7 Best Sewing Machines: Computerized, Mechanical, and More

The best sewing machines make quick and enjoyable work of all sorts of at-home projects, both practical and artistic. These workhorses can do it all with a patient sewist or tailor at the helm, patching holes in clothes, constructing just-for-fun costumes, stitching together quilts, crafting scrunchies, and so much more. Furthermore, the best models are built to last, which is why your first sewing machine purchase should be treated as the serious investment that it is. (For example, our top option for 2022, the Janome HD5000 Black Edition Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine, offers a heavy-duty, durable structure that can withstand years of use, in addition to 18 various stitch styles.)

Sewing Machines 

The best sewing machines are truly investments—beautiful, built to last, and powerful enough to tackle even the most difficult projects.

So, what precisely should you be on the lookout for when you go shopping? “You want to buy a fairly heavy-duty sewing machine that’s not going to break,” says Sandra Markus, Ed.D., a fashion design professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also mentions that having a machine that can perform more than just a straight stitch is a good idea. Meanwhile, you should consider what type of machine is best for you. Mechanical machines have dials that you control manually, but electronic models feature computerized systems. Miniature models, industrial-style alternatives, and more are available. Whatever type you choose, we’ve got you covered with a bevy of terrific selections.

Best Overall Sewing Machine

A Sturdy Machine With A Built-In Needle Threader And Excellent Technical Support


1. Janome HD5000 Black Edition Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Bonus Quilt Kit


Our top overall sewing machine option for the ordinary home seamstress and quilter is Janome’s HD5000 Black Edition. Its sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum body and hard, snap-on cover allow it to tackle tougher textiles daily while lasting for years. Users are also treated to a staggering 18 distinct stitch types, as well as a helpful pop-up stitch chart, and there’s a four-step buttonhole maker to give you plenty of options on that front. If quilting is your thing, the bonus “quilt kit” will allow you to shift from garments to accessories easily. Meanwhile, the built-in needle threader is a lifesaver: you won’t have to stare at the needle to thread it up. However, one of our favorite features of this model is the integrated storage tray, which is the ideal size for extra bobbins and the like. Additionally, Janome offers comprehensive technical support via phone and online.

Best Budget Sewing Machine

A Relatively Inexpensive Find With 37 Built-In Stitches And An Automatic Threader

Sewing Machines

2. Brother ST371HD “Strong & Tough” Sewing Machine

$185$220Save $35 (16%)

Contrary to popular opinion, a good sewing machine does not have to cost a fortune. After all, at less than $250 (and frequently on sale for much less), Brother’s Strong & Tough is more than “decent.” It may not have all of the bells and whistles of some of the more futuristic versions on the market, but it can get the job done just as well as the best of them…and then some. Flip through this model’s 37 built-in stitches, fiddle with its auto-size buttonhole, and let its automated needle threader do its thing, and you’ll be chanting its praises in no time. Another outstanding feature is the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin, the six included sewing feet and the adaptable free arm. Brother, like Janome, offers free technical support online, via live chat, or by phone.

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

A Nearly Invincible Machine You “Can’t Really Break”


3. Singer 4423 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


The professionals we questioned all agreed that this is the ideal machine for folks who are new to sewing. “It’s a great sewing machine,” Markus states flatly. “It’s very sturdy and easy to use.” It’s impossible to break.” She explains, this is the item she recommends to her pupils if they are on a tight budget. Users may tackle whatever project they have in mind thanks to an automatic needle threader and 23 built-in stitches. Don’tmake sure to distinguish lower cost from worse efficiency: The 4423 has a maximum stitch rate of 1,100 stitches per minute. This is also a good choice because a well-known, time-tested brand backs it. Singer is one of the market’s most respected and well-known brand names, and as such, it offers an amazing 25-year limited guarantee and phone and virtual technical support.

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

A Behemoth With 150 Stitches And A Removable Support Table

Sewing Machines

4. Brother SQ9285 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine with Wide Table


Quilters want machines that can tackle heavier, denser materials, and it’s good when those machines also have a variety of more ornamental stitching options. The SQ9285 from Brother has both. Its adjustable side table gives you additional support for larger quilting projects, and the model’s 150 built-in utility and decorative stitches allow you to create all sorts of unique designs. Of course, the machine also has you covered on that front, with 55 basic alphanumeric stitches. The lighted LCD makes viewing and selecting your options much easier. There’s a handy drop feed feature for free-motion quilting (alternatively, you can switch to the smooth feed system for more classic stitches). Telephone, online chat, and email technical support are all available.

Best Computerized Sewing Machine

A Helpful Memory Function And Speed Control Add To This Device’s Appeal


5. Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine

$300$399Save $99 (25%)

From start to end, the JW8100 is designed to make your sewing experience easier and less picky. Enjoy features such as a “stop” and “start” button, a speed control slider, and a convenient locking stitch button that will allow you to sail through your tasks with greater ease and control. There’s a lot to enjoy here, with 100 built-in stitches, seven buttonhole styles, and an easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin (our favorite feature is the memory function, which allows you to effortlessly pick up where you left off during your last session). Those frequently working on longer, more difficult projects will welcome the extra-wide extension table, giving your arm a much-needed break.

Best Professional-Grade Sewing Machine

6. This Machine Delivers High-Quality Stitching And Even Embroiders


Don’t get us wrong: the Bernina 770 QE isn’t for everyone—one look at the price tag confirms this. But, believe it or not, given what this machine can achieve, that price is rather affordable. With a full-color display, an automatic presser foot lift, and access to many online instructions to help guide you on future projects, this is more than just basic sewing equipment; it’s bound to become the focal point of your entire pastime. The 770 QE can handle huge quilts, constantly produce fine stitching, and easily handle larger, thicker fabrics. It also functions as an embroidery machine with a generous 20-year warranty and technical support. (Markus, for example, swears by her Bernina—she’s always used one of the company’s machines.)

Best Sewing Machine For Kids

An Anything-But-Intimidating Design With Adorable Detailing

Sewing Machines

7. Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

$110$120Save $10 (8%)

Singer’s “Start” model is designed to be an entry-level machine. You probably don’t want your four-year-old playing with this item because it still uses needles, but older kids won’t get into trouble. With easy, no-fuss, pre-set stitch widths and lengths; The Start features 57 stitch applications. Sewers can prepare without worry thanks to automatic bobbin winding and a numbered guide, and the apparatus weighs only seven pounds. This set includes three feet, a needle pack, a seam ripper, and a 25-year limited warranty for peace of mind. (After all, with kids, that’s certain to come in handy.)

What Is The Best Sewing Machine On The Market?

Our top pick is Janome’s HD5000 Black Edition, which offers a heavy-duty aluminum body, a handy snap-on cover, 18 distinct stitch types, and a four-step buttonhole. Nonetheless, as Frailing points out, “There isn’t necessarily one machine that’s considered the ‘best of all time.'” Janome is excellent, and Singer has always been a reliable brand.” Markus concurs: “Everyone has their own opinion,” she says of the best sewing machine. “I like Machines by Bernina—many people would probably say that is the best brand,” she says. The Bernina 770 QE is our top professional-grade pick: Its color display, automated presser foot lift, and accompanying online instructions make it essential for more experienced sewers.

What Is The Easiest Sewing Machine To Use?

According to our study, singer’s Heavy Duty Machine is the best option for novices. Experts recommend this option for those with less experience because it’s straightforward to use, has few stitch options, and is sturdy enough not to break. Markus says, “This is a fantastic machine that is easy to use.” “It will also last for a decade or longer if you take care of it.”

How Long Can I Expect A Sewing Machine To Last?

It depends on how frequently and carefully you use it. “If you maintain your machine properly, it can last a very long time,” Frailing explains. “I have sewing machines I’ve had for over 20 years.” Meanwhile, Markus mentions that she still has her first sewing machine, which she bought in the 1970s. “It really depends on how much you invest in it,” she contends. “If you get a $200 to $300 machine and treat it well, clean it, and oil it regularly, it should last about ten years.” Each machine requires different maintenance, so review your device’s manual for specifics before carrying out frequent, careful upkeep.

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