Best 10 Cutest Dog Pokémon in 2022

These cute dogs are Pokémon‘s best friends. Trubbish, like other Pokémon, is unique in its way. But there is one type of creature that is more unique than the others: DOGS.

Consider this: dogs are man’s best friend in the real world, while Pokémon is certainly a trainer’s best friend. Combining the two makes you obtain the most devoted furry friend you’ve ever had. There are many dog and doggy-related Pokémon in the series’ hundreds of Pokédex entries.

However, for this list, we’re seeking the cutest, friendliest, and most beautiful pokemon dog that the tall grass offers.

Best 10 Cutest Dog Pokémon

1. Yamper


Cutest Dog Pokémon

Yamper, the newest member of the puppy Pokémon collection cutest dog ever, makes its debut in Pokémon Sword & Shield. People believe Yamper is based on a Welsh corgi, the Queen of England’s hallmark dog, based on its appearance and the fact that the UK influences Galar.

And they’re adorable. We love how the yellow of its Electric-typing is blended into their colour palette; we love its small yellow nose! You may most likely use them to charge your devices as well. And it has a heart on its buttocks, which makes it even cuter.

2. Furfrou


Cutest Dog Pokémon

These dogs are poodle clones with an aristocratic pedigree. They were previously assigned as king’s guards, according to their Pokédex data. These fluffy fellows’ most appealing feature is their ability to style their copious fur into several entertaining forms and themes, such as Pharaoh or Dandy cutest dog in the world 2021.

These are the Pokémon you’ll see in dog shows, all trimmed into bizarre shapes. But don’t be fooled by their snobbish appearance; they’re exceedingly loyal and will only allow their fur to be trimmed by someone they trust.

3. Electrike


Cutest Dog Pokémon

Electrike is our first puppy, Cutest Dog Pokémon and he’s sleeping like a baby. Isn’t he adorable with his screwed-up face like a cat? Electrike does not score higher on this list since its shape is a little strange.

They feature a large, bulbous head and a spiny butt, and they don’t look good for cuddling. When you pet one, you probably feel a static charge. If you’re seeking a high-energy friend to accompany you on excursions, Electrike sprints faster than the eye can see cutest dog breeds.

4. Houndour


Cutest Dog Pokémon

Houndour initially emerged in Gen II, when Pokémon began to become edgier. Not only do these street dogs resemble Rottweilers, a superior guard breed, but they’re also dressed with metallic cuffs and ridges and what appears to be a skull on their heads. They’re also incredibly clever and hunt in packs to catch their prey. They’re most recognized for their outstanding collaboration abilities, and if one aligns itself with you rather than a pack, it’ll be the most trustworthy companion you could ask for.

5. Snubbull


Snubbulls are likely to appeal to a specific type of person: individuals who see a strange-looking animal and exclaim, “it’s so ugly it’s cute!” This Pokémon has a ferocious appearance and, according to Pokédex data, sometimes unintentionally scares off potential playmates.

In contrast to its hostile appearance, it is an amiable companion that readily makes friends; some run so far as to call them cowardly, and the poor are easily bullied. Fortunately, they’ve become popular lady companions in the Pokémon universe, so they have someone to lavish attention on them.

6. Poochyena


Please don’t dismiss this little creature because of its size. Poochyena is known as the Bite Pokémon due to its propensity to bite everything that moves and asks questions. They’re also tenacious suckers, pursuing prey until it’s too weary of fighting back.

Poochyena, Cutest Dog Pokémon on the other hand, runs if their target fights back. They’re more kind than they look; even their huge fangs and bristling fur look to make them appear larger than they are. Perhaps you can win this pup over and become the protector it requires cutest dog in the world.

7. Riolu

Riolu is the pre-evolution of the popular Pokémon Lucario, Cutest Dog Pokémon and this puppy-sized version is incredibly cuter. They are Fighting-type Pokémon that, like other Fighting Pokémon, are devoted to training and growing stronger. Riolu packs a lot of power into their small bodies since they can sprint all night.

Like their older brother, they can read auras and their ability when people are happy, sad, or fearful. Riolu appears to be an excellent service dog.

8. Growlithe


Growlithe, Cutest Dog Pokémon the first puppy Pokémon, was a sought-after Pokémon owing to its exclusivity to Pokémon Red. They’ve since become a symbol for everything good about canine Pokémon. They are the companions of Officer Jennys all across the world, and one even appears in Team Rocket’s James background. They are fiercely loyal to a fault and are frequently regarded as bold and trustworthy, eager to face much greater opponents to protect people they care about.

9. Rockruff’s


We’re going to cry because Rockruff is so cute. Wow Game Freak outdid themselves with this one. Something about Rockruff’s large blue eyes, floppy ears, and enormous bushy tail screams “ideal pup!” It can read its partner’s emotions and will cling to them if they see its trainer is upset.

These tiny fellas are unaware of their power and may occasionally rub their rough necks on someone (to express how much they love them!) without realizing how much it hurts. However, they will make an excellent lifelong friend if you can handle their power. 

10. Lillipup


Oh my gosh, it’s so little! Lillipup weighs only 9 lbs; as we all know, anything little is immediately cuter by order of magnitude. Look how proud and happy it is Cutest Dog Pokémon.

Its small face is so fluffy that it can supposedly utilize its fur as a little radar dish to gather information about its surroundings. Lillipups are also among the smartest dog Pokémon, with excellent discernment. They can quickly analyze their opponent’s skills and weaknesses and know when to avoid a losing battle. Lillipup, on the other hand, charges in with tremendous bravery if there’s a chance.



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