10 Ceramic Dinnerware Brands That Are Worth Investing In

Consider this: You’re hosting a little gathering and have your best cookware set up and ready to make something great. Then you glance at your dinnerware and notice that not only do you not have enough plates to serve your guests, but the plates you have are damaged and mismatched. Fortunately, dinnerware has gone a long way, with many fantastic direct-to-consumer businesses making it simple to buy in a solid set of matching ceramic plates, bowls, and glasses that will make you feel elegant (and last for years). These ceramic dinnerware sets are not only microwave-safe and helpful, but they will also be the topic of the table.

Jono Pondolfi Designs uses non-toxic porcelain clay to handcraft unique ceramic dinnerware for Michelin-starred restaurants nationwide.

What’s the bottom line? It’s time to say goodbye to disposable plates and improve your dinner table for your next gathering. Here’s a selection of ceramic dinnerware sets that will meet your—and your guests’

Your Go-To For Quality And Function

Material Kitchen

Material Kitchen The Open Bowl


Co-founders Eunice Byun and David Nguyen collaborated in 2018 to offer carefully designed cookware, kitchen utensils, and tabletop items for the modern home cook. Hand-finished ceramics by the brand are made from natural Korean clays created mainly for the brand. Its dining sets and knives straddle the line between classic and modern, with a subtle elegance that screams “heirloom status.” However, unlike other more delicate dinnerware manufacturers, the solid durability of these pieces ensures everyday use.

Locally-Made Clay Tableware You Won’t Find Elsewhere


 Ceramic Dinnerware
East Fork

East Fork 7-Piece You’re-All-Set Set

$193$214Save $21 (10%)

Skip the standard plates and bowls in favor of East Fork’s pottery for a more artistic look. Connie Matisse co-founded the brand, which is situated in Asheville, North Carolina, and manufactures attractive, durable dinnerware made from clay and baked in a wood-fired kiln. While well-known for its pottery, East Fork also provides a variety of unique tabletop items, such as recycled Moroccan glassware, brass ladles, and linen tea towels. This seven-piece set includes everything you need: a breakfast bowl and a cake dish.

The Ultimate Instagram-Friendly Plates

Our Place

Our Place Main Plates


Cookware brand established in Los Angeles Our Place is well-known for its Always Pan and Perfect Pot, but the brand now produces a line of tabletop basics that will make your dinner presentation an Instagram-worthy experience. They’re made of environmentally friendly porcelain ceramic with a hand-painted speckled surface and a lip to keep your vegetable stir-fry from sliding off your plate when you set it down. Their stackable characteristic also makes storing simple and enjoyable. The sets are available in three earthy colors, allowing you to color-coordinate with your Always Pan fully. Elegant, Sophisticated Ceramic for Everyday Use

 Ceramic Dinnerware
Year & Day

Year & Day’s uncomplicated ceramic dinnerware collection is made from sustainable materials and features a color scheme inspired by the California beach. Its bowls’ clean, classic lines make it look nice, whether holding bananas on your kitchen table or boiling Thai soup. The dishes and bowls are microwave and dishwasher-safe and can also endure oven temperatures of up to 480 degrees.

A Simplistic Aesthetic And Imperfect Charm

Hawkins New York Essential Stoneware Dinnerware


If you enjoy the beauty in flaws, Hawkins New York Essentials’ Atelier stoneware ceramic collection is for you. The pleasantly uneven edges and solid matte finish lend a serene, dignified air to the otherwise practical plates and bowls. The group is a terrific way to show off your style without losing utility, focusing on your lovingly made dinner display rather than flashy features that distract.

High-Performing Dinnerware Made By Real People


Haand 3 Piece Ripple Dinner Setting


Haand offers responsibly sourced ceramic sets divided by aesthetic, such as the stormwater-inspired Stormware and Nordic-inspired Skali sets. Our favorite is the Ripple set, which features a gorgeous, asymmetric design reminiscent of the ripples that occur when you throw a stone into a tranquil pond. Haand takes pride in producing everything in-house, using genuine craftspeople rather than machinery. Its porcelain is made in bisque kilns and heated to industrial porcelain temperatures to enhance durability. The result is high-performance dinnerware fit for plating the meals you worked so hard to prepare.

Restaurant-Quality Ceramic For Beautiful Home-Cooked Meals

 Ceramic Dinnerware
M\ade In Cookware

 Side Bowls and Side Bowl Sets


Made In is best known for its restaurant-quality cookware, but it has expanded its product line to include tabletop basics made with the same attention to precision. The plates and bowls are made in England from local clay by firms with experience producing commercial products. As a bonus, Made In’s collection has a one-year no-chip guarantee; if your plates chip within that period, the brand will replace them.

Colorful Dinnerware That’ll Be In The Family For Years To Come


 Fiesta Coastal Colors 12-Piece Classic Dinnerware Set


Fiesta’s kaleidoscope collection is ideal for adding a splash of color and a touch of history to your table setting. The brand’s pottery is made in the United States, and its history dates back to 1871. Many reviewers speak lovingly about their Fiesta collections, passed down through generations. Fiesta has had a practice of introducing a new color to the group every year since 1936, and this tradition continues now, so you’ll always have the ability to make your table setting even more vivid than it is.

Dinnerware Loved by Professional Chefs

Jono Pandolfi Designs

 Jono Pandolfi Designs Coupe 4-Piece Place Setting


Initially, this New Jersey-based brand handcrafted bespoke ceramic dinnerware for Michelin-starred restaurants nationwide. It can now also hold your store-bought ramen noodles. In addition to dinner plates, the collection includes cereal bowls and mugs, all thick yet attractive, making them suitable for everyday use and sophisticated dinner parties. Some pieces are painstakingly constructed with as many as 15 different phases in the process, ensuring that when it eventually gets to your table, it will last.

Build Your Own Ceramic Dinnerware Bundle

 Ceramic Dinnerware
Leeway Home

Leeway Home The Full Way 44-Piece set


Leeway Home specializes in handy packages that include everything you need, including glassware and flatware. True to its name, it eliminates the stress of dining room shopping, leaving you more time to focus on the vital aspects, such as what you want for dinner. You can construct your own if you want to avoid buying a ready-made kit. Its collections are made of clay stoneware and are available in modest colors such as pink and blue and basics such as white.

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