5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for Making Smooth Joe Over Ice

The best cold brew coffee makers should provide their users with rich, smooth java glasses with the appropriate intensity and a consistent flavor profile. Above all, these specialized machines should be as easy to operate as their hot coffee maker counterparts, with no unnecessary bells and whistles that don’t truly improve the quality of the final beverage. (Our top option, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot, is beautifully simple and uncomplicated, allowing for easy, precise brewing.)

Cold Brew Coffee MakersThe Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a perfect win-win situation and is easy to use and doubles as a fridge-bound storage container.

Those who prefer their coffee cold realize that superb cold brews should be easy to find. “Cold brewing is probably the most comfortable—yet most time-consuming—way to make coffee,” explains Josey Markiewicz, Senior Director of Café at La Colombe. “All you require is a vessel, some coffee, a scale, filtration, and a little time.” Various models of cold brew makers are available (just as there are various types of espresso machines). Still, the important aspects to consider while purchasing are: overall ease of use, capacity, and brew style. We produced the list of the best cold brew coffee makers on the market in 2022 after days of intensive study and extensive input from specialists.

Size: 4.72 x 11.81 x 4.33 inches | Brew style: Immersion | Capacity: 5 Cups

If you want a device you can set and forget, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is your best bet. It comprises a simple, clean-looking glass pitcher with a filter that tightens into the lid. What you’ll need to accomplish is as follows:

  • Measure your coffee grounds into the filter basket.
  • Screw the filter into the lid.
  • Refill the pitcher with cold brew.
  • Seal the lid onto the pitcher (thus immersing the coffee-filled filter into the water).
  • Let the coffee brew for 12 hours at room temperature or 24 hours in the fridge.

When the timer goes off, unscrew the filter, dump the grounds, and have a cold brew pitcher.


  • Simple to use and budget-friendly
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Multiple colorways available


  • Tall pitcher might be too large for some fridges

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

2. Bodum K11683-01WM Cold Brew Coffee Maker

$15$20Save $5 (25%)

Size: 8.66 x 4.53 x 6.69 inches | Brew style: Immersion | Capacity: 4 cups

According to La Colombe’s Josey Markiewicz, a simple French press would suffice if you don’t want to invest in a specialist cold brew maker. When you’re ready to brew cold, add the dirt and water, put the press in the fridge overnight, and then plunge the filter down. If you like the feel of a French press, this option from Bodum is a terrific choice—under $25.

The main difference between this model and a standard French press is that it includes an additional flat lid for brewing, which eliminates the need to worry about the bulbous top of the French press filter punching out (a particularly useful feature if you don’t have a lot of fridge space to spare).


  • Great for hot coffee, too
  • Easy to store in the fridge due to its small footprint
  • Inexpensive


  • Small capacity

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

3. Toddy Cold Brew System


Size: 7.25 x 7.25 x 12.5 inches | Brew style: Immersion | Capacity: 1.1 liters

Ask any coffee enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that one of the pitcher brewing system’s disadvantages is that you can’t brew extra cold brew while the pitcher is in use. The Toddy Cold Brew system comes into play here. Here, fix the age-old dilemma by combining the coffee and water in a separate plastic carafe; filter the resultant cold brew into a glass pitcher once brewed for the allowed time. When one batch is finished, you can immediately begin brewing another. The Toddy Cold Brew system requires more interaction than our top picks, and users report that it’s not straightforward to set up. However, after you’ve mastered the gadget, you can manufacture superb cold brew in enormous numbers.


  • Higher capacity than the other models on our list
  • Great for multiple batches
  • Customizable output


  • Transferring the coffee to the separate carafe can be messy
  • More interaction required


4. Bruer Cold Drip System


Size: 5.12 x 5.12 x 9.84 inches | Brew style: Drip | Capacity: 3 cups

If you’re a cold brew connoisseur who will go to any length to produce the ideal cup, the Bruer Cold Brew Maker is the system for you. Unlike conventional cold brew makers, which immerse coffee grounds in cold water before filtering them out, this gadget gently flows water through the grounds and into the carafe below—in that sense, it’s similar to a hot coffee drip machine. The benefit is that you get your cold brew faster: Yes, it still takes four hours, but that’s significantly less time than many other brewers demand (12 or 24 hours). Furthermore, you won’t risk over-extracting the beans. When using immersion methods, it’s easy to forget about the grounds and risk leaving them to brew for too long (resulting in a cup of coffee that’s significantly stronger than desired). The drip method ensures you extract what you need from the grounds. You may also control how quickly or slowly the water drips, which is not an alternative on our other picks.


  • Relatively quicker output
  • Adjustable drip rate equates to a customizable coffee strength
  • Compact size


  • More expensive


5. KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker

$90$100Save $10 (10%)

Size:  7 x 8 x 6.9 inches | Brew style: Immersion | Capacity: 28 ounces

You’ve probably noticed that most of those amazing pre-made cold brew cartons have fixtures that allow you to pour the brew right into your glass, cold brew fans. On the other hand, the Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker replicates that fantastic convenience: Its cold brew maker is connected to a larger carafe with a fixture like this. There’s no need to unscrew a lid or carry a hefty pitcher out of the fridge: cold brew is now available whenever you want it. In other ways, this maker is identical to the ones we considered; coffee grounds are soaked in cold water before being filtered out. However, fans of this coffee maker brag about its superfine filter (which they claim allows no small pieces of coffee grit to pass through). A glass of cold brew with no sludge at the bottom is an excellent glass of cold brew.


  • Spigot for easy access
  • Fits nicely on fridge shelf
  • Superfine filter for smoother, cleaner coffee


  • Smaller capacity

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

Forbes Over the years, our team of vetted authors and editors has produced numerous coffee articles—from the best espresso machines to single-serve coffee makers; our staff has a wide spectrum of knowledge regarding the sought caffeinated beverage. We know what qualities to look for when discovering the best cold brew coffee makers since we’ve written research-based roundups and conducted firsthand testing. We also asked Josey Markiewicz, La Colombe’s Senior Director of Café, for advice on selecting the best makers and cold brewing the ideal pot for our narrative. This item is routinely updated to guarantee accuracy—it was last updated in March 2023.

How We Chose The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

We began our search for the best cold brew coffee makers by looking for top-rated brand picks and analyzing their major features, customer reviews, and overall value. We filtered the list down based on the specifications of each to identify the best options for various cold brew enthusiasts. The KitchenAid model offers a fixture for easy pouring for individuals who need a convenient maker with simple dispensing. The Toddy Cold Brew System stores up to 1.1 liters of coffee and is ideal for coffee lovers who need a large amount of coffee and a maker that can keep enough for numerous cups. We identified picks for varied readers, whether you need a coffee maker to meet your budget or one for the office.

Cold Brew Coffee Tips, According To An Expert

  1. Choose the proper beans: According to Markiewicz, for the best flavor, “you should use a medium to medium-dark roast to provide the coffee is soluble enough to release its flavor into cold water.” Another suggestion? To make cold brew, make sure you’re using the proper grind. The water should be coarse rather than fine to soak the grounds adequately.
  2. Use fresh coffee grounds: Remember that the quality of your cold brew is only as excellent as the coffee you use. Cold brew made from stale coffee beans tastes stale. “I don’t recommend making cold brew out of any old coffee,” Markiewicz cautions. “The two most common mistakes in poorly crafted coffee are ignoring the significance of coffee freshness and using the incorrect grind particle size.”
  3. Please be patient: When it comes to cold brew, you can’t rush the process, so don’t try to drink it before it has sat for at least 12 to 18 hours and up to 24 hours.

Are Cold Brew Coffee Makers Worth Buying?

Whether or not you should purchase a separate cold brew maker determines how you enjoy your coffee. A conventional French press makes an excellent cup of cold brew and all you need to make it is a pitcher or large jar, coffee grounds, and a filter. “The simplest way to make cold brew at home is to measure the amount of water you use and divide it by eight.” “That will tell you how much coffee you’ll need,” Markiewicz explains. Put the grounds and water in a brew pot, let it steep, and then filter it. However, if you enjoy drinking cold brew daily, a cold brew maker will make brewing, filtering, and storing cold brew much easier.

The best thing about cold brew makers is that they aren’t too expensive. The lowest option on our list of top picks is $15, and the most costly is $100—so if you’re not sure how much you’ll appreciate a fresh cup of cold brew, start with the less expensive options.

What Is The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

The Hario Mizudashi, which has up to five cups and is made of glass, is our pick for the best cold brew coffee maker. While this is our top pick, we have gathered the best lifestyle options. The Bodum is generally on sale for $15 for those on a tight budget.

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