17 Einthusan Alternatives for Free Movie Streaming in 2023

Einthusan is likely the leading source of Hindi movies, and the website houses a massive selection of Hindi and Tamil films. But, aside from that, Einthusan users can enjoy various content.

Because Einthusan is not available in all nations, we have gathered a list of 17 Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies in 2023.

Let’s get started!

17 Einthusan Alternatives In 2023[ 100% Working]


1. Bflix


Another option for streaming free movies is Netflix. It is one of the most well-known streaming sites. The amount of content and quality it offers sets this website apart from the rest of streaming websites.

Bflix also lets users stream free movies and TV shows on mobile devices. However, they will see advertisements while doing so. Its Netflix-like interface also makes browsing extremely easy for users.

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2. YuppTV

This ground-breaking website contains a massive selection of movies and supports several languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali, to mention a few.

YuppTV lets users stream free movies online and features popular TV shows from top-rated local networks. On their site, you may also watch live TV.

With genres and various media content already categorized on the website’s main page, YuppTV’s website is easy to use.

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3. Sonyliv

Sonyliv Entertainment ranks third on our list of Einthusian opportunities for streaming free movies. Sonyliv, like Einthusan, houses a large selection of movies, TV series, and live broadcasts. In addition, the fact that Sonyliv supports major Indian languages makes it an excellent option for Einthusan Hindi.

You must create an account on Sonyliv before you can begin streaming movies. This streaming platform provides access to live broadcasts of numerous sports activities and Hindi and Tamil movies.

The interface of this site is simple and clean, making it easy for all its users to find any specific title they want to watch.

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4. Zee

Einthusan’s competitor, Zee5, is another excellent website.

Zee5 provides a large selection of Indian movies, and its website supports various languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Thai, and Indonesian.

One amazing aspect of Zee5 is that when you visit its website, you are immediately asked for your content preferences, and the interface will hand-pick content based on your preferences.

To start, you will be invited to sign up for a free account, which is all you will need. You will, nevertheless, need to subscribe to the platform to access the premium content.

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5. YouTube

We’re sure this comes as no surprise, given that YouTube appears to have every type of content ever created. You’ll be able to find popular Hindi, English, and regional movies.

Because of its global availability, Youtube made our list of Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies. You’ll find a variety of content that you can rent, buy, or watch for free.

However, due to copyright difficulties, the selection on YouTube will be less massive than the other websites on our list.

Creating a YouTube account is completely free. To find the perfect video, you only need to type in the right keywords.

Go to this site.

6. Hindilinks4u



What distinguishes Hindilinks4u from the rest is its outstanding collection of documentaries. Therefore, Hindilinks4u is the ideal website for those looking for Hindi biographies or Hindi documentaries.

All of the movies and TV shows featured here are completely free. In addition, this website has over 50 movie categories to choose from, and it supports multiple languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

Hindilinks4u also features content from streaming websites such as Zee5, Sonyliv, and many more.

If you are looking for dubbed Hindi movie titles, you will undoubtedly find them on Hindilinks4u.

Go to this site.

7. Yomovies

Yomovies is up next on our list—another Einthusan option for streaming free movies online in 2023. Amazing Hindi movies are available on this website and are categorized by genre.

You can watch Hollywood movies on this site to take a break from watching Hindi movies. You also have entry to popular TV shows and movies in different languages.

You can easily and quickly find movies on this platform by using criteria such as year and rating, thanks to the easy and intuitive interface of the website—the genre, etc.

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8. Online Movies Gold


Online Movies Gold, or Movies Gold Pro, is another excellent Einthusan option for streaming free movies in 2023.

This streaming website features a large collection of old movies. You can also find classics from the 1900s in the Online Movies Gold library.

This website offers free admission to all of its content, and the option to stream movies in HD is an added advantage. In addition, Hollywood movies are available on Online Movies Gold, although most of the stream list is in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Online Movies Gold allows users to sort movies by year to make things easier.

Go to this site.

9. Yesmovies


Yesmovies is next on our list, a fantastic Einthusan option for streaming free movies in 2023. A fantastic list of Hindi movies, categorized by genre, is also available on the Yes Movies website. You can access all of the movies for free.

Yesmovies takes an uncomplicated approach. When you first visit the site, you are met by a search bar, which tells users to look for what they want to watch right now.

If you don’t have a specific title, you can click on the movies tab, leading you to a page with all the featured movies.

Yesmovies has many free movies in various Indian languages, and it is well worth considering this website as an Einthusan option.

Go to this site.

10. MX Player

We all have times when we want to spend hours watching Netflix. When it comes to that, MX Player has your back. Of course, most of the online streaming sites on this list also include movies and TV episodes, but MX Player stands out for its extensive collection of original web series.

This website lets users stream live television and set the content language to the most popular Indian languages.

We also like the fact that MX Player supports Indian stand-up comedians by showcasing their gigs on its website.

MX Player has much to offer, making it one of the top Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies in 2023.

Go to this site.

11. Bolly2Tolly

Bolly2Tolly is the next entry on our list of the finest Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies in 2023—a popular movie streaming website with Tamil titles.

Bolly2Tolly features a large library of free-to-stream classic and recently released blockbuster movies.

Bolly2Tolly features movies in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Tamil. This site also has a lot of Tamil TV shows.

Bolly2Tolly offers a clean and user-friendly interface, similar to most websites featured on this list. Unfortunately, Bolly2Tolly does not have a categorized genre list, but you may still use the site’s search bar to find a specific title.

The Upcoming Movies part of Bolly2Tolly, which contains information about the most recent Movie, is another amazing feature.

Go to this site.

12. TubiTV

TubiTV is a well-designed internet streaming website with an expansive library of movies and television episodes.

Because its content is free, Tubi entered our list of the finest Einthusan alternatives. In expansion, there is no need to register on the area so that you can watch anything now.

When you visit Tubi’s website, you may quickly search for any movie or click on whatever is featured on the main page. The site has a clean design, and the categories are easy to browse.

You may browse the content on any computer or download the Tubi app for iOS, Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire.

Tubi’s only drawback is its restricted selection of Hindi titles.

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13. TodayPk

TodayPK has one of the complete collections of free-to-stream Tamil movies and is next on our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2023.

This website includes a well-organized categories button at the shelter of the main page that features not just Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies but also English movies.

When you hover your mouse over the classes tab at the top, you’ll find TodayPk’s sorted list of movies cast in a certain year for a specific language, a handy little function.

TodayPk is unquestionably worth a look, and with its dedicated area of Hindi Dubbed movies, you may watch movies whenever and whenever you choose.

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14. SunNXT

SunNXT has been included in our list of the finest Einthusan options for streaming free movies in 2023. This network-owned online streaming website features Indian content.

This website supports Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali as content languages.

This website does not have a massive movie library like the rest, but it is a good addition to our list because it provides free access to regional Indian television shows.

To start, you must first make an account, and once you have created your SunNXT account, you will be given access to the free concerts. Free content is easily found because it is already categorized and tagged as free.

You must pay for your SunNXT package to gain access to the premium.

Go to this site.

15. Vumoo

It is a wonderful addition to our list of Einthusan options for streaming free movies in 2023.

Vumoo, like the other websites we’ve featured here, created our list of the finest Einthusan alternatives since all of its content is free, and you have limitless watch time without paying anything.

Vumoo provides a large inventory of movies and TV shows in various genres. However, browsing Vumoo’s list of movies can be difficult because the layout does not allow visitors to sort by category.

Another drawback is Vumoo’s lack of Hindi titles, yet the platform has more than enough movies to entertain you.

Go to this site.

16. Filmlinks4u

Filmlinks4u is at the bottom of our list of the finest Einthusan alternatives for streaming free movies in 2023. Like Bolly2Tolly and Hindilinks4u, this website contains a massive selection of Hindi and Tamil films.

Furthermore, this website allows its users to stream free Western TV shows and Hollywood movies. The many categories you can choose from are featured on the main page of Filmlinks4u, and from there, you can directly browse through its Bollywood movie titles.

On Filmlinks4u, you may watch the latest Bollywood movies and content from major OTT websites such as Netflix and others.

Go to this site.

17. Look Movie

Look Movie is an online streaming platform that houses many movie titles and television programs. It is an excellent Einthusan alternative website because it is completely free.

Users can also utilize the filter on Look Movie to quickly find the movies they enjoy. Filters on the website include genre, movie release date, rating, and IMDb rating.

The restricted library of recent Hindi or Tamil movies and the constant ad pop-ups were two of Look Movie’s flaws.

Go to this site.


Whatever genre of Movie you enjoy watching, there is a site where you can get your fill. All of the websites we’ve provided you are legitimate and worth visiting.


  • Where can I download the Einthusan app?
    There currently needs to be an Einthusan app available for download. You must still visit their website to stream Einthusan movies.


  • Do I need to log in before I can stream movies?
    No login is necessary, but if you don’t want continual commercial pop-ups while streaming, you can register for an account and pay a premium to eliminate ads.


  • What is an Einthusan downloader?
     An Einthusan downloader allows Einthusan users to download movies from the website because the website does not provide that function.


  • Is there a safe Einthusan downloader?
    Many websites claim to do just that (download Einthusan movies), but you’ll only get links that need to be set, and some of them may even be hazardous to your computer. So


  • Are there any free Einthusan alternatives?
    There are a few sites on our list that operate on a freemium model, but the majority of them offer featured free access to movies.

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