other things, lets you use the app without adverts when offline.
  • You may share a joke’s text or a whole screenshot.


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