Top 10 Fish Cartoon Characters in Film History

If you give a person a fish, they will eat for a day. Teach a person to fish? Who can blame them if they bring in the top ten fish cartoon characters in movie history?

Let’s be thankful we’re talking about aquatic species since we’ll all grow thirsty.

These are different from your typical Long John Silver’s fish sticks or your neighborhood pub’s fish and chips. You want to bash these gilded animals, like Mario and Pikachu. It’s a lighthearted piece to make you laugh while on the tube/toilet. In any case, you’re in for a seafood feast that even Poseidon would envy.

For decades, animated movies have captured audiences with their unique and iconic characters that strike a connection with viewers. These animated creatures can elicit a wide range of emotions, from a laugh to empathy, and may even become iconic symbols of the movies they appear in. In this essay, we will not only enjoy the aesthetic appeal of these aquatic characters but also explore their impact on the films in which they appear and their significant contributions to animation.

Aquaman, Justice League/Various (played by Jason Momoa)

We’ll start you at the pool’s shallow end with a no-brainer: Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. He’s been making waves with viewers since the Conan remake and his Game of Thrones appearances, but he became a household name with this wet and wild performance. He first appeared in Joss Whedon’s Justice League, a movie that was unanimously criticized, except for this hot fishtail right here. You’d lie if you claimed you didn’t want to share a long piece of kelp with him and eat from opposing ends like the Lady and the Tramp.

Mer-Man, Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller)

Mer-Man Derek Zoolander’s impact on our hearts and other elements of this movie is valuable, even though he only appears in a small portion of it. It demonstrates Derek Zoolander’s flexibility as a model and gives the movie a comic element. This remarkable appearance left viewers wondering what other ridiculously charming identities Zoolander has under his sleeve.

If I had written the screenplay, the movie would have been Aquariumlander meets Mer-Men and Mermaids, with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and the rest of the ensemble wearing fishtails the whole time. Derek sees himself in his Mer-Man commercial in the film as he attempts to forget about his modeling career. He states in the commercial, “Wetness is the essence of beauty,” foreshadowing this list much ahead of its time. It’s one of the most amusing fish movies ever made.

Lola, Shark Tale (voiced by Angelina Jolie)

Angelina Jolie’s uncanny valley femme fish-tale, Lola from Shark Tale, comes up next, sending thrills and shivers down your spine. “What if we took big names in Hollywood like Jolie and Will Smith and turned them into sexy aquatic creatures?” was the idea that someone, somewhere, had. I want to shake the fin of whomever that man, lady, or plankton is because have you seen the lips on this fish? They give Angelina Jolie’s lips a run for their money.

Lola’s character adds mystery and depth to Shark Tale’s undersea world since her charm and seductiveness often send other characters swimming in circles.

Mrs Puff, Spongebob Squarepants (voiced by Mary Jo Catlett)

We’re not discussing this or that… This is being discussed. Mrs. Puff is a thick pufferfish who will make anybody sing “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen. She’s Bikini Bottom’s most eligible bachelorette, with such obvious charms that in the “Krusty Love” episode, Mr. Krabs opens his checkbook to shower her with presents. Real pufferfish are generally poisonous if consumed, but who wouldn’t give their life for a taste of this aquatic hottie? I’d even let Spongebob Squarepants drive me around in exchange for some delicious Puff.

Mrs. Puff’s unending patience and passion for teaching Spongebob to drive lend the show a sense of relatability. Her character as a compassionate and responsible educator contributes to the series’ sense of reality despite the crazy antics of Bikini Bottom.

Bruce The Shark, Finding Nemo (voiced by Barry Humphries)

Sharks are ideal companions because they have so many rows of teeth for love bites. Bruce the Shark, named after Jaws’ prop shark in Pixar’s fish movie Finding Nemo, is no exception. He’s huge, a health-conscious vegetarian, and a natural with children. He has bad boy looks, a golden heart, and a lot of shark dick energy. Who can resist a shark with an Aussie accent, anyway?

The struggle of Bruce the Shark to overcome his natural tendencies and become a vegetarian echoes the film’s subject of human development and change. His character’s path to self-acceptance lends depth and poignancy to Finding Nemo’s thrilling story.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid (voiced by Jodi Benson)

Ariel enters the list as the sexiest fish character in a Disney movie, haunting the dreams of anybody who grew up watching The Little Mermaid with her seductive song. She’s a fiery redhead with a shell bra who is a real babe. Her family is hot – King Triton has glass-cutting nipples on his pecs. She risks everything in the iconic Disney fish flick to receive some lovin’ from a human, so we know our readers are at least somewhat her type. Finally, she becomes entirely human, eliminating the issue that tormented Futurama’s Fry: “Why couldn’t she be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on lid and the lady part on the bottom?” Don’t check up on what happens to her in Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale.

The fundamental plot of The Little Mermaid is driven by Ariel’s curiosity and ambition to explore the world beyond the sea. Her character’s courageous quest for love and self-discovery has inspired generations of viewers to pursue their hearts and dreams.

Larry the Lobster, Spongebob Squarepants (voiced by Mr. Lawrence)

When Big Larry came over, Spongebob transformed into a clown, only to put him down, and I sank into a puddle of hot, boiling lobster love. Larry the Lobster is Bikini Bottom’s largest muscle daddy, and his demeanor screams power bottom. He may not be the most well-known fish character, but he can pull it off. Every day, I send fan letters to Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, hoping he’ll set me up with this ripped crustacean, but all I receive in return is a reminder of the restraining order he filed against me. Isn’t he aware that we all want to see this delectable dish slathered with lemon and butter and served with a couple of fresh potatoes? Life is difficult for us fish enthusiasts.

The character of Larry the Lobster embodies the idea of a strong and confident role model, motivating people in Bikini Bottom to seek fitness and a good life. His presence in the series provides a layer of ambition, urging the characters and the viewers to strive for personal growth.

Kit Fisto, Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (played by Zachariah Jensen)

What phrase comes to mind when you think of the Star Wars prequels? Are these the worst movies ever made? They murdered the gorgeous, tentacle-haired Nautolan before he had a naked moment for one reason and one reason only. For this, I shall eternally carry a vendetta towards George Lucas. Fortunately, he’s made up to his followers by adding Kit Fisto in the Star Wars spin-off Clone Wars cartoons. I merely want to use his hair to recreate the classic Japanese octopus picture, Dream of a Fisherman’s Wife. Is that too much to hope for?

Kit Fisto offers a layer of richness and distinctiveness to the Star Wars world as a competent Jedi Knight and member of the Nautolan race. His character’s unusual look and fighting ability add to the galaxy’s varied tapestry of races and civilizations.

Hot Squidward, Spongebob Squarepants (voiced by Rodger Bumpass)

You didn’Didn’tvweis list without mentioning this grumpy clarinetist? He even has the word “hot” in his name. The Mona Lisa of animated fish is Hot Squidward. The show’s makers knew viewers would drool each time old Squiddles appeared on screen, so they provided us with this tantalizing bit of tentacled fan service right here. Who cares if his appearance is only the result of a terrible accident? You have to suffer for beauty sometimes, sweetheart. His pain was rewarded as this incarnation of this cerebral cephalopod became a meme with lasting power.

Hot Squidward’s transition demonstrates the character’s capacity for development and growth, providing a welcome difference from his typical surly disposition. This fan-favorite Squidward adds a sense of humor to the series and reminds viewers that even the most improbable characters may surprise us.

Goldeen, Pokemon (voiced by Rachael Lillis ((English version))

I recently texted Goldeen, “There may be over 900 Pokemon, but you’re the only one I need.” I know what you’re thinking: 1) that’s cheesy, and 2) cops, help; this online man longs for an actual fish. However, I must remind you that this is a ridiculous list intended to make you laugh, and I’ve lost control of my life due to my love for this tiny monster. Please send assistance or this foxy water type to me.

Goldeen’s smooth swimming technique and exquisite form make it a visually attractive addition to the Pokemon lineup. Its presence in fights and tournaments as a Water-type Pokemon has made it a popular favorite, giving diversity and excitement to the world of Pokemon.

Finally, these animated fish characters not only fascinate us with their amazing shapes and brilliant colors but also play important parts in the films in which they appear. They add to the emotional depth and storyline of the movies, creating a lasting impact on viewers. We commemorate the creative talent of the animators, voice performers, and directors who brought these characters to life and improved the world of animation by enjoying them.

After delving into the depths of cinema’s hottest fish characters, it’s time for you to weigh in! Did we leave off any of your favorites, or do you agree with our top selections? Please communicate your ideas in the comments section, and let’s keep this fishy discussion going!

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