Dislyte Tier List Characters for Dislyte player in 2023 

If you want information about the Dislyte tier list, this article is for you. Dislyte is an urban mythology RPG set during the twenty-first century. The city is tormented by a variety of otherworldly powers that are continuously creating havoc. You will need warriors on your squad to preserve the cure from this calamity. Choose the best warrior to give the city a good battle and defend the town from further damage.

Dislyte Tier List Characters for 2023 

The warriors in the game each have unique strengths and limitations. Some are superb fighters, while others can defend when necessary. In this circumstance, selecting a warrior for your unit becomes challenging. In this article, dislyte tier list reddit, we have created a list of warriors in descending order of power.

The SS Dislyte Tier List characters are the best warriors in the game. These chargers may be used in PvP and PvE and can advance the game. Once you have these characters, could you give them the best equipment?

Let’s examine these characters:


Sally is an excellent support esper. It can remove debuffs and heal like no other. It also contains excellent bonuses like DMG reduction and ATK increase.

Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao tops a tier DPS who can be used in any team. It is simple to level up and may increase her crit rate, decrease the enemy’s DEF, AP, and SPD, and even cause Bleed.


Gabrielle is one of the best help espers in the game. Its DEF grows, but ATK and DEF decrease for enemies.

S Dislyte Tier List

The characters in S Dislyte Tier List are not the best in the game but are among the best in their tier. The characters on the list merit investments in good weaponry. These characters will not only defend you, but they will also win the battle for you.

Let’s examine these characters and their skills:


Asenath is capable of supporting the team. It can help her heal teammates quicker and reduce damage as her AP climbs.


Sienna is a formidable support who can give a lot of buffs, like ATK, SPD, and AP enhancement, and a big debut can render the opponent defenseless.


Melanie can reduce the enemy’s AP when combined with other AP-reducing espers. When recruited as a Captain, the player also gains the ability to make the initial move, which can set the tempo of the battle.

A Dislyte Tier List

The A Dislyte Tier List warriors are not as good as the S tier list characters. However, they are good warriors who will not let you down if recruited. To form a strong fighting unit, these warriors can be recruited with SS and S tier list warriors:


Mona is a free unit supplied to every player with excellent damage output. It’s an excellent unit to max up because its talents and survivability are the greatest of all the characters in the game.


Drew is another good DPS esper given to every player at the start of the game. It’s good and can work throughout the game if updated.


Lewis is the best DPS unit in the game. Once fully outfitted, it may swiftly cycle through his equipment. It’s crucial and effective.

B Dislyte Tier List.

Average warrior is on the B Dislyte Tier List. They are mediocre warriors who only work in certain situations. They require a lot of investments to be viable. If there are no other options, these warriors can be utilized.

Let’s examine these characters:


Djoser is a decent tank that can stack defenses like another warrior. Additional help can improve its defensive stacking powers.


Taylor is a good unit that can stop enemies from reviving. When an opponent is killed, it offers its friends an extra round.


Dhalia is an esper that can only be gained through Ripple Dimensions. It includes a CC lock that may be used to make it work.

C Dislyte Tier List

Some of the most helpless characters in the game are C Dislyte Tier List warriors. They only work well in the game’s early levels and with upgrades. These are the fighters you cannot rely on in battle. Let’s take a look at the C-tier list characters and their abilities:


Chalmers is an excellent single-target damage unit for bosses since he does damage dependent on the enemy’s max axe HP.


Falken is an excellent unit that uses the Eye of Horus on the opponent, which provides the team and its character an opportunity to retaliate.


For battling against Apep, Jacob is among the best units in the game. Harm is Abel’s responsibility to both protect his teammates from poison and inflict it on their enemies.

D Dislyte Tier List characters

Except for the two esters in this list, the D Dislyte Tier List characters are worthless. These characters work well at first, but as the battle goes on, they become overwhelmed by the enemies. Let’s take a look at the characters in the D-tier list:


Bardon is a low-tier tank that may be used briefly to shock and taunt enemies, but it could be more viable in the game.


David is neither a poor character nor remarkable. At the start of the game, it may operate as a pseudo-tank-slash-DPS until you get another character to replace it.

If you’re a Dislyte player, you should be familiar with these characters from the Dislyte tier list. For further information, please visit our website, which provides gaming news and updates, forthcoming games, gaming builds, and more. 

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