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CroxyProxy YouTube

CroxyProxy YouTube proxy and a web browser are all you need. Every day, almost 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed. It has some of the greatest information available on the internet. However, not everyone gets access to it since YouTube is blocked in certain areas for a variety of reasons.

It might be because of school restrictions, job rules, or regional censorship. However, you may unblock YouTube and watch videos without any limitations. You may circumvent the YouTube ban and watch the videos on any device’s browser. Aside from that, if you don’t like CroxProxy YouTube, we’ve also included options for unblocking YouTube videos.

What is Croxyproxy?

CroxyProxy is a web proxy that allows you to access blocked websites and online services. It may be used to circumvent limitations imposed in certain locations, such as schools, companies, or nations with tight internet rules. Users may access the internet more freely and privately while using CroxyProxy. If YouTube is blocked on your internet, you may unblock it using Croxyproxy and watch videos.

Why should you use CroxyProxy YouTube?

Corxyproxy YouTube allows you to unblock YouTube videos and watch them anytime you want. In addition, it has the following advantages. There is no software required. CroxyProxy YouTube is accessible through a web browser, thus there is no need to download or install any software to utilize it.

Free and Easy to Use

It’s free and has an easy-to-use UI. In most cases, you just enter the YouTube URL on the CroxyProxy website, enter, and begin streaming videos.


Your IP address is hidden while using CroxyProxy, which might give some amount of online privacy. Your online actions are hidden from your internet service provider and the regional firewall.

Multiple Platform Support

Croxyproxy YouTube may be used to access the website on any device that has a browser. Then, by accessing the URL, you may utilize it to unblock YouTube.

It works on devices with any display size and RAM as long as they can stream videos in the browser.

CroxyProxy YouTube is incredibly easy to use, and anybody can do it. And here is how you may put it to use.

1. Navigate to Croxyproxy YouTube using any web browser.

2. Select YouTube from the list of fast connections.

If you want to watch a particular YouTube video, enter its URL in the address field and then tap/click GO to unblock YouTube. Croxproxy YouTube is used to watch videos.

Then YouTube will be unblocked, and you will be able to watch all of the videos that do not need you to sign in.
Croxproxy YouTube is used to watch videos.

Is simple to use and links you through servers in several regions. However, keep in mind that since it depends on servers from several areas, you may see videos in different languages on the site.

YouTube CroxyProxy Feature

One of my favorite features is the ability to utilize the URL or address bar as a search engine.

For example, if you input “YouTube,” it will search Google and provide results. You may then visit YouTube without being blocked.

How CroxyProxy YouTube Functions

CroxyProxy acts as a go-between for you and YouTube. When you are unable to access YouTube directly, maybe because it is blocked at school or work, CroxyProxy YouTube can assist.

  1. Because it is blocked, you can’t visit a YouTube video directly to watch it.
  2. Instead, you visit the CroxyProxy YouTube website and tell it the YouTube video you want to watch.
  3. You may input the YouTube video URL directly or visit the home page to see additional stuff.
    YouTube CroxyProxy Alternatives
  4. CroxyProxy YouTube is an excellent solution to unblock YouTube, however it is not for everyone. As a result, you might try these Croxproxy YouTube alternatives.

Croxyproxy YouTube Alternatives sites When It Is Down

Some of the proxy websites mentioned below enable their users to access croxyproxy YouTube when it is blocked.


It is easy to use Proxyium. You merely need to enter the website URL into the search field to be linked to a proxy server. You may also get proxy copies of the website in the form of permalinks. This website does not require you to download any software, such as a VPN, in order to access the content. The website provides free access to some of the most popular websites, including YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


Proxify conceals personal information, enabling users to search anonymously without worry of revealing their IP address in the online market. The website boasts an easy-to-use layout that is free of pop-up adverts, allowing for a smooth surfing experience. If croxyproxy YouTube becomes unavailable, the site might be a suitable proxy web to utilize.

This substitute for croxyproxy YouTube is one of the proxy sites to which users may connect to get access to US and European servers. The site offers a large variety of data to pick from and is also thought to be comparatively safer than other proxy websites.


Another alternative to croxyproxy YouTube is Kproxy. The proxy website comes in the form of a Chrome plugin that allows the user to access the restricted content anonymously, i.e. you may browse the site anonymously. Because the site prevents any communication between the target server and the browser, the data is encrypted.


4EverProxy is another website that you may use instead of croxyproxy YouTube to download from blocked sites without interruption. This free website alters your IP address as you browse, and it also serves as a secure VPN and web browser. The site is accessible from any device and safeguards against DNS leaks. Direct connections to prominent websites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, Gmail, and others are available here.


With TurboHide proxy web, you may bypass any firewall, whether at school, home, or the workplace. The site employs IPv6 (next-generation internet protocol). If Croxyproxy YouTube is unavailable in your region, TurboHide may be a good substitute. The easy interface enables the user to browse the most popular sites’ protected content.


VPNBook has been added to the list of proxy websites to utilize if croxyproxy fails. YouTube is not accessible, despite the fact that it claims to be a premium free VPN account service provider. The problem with this website is that, because to its support for 256-bit SSL encryption, it can also bypass any government-censored website. It does not require any extra software, like do other proxy sites. VPNBook also claims to defend against network snoops.


This anonymous proxy website is an excellent addition to the list of alternatives to croxyproxy YouTube. Hidester accesses the blocked website using VPN services, which has kept it out of legal danger. The site has a high bandwidth and a quick connection time, which speeds up the download process.

Blockaway is another site comparable to croxyproxy YouTube. It is one of the most sophisticated proxy sites, allowing you to browse and access content from blocked websites while maintaining your anonymity. Blockaway allows users to access content that is not accessible in your location. This website conceals the network administrators’ visit history. As a result, you may be confident that you are protected.


FilterBypass is the last option on the list of alternative sites to utilize if croxyproxy YouTube gets taken down. You may view videos from the most popular streaming services in high quality by using our proxy website. The site is not only optimized for all devices, but it is also secured with SSL encryption to safeguard privacy.

Opera Web Browser

On all supported devices, the Opera browser allows you to unblock YouTube using their free built-in VPN. Simply enable it in the settings for the first time, and you’ll be able to use it to watch YouTube videos without being blocked.


You may also visit Proxy Site and input the YouTube URL to access it using proxies from all across the globe. It has a nicer UI than and offers 20 different server choices from the United States and Europe.


A VPN may be especially handy when attempting to access YouTube in countries where it is blocked or restricted.

Instead of directly connecting to YouTube, your device connects to a VPN server in another location where YouTube is available. This server then connects to YouTube on your behalf and returns the material to you through servers.

You may utilize free VPN services such as ProtonVPN and VPNGate.

Should I use to access YouTube?

I propose connecting in to YouTube through CroxyProxy with your regular account. There is no assurance for your account since it is a free service.

A backup Google account might be preferable if you absolutely need to access your playlist or library.

Can you choose the Server location?

On the free CroxyProxy YouTube, you cannot choose a server location. However, if you pay $3.5/month for premium, you may choose a server location with higher speeds and no adverts on the page. CroxyProxy allows you to unblock YouTube videos.

CroxyProxy allows you to unblock YouTube videos in a matter of seconds. Video streaming speeds are likewise decent, and you can watch most videos at resolutions higher than 1080p without buffering.

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