Top 5 Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers

Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers

Minecraft update 1.18 was released a few days ago and is undoubtedly one of the most content-rich upgrades ever. Although Minecraft 1.18 didn’t alter much in terms of fighting, PvP is still one of the to most important elements to consider when deciding whether or not to join a server. This Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers article will highlight 5 of the top PvP servers that fully support the current version for PvP enthusiasts who want to try out this update.

Minecraft PvP servers that you should try after updating to update 1.18

1) CubeCraft Server


Many long-time Minecraft fans may be familiar with the moniker “CubeCraft” as one of the most well-known and long-running Minecraft minigames servers ever developed.

CubeCraft, founded in 2010, Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers has lately shifted away from simply delivering 1.8-style PvP in favour of full 1.18 PvP capabilities, unlike other popular Minecraft minigame networks such as Hypixel.

CubeCraft users can enjoy the following PvP game modes:

  • FFA Battles
  • SkyWars
  • EggWars
  • PvP on Lucky Islands
  • Blockwars

2) IP address of Mox MC Server

Top 5 Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers

Mox MC is a fantastic top Minecraft 1.18 PvP server. Mox MC was chosen as the best server on a list of Minecraft servers that support version 1.18. Mox MC has it all in terms of gaming elements, including fantastic PvP.

Furthermore, this server is an excellent location to meet new people. There are over 50,000 unique users on the Discord server, and there are over 15 active staff members to assist new players with everything they require.

3) IP address of the Archon server:

Archon is another best Minecraft 1.18 PvP server. It has several game types, including Skyblock, Faction, Survival, and Prison. Players may test their combat and coordination abilities by competing against thousands of other players.

4) The Purple Prison Server’s IP address is

Purple Prison is an best Minecraft PvP server with many things for players to enjoy.
It is primarily a PvP game, including 1v1 duels, sumo duels, team duels, daily KOTH events, hourly Envoy events, and much more.

Furthermore, this server was modified to accommodate Minecraft version 1.18, giving it one of the best options for PvP players wishing to try out the latest game update.

5) The IP address of the Pika Network Server is

Pika Network, founded in 2014, is one of the largest Minecraft cracked Minecraft 1.18 PvP servers and offers a plethora of PvP-based game types for gamers to enjoy. These are some examples:

Bedwars, SkyWars, and Survival are all factions. Unlike the other servers on this list, Pika Network is a cracked Minecraft server. This implies that anyone, including those who haven’t purchased a copy of Minecraft, may join it.



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